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Editors’ Picks: Lights in the Dark

Dec 21, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

In the northern hemisphere, today marks the shortest day and longest night of 2013. In search of a little light, we turned to the many lamps, candles and luminaries in the Etsy marketplace.

Butterfly wings make an unexpected and beautiful pattern for a porcelain lamp.

The classic tea light in a Mason jar get a modern reinterpretation.

Handmade luminaries scatter constellations of light.

Dead Sea salt gives this lamp its unusual glow.

Because there’s something so appealing about a house (even when it is small and ceramic) that has lighted windows.

Engraved glass captures the beauty of a frosty winter day.

Soy candles burn clear and bright.

Bottle-shaped beeswax candles are almost too pretty to use.

Read by the light of a rose-patterned lamp.

A fused glass votive casts dramatic shadows.

Tree slice tea light holders hide a hidden neon accent.

An iron candelabra is both modern and rustic.

Give a vintage clip light new life with a specially-designed wooden tripod stand.

A traditional Swedish holiday candle is striking enough to grace the table year round.

A pretty votive features a delicate hand-carved pattern with a botanical feel.

Minimalism with a light touch.

Reclaimed wood is paired with hand-hammered tree-shaped sconces to striking effect.

Bask in the nostalgic glow of an Edison bulb.

Bourbon and brown sugar give this candle its fragrant aroma.

The warmth of woodgrain comes to life in an ambient accent light.

2 Featured Comments

  • OliveSpoonStudio

    Michael and Erin Waite from OliveSpoonStudio said 6 years ago Featured

    These are gorgeous! I think I'm going to break out the candle molds and beeswax and make some more candles today - I've been inspired!

  • jizbasusan

    Susan Jizba from TheWeaverOfWords said 6 years ago Featured

    I love the enchanting romance of candlelight! It reminds me of times of old, of whispered promises, stolen kisses, and forbidden romance. It transforms a room by adding a sense of mystery and a dramatic flair! Thank you for sharing your beautiful picks!


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