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Editor’s Picks: Gifts for One-of-a-Kind Moms

Apr 17, 2013

by Alison Feldmann

  • Silk Scarf with Golden Stars

    For the mom with the best accessories.
  • Bird Nest Ring

    For the mom that rules the roost.
  • Coffee Body Creme

    For the mom that deserves a little "me" time.
  • Mom Trinket Dish

    For the mom who took you for your first tattoo.
  • Temporary "Mom" Tattoos

    For the mom who would totally freak if you ever got a tattoo.
  • A Single Everlasting Flower

    For the mom who has bad luck with house plants.
  • Lotus Green Cotton Quilt

    For the mom that let you build blanket forts in the living room.
  • Black Stoneware Ceramic Mug

    For the mom who needs to be left alone until she has that first cup of coffee.
  • Leather Heart Shaped Page Corner Bookmark

    For the mom that read you every.single.volume. of the Little House on the Prairie books.
  • Wood iPhone Case

    For the mom that rules Instagram and manages to call you every day.
  • Leather Tassel Keychains

    For the mom who owns carpool.
  • Organic Soap Sample Pack

    For the mom that always made sure you scrubbed behind your ears.
  • Custom Pet Portrait

    For the mom who loves her four-legged children.
  • Gold Leaf Ball Vase

    For the mom who likes shiny things.
  • 14k Gold Boulder Opal and Tanzanite Post Earrings

    For the mom who goes to gallery openings.
  • Heart Stump Modern Family Tree Rings

    For the mom who hugs kids AND trees.
  • Unisex Leather Utility Belt

    For the mom who built your treehouse.
  • Kimono Robe in Glass Mandala - size medium

    For the mom who made you cinnamon toast on rainy days.
  • Number 1 Mom

    For the mom that cheered you on from the sidelines.
  • Mother's Day Gift Set

    For the mom who loves pretty smells.
  • Party of Four Glitter Nail Polish

    For the mom who moonlights as the toenail fairy.
  • Mother's Day Card

    For the mom that's your best friend.
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Every mom approaches parenting with her own particular flair and talents; when I was a kid, the “toenail fairy” (my stealthy mother) would visit under cover of night — I’d wake up and my toenails would be painted, which was terribly exciting. When I think back on the many picnic cookies, school projects (homemade fortune cookies with hand-written fortunes), and nights spent walking the dog down quiet streets, I’m so thankful to have those memories. Pay tribute to your special mom or grandmother with a gift that speaks to her unique gifts, be it pancakes or changing a flat tire. (See also, painting toenails.)

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