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Editors’ Picks: 16 Stunning Brass Finds

Oct 24, 2013

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

From zippers to doorknobs and locks to trombones, brass is a material that wears many hats. Be it vintage home goods or poppy modern jewelry, this bright and versatile metal is sure to inject a dose of bold metallic to your home or wardrobe.

Scroll on for some of our favorites.



1. Industrial Lamp by Long Made Co.
2. Walnut and Brass Teeth from Evelyn Tique S
3. Watchful Eye Ring by datter
4. Small Dagger Necklace by Michelle Chang Jewelry


5. Leather Key Lanyard by Apogee Handmade
6. Ring Set by Gramercy Eight
7. Custom Pet Tag by stitchestones
8. Pencil Cup by Light and Ladder


9. Money Clip by Pumpkin Seed Jewelry
10. Earrings by Jimena Bolanos
11. Pizza Pendant by Third Meaning
12. Nautical Lamp from Ocean Swept


13. Geometric Wreath by HRUSKAA
14. Earrings by Moira K. Lime
15. Bottle Opener from Back Thennish Vintage
16. Duck Bowl from Hippos Dream


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