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Editor’s Picks: Best Friends

Jun 8, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell

  • Team Effort

    Because they are always in your corner.
  • Friendship Card

    Because it's true.
  • Photo print

    Because they are the one you turn to.
  • Woodblock print: After the Swim

    Because they tell you when your hair is messy-messy, versus messy-cute.
  • The Camper Satchel

    Because they are adventurous.
  • Big Sur

    Because you've taken all those epic road trips together.
  • Hand-Pulled Linocut Print

    Because when you need it, they'll hold your hand.
  • Coffee Drip Stand

    Because they are always up for a cup of coffee.
  • Hairbraiding Illustration

    Because you are as close as family.
  • Antique Victorian Agate Heart Charm Necklace

    Because your friendship has lasted through several eras.
  • iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone Case - Crystal Pyrite / Fools

    Because they always take your call.
  • Hand earrings

    Because they went with you to that Frida Kahlo exhibition.
  • Dog With Friend Mixed Media Print

    Because they are unfailingly loyal.
  • Two Pinky Pomise

    Because you pinky-swore to be friends forever.
  • You Sentimental Idiot

    Because you both love sappy movies.
  • Hand Carved Wooden Chain

    Because you are forever linked together.
  • All My Little Friends

    Because they are one in a million.
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When I was in elementary school, the “best friend” designation carried a lot of weight (and a bit of a competitive edge). Best friends were alone at the top of the friendship heap — the keeper of all your deepest secrets, the person you had to pick first in gym class. These days, I like Mindy Kaling’s take better: best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier. Whether you have innumerable pals, each best in their own way, or a single true friend of the heart, BFF-dom deserves celebration. Since June 8 is  US National Best Friends Day, I’m sharing a slideshow of items inspired by friendship — click through to see them all.

Who is your best friend?


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