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Editors’ Picks: All Things Yoga

Jan 13, 2014

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

It’s the middle of January: are your healthy new year’s resolutions still top of mind? As I enter 2014 with a perpetually-creaky back and an aversion to step aerobics, I’m excited to finally get some use out of my yoga pants — er, for their intended purpose. Today we’ve collected a few of our favorite yoga-themed Etsy products; I hear they’re best accessorized with a tree pose. See you at the studio!

Lounge pants made from organic cotton hemp work in the studio (and on the couch).

An artful armwarmer is a beautiful, practical piece.

Keep long hair out of the way with a set of pretty ties.

This bag is built to handle extra heavy yoga mats.

Enhance your practice with a hand-dyed meditation cushion.

A one-piece romper means nothing rides up as you twist and bend.

An eye pillow filled with flaxseed and lavender comes in handy for meditation moments.

When it comes to yoga, there’s no need for cold feet.

A leather strap is classic and simple way to tote your mat.

Reclaimed wood finds new life as handsome yoga blocks.

Leggings made from organic bamboo terrycloth move with you.

A holistic spray is a natural choice for keeping your mat clean and fresh.

Take shelter during child’s pose under a vintage blanket.

Keep muscles warm with a cozy wrap.

A small gold “om” is a wearable reminder of your practice.

2 Featured Comments

  • sjizba

    Susan Jizba from AVeryFairyTale said 3 years ago Featured

    I love yoga! I stand straighter, taller and more confident & at ease when I go to class on a regular basis. I love the philosophy too, it's really about letting go of the cluttered judgmental mind and being at peace within yourself and within the world. Such a lovely idea regardless of whether you take up yoga or not!

  • JewelMeShop

    Georgia from JewelMeShop said 3 years ago Featured

    I've never tried yoga. I would like to start practicing because it can unite the mind the body and the spirit. This collection is a great motive!


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