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Editors’ Picks: All for a Great Cup of Coffee

May 16, 2014

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

From the truck-stop sludge that peels back highway eyelids to the meticulously crafted drip at your local fair-trade cafe, coffee is the brew that fuels. On the hunt for a beautiful-yet-practical Father’s Day gift, or perhaps a treat-to-self for a rejuvenated routine? Taste test the caffeinated collection below.

Sleek and sculptural lines make Kenji Fujita’s ceramic coffee carafe for Freeman Lederman a covetable collectible.

Packs of freshly roasted coffee deliver a potent message (and a caffeine fix).

Mary Kate McDevitt’s print evokes old-timey diners and buffalo china mugs of ultra-strong joe.

A hand-painted ceramic travel mug is style to go.

Measure your beans with a handsome cherry wood scoop.

Start a collection of cheery and colorful pour-over mug sets.

Go green with your beans to try your hand at DIY roasting.

Savor a sip from a vintage Staffordshire mug.

A vintage stovetop espresso maker features an appealing mix of porcelain and steel.

Craving something strong? Try this bold roast.

Reusable organic cotton coffee filters are an eco-friendly option.

Supersize mugs are perfect for café au lait.

Reclaimed wood forms the base of this handsome stand.

T.S. Eliot’s evocative line inspired this eye-catching print.

Micro-roaster Sommers Coffee prides itself on roasting beans to order.

The iconic Chemex has been in production since 1941, and is beloved by both designers and coffee purists.

Tame the caffeine-craving beast with a roast straight out of legend.

A handy option for pour-over fans who find themselves needing to brew more than one cup at a time.

Contemporary design sets this scoop apart.

Glass, brass and wood celebrate the art of making coffee.

Because the day doesn’t start until you have that first cup.


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