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Your Favorite Eco-Conscious Finds Just Got More Sustainable

Apr 1, 2021

by Jackie Buddie

One of the things we love most about the Etsy community is our shared commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. Whether you carry your coffee in a washable to-go cup or rock vintage dungarees, it’s eco-conscious consumers like you who inspire us to constantly strive to do better for Mother Earth. That’s why today, we’re so proud to say we’re taking our next big step toward operating more sustainably, and—in addition to offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from shipping and packaging—working to reach net zero emissions by 2030. To celebrate the good news and keep you groovin’ down the path of greener living, we’ve rounded up 12 delightful items designed with the Earth in mind. Ready to do your part? Just click “add to cart.”

A glass cup filled with a set of reusable glass drinking straws decorated with colorful dots from Scarlet Impressions.
SHOP: Reusable glass drinking straws with colorful dots from Scarlet Impressions, from $7 each

The only thing better than saying “no thank you” to disposable straws? Sipping your beverage of choice (hot or cold!) from a handmade alternative as vibrant and playful as these glass pretties, which come dotted with festive colors ranging from lilac to lemon.

An eco-friendly ceramic travel mug with a crocheted grip from Libby Ballard Ceramics.
SHOP: Ceramic travel mug with crocheted grip from Libby Ballard Ceramics, from $39

Coffee runs are decidedly more fun when you get your fill of caffeine poured straight into your own special mug. With its softly speckled surface, soothing ocean blue stripe, and grippy crocheted sleeve, this travel-friendly ceramic cup is ready to take you places—and spares the planet the cardboard waste in the process.

A woman models a vintage floral mini shift dress.
SHOP: Vintage floral mini dress from Better Stay Together, $65

Hot tip: going green looks good on you! Dressing in vintage duds not only gives pre-loved pieces a happy new home, it gives your wardrobe an enviable, one-of-a-kind edge. Our current fave? Mini shift dresses perfect for park walks, flea market foraging, and general romping in the sunshine.

A woman carrying fresh produce in a pink dip-dyed netted market tote.
SHOP: Netted market bag from OOWLSTUDIO, $18

It’s a BYO-bag party and you’re invited! Carry your farm-fresh produce in style with this expandable cotton market tote, dip-dyed in your choice of vibrant oranges, lush greens, and beautiful blue-grays.

A trio of washable paper market bags in various sizes, shown storing bathroom staples like cotton swabs and toothbrushes.
SHOP: Washable paper storage baskets from FIBALA, from $8

Whether you’re organizing your bathroom staples, stashing fresh fruit, or even potting a leafy new plant friend, these machine washable paper baskets—available in five versatile sizes—have got all your storage needs covered. Constructed from durable, 100% biodegradable cellulose, they’re a simple and sustainable way to keep clutter at bay.

A set of peach-colored tie-dyed cotton napkins.
SHOP: Hand-dyed cloth napkin set from Apricot LA, from $25 for 2

Make every meal as peppy as a picnic with trendy tie-dyed napkins in invigorating citrus hues. These chic, hand-dyed cotton cloths are a washable way to wipe up spills, and set a fresh, sustainable standard for setting the table.

A crystal-studded vintage silver necklace pendant.
SHOP: Vintage necklace pendant with crystals from Earthly Past Times, $32

For even more proof that “green” goes with everything, look no further than this crystal-studded vintage pendant. Bejeweled with an abstract cluster of citrine, peridot, moonstone, and more sparkly stones, this eye-catching silver piece is a stunning reminder that some of the best trends in fashion are timeless.

A set of natural-colored reusable linen bowl covers shown covering bowls of various sizes.
SHOP: Reusable bowl covers from We Are Simple Shop, from $6

Crafted from natural linen and available in a variety of fridge-friendly sizes, these zero-waste fabric bowl covers (complete with handy elasticized bands) are an elegant replacement for sheets of plastic wrap. Leftovers have never looked so good! 

A pastel set of textured, recycled craft papers.
SHOP: Handmade recycled paper from Dragon Fly Papery Co., $18 for set of 25 sheets

What do you get when you mix recycled pulp with a sprinkling of dried botanicals? This textured, pastel craft paper, which serves as an organic canvas for all your favorite creative projects, from card-writing to scrapbooking. Even cooler? The sellers collect residual water from the paper-making process, filter it, and use it to nourish their gardens. 

A set of patterned, hand-sewn fleece makeup remover pads pictured spilling out of a fabric bag.
SHOP: Reusable makeup remover pads from Farm Girl Design, from $13 for set of 16

Treat your face to a scrub that’s easy on the skin and the environment! These reusable makeup remover pads are sewn from two soft yet durable layers of cotton flannel, so you can wipe away the remnants of the day with a touch of TLC, then pop them straight into the laundry.

A woman holding up a cork planter with succulent inside.
SHOP: Cork planter from Mind the Cork, $43

The perfect home for a sturdy succulent? A minimalist planter carved by hand from cork. A little bit modern, a little bit earthy, this versatile vessel blends naturally with any decor scheme, whether you arrange it alongside your mood-boosting desk accessories or set it in a sunny spot on the windowsill.

An assortment of knotted cord keychains in various colors.
SHOP: Knotted keychains from Norio Knots, $11 each

You’ll never forget where you left your keys again with a macramé-inspired tassel as memorable as this, knotted from OEKO-TEX-certified recycled cotton cord in a rainbow of charming colors. Simply affix to any bag or keyring and strut your sustainable stuff.

Learn how Etsy's commitment to become net zero by 2030 helps ensure a brighter future for our planet


  • kjxuhbi0obcjwipu

    ATA Girl Design Co from ATAGirlDesignCoShop said 20 days ago

    We are just beginning to make our processes more eco friendly, seeing what other shops are doing is very inspiring. Love the glass straws, not only eco friendly and functional but beautiful as well.

  • melissasorokolit

    Melissa Sorokolit from SustainablePassionCA said 20 days ago

    Glad to see other shops being more sustainable! Amazing :)

  • mendllbp

    Posh Park from PoshPark said 20 days ago

    I really love the commitment of the Etsy community to make and share a positive impact on the planet through eco-friendly products. I really like the reusable glass drinking straw very functional and eco-friendly.

  • pinksnakejewelry

    kim rhodes-thomas from pinksnakejewelry said 20 days ago


  • jzfmhzbt

    KATERINA AMPRIKIDOU from ThroughTheStitch said 19 days ago

    I love the washable paper baskets!! Great idea!

  • Ciaffi

    ciaffi from ciaffi said 19 days ago

    Great article!!! Congrats!!! :-) :-)

  • branda

    branda Moreno from branda said 19 days ago

    Eco-Life!!! Let's love our planet!! :-)

  • pdzfr5qxnhgnc49w

    The Gilded Homestead from TheGildedHomestead said 19 days ago

    We have recycled everything we possibly can in our shop. What we can not recycle, we donate for craft classes for children and assisted living centers. So happy to see my fellow artisans/creators financially successful while sustainable. Wonderful reminder, thank you.

  • x9xd0gcb97b1ai4i

    mariahha from VintageMarketUA said 19 days ago

    Finally, we thought about nature and the harm we are doing to it. Hope it's not too late.

  • tuemgh3g

    Kimberly from OrnamentByKim said 18 days ago

    Nice article!

  • xeykb1wz

    Kate from FlowerGirlEU said 18 days ago

    Fantastic movement. I hope it gathers more followers in the jewelry sphere where a lot of designers use materials from questionable sources.

  • r2vpi2zg

    Lydia from BlytheMoonlightShop said 18 days ago

    It's such an inspiring idea to try to do better for the planet. I really liked the idea of reusable makeup remover wipes. And I already use a mesh bag when I shop.

  • YearsAfter

    Sharon from YearsAfter said 18 days ago

    Thank you Etsy for sharing items which make a positive impact on our planet!

  • ml0lycop

    Anastasia from MypartyboxPrintable said 17 days ago

    I like a minimalist planter from cork.

  • ssit2wvl

    Oleksandr Tarasovskyi from OkTaWorkshop said 16 days ago

    Thanks for such an interesting and helpful post! These are very cool ideas)

  • rjane2000

    Rebecca BECKY Stewart from PrintsCharmingGBCTX said 16 days ago

    I am somewhat interested in these new ideas. Like I said NEW ideas!!! And the savings in the long run are beginning to be more and more appealing to me. This will take a bit of training for me... but might take a lot more for the rest of the “fam”! But I SO MUCH... can see the need to be better stewards of our belongings!!!

  • 65vau2ey

    Julia from DollsLu said 12 days ago

    Good article! Thank you! Makes you think about the respect for nature and revise many moments of home life! Look at ordinary things differently.

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