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Often Missed Tax Deductions for Small Businesses handmade and vintage goods

As a US-based Etsy seller, you’re probably aware of some of the common tax deductible expenses — things like material costs and various shipping and bank fees associated with doing business online. However, there are additional tax deductions that most Etsy sellers are eligible for that don’t necessarily show up as part of your cash-based income and expenses. Read on to learn more about how, as an Etsy seller, you can maximize your tax deductions this year.

First, some of the common taxable expenses that most Etsy sellers are aware of:

Cost of Goods Sold
This might sound like a big business manufacturing term, but cost of goods sold certainly applies to all Etsy sellers. Anything you are selling on Etsy has product costs, from the fabric and thread used to create clothing, down to every last bead on handmade jewelry. Be sure to include all of those costs for any items you sold last year when it’s time to file your taxes. They are all considered cost of goods sold and should offset your sales of each item.

PayPal and Other Bank Fees
Every time you receive money through PayPal, a small percentage of that transaction is kept by PayPal — this expense is generally known as a bank fee, and it is a tax-deductible expense. If you collect sales through other payment methods, like credit cards, those merchant or bank fees are also deductible.

Listing and Advertising Fees
As a seller on Etsy, you pay a small fee for each listing and sold item, both on a per transaction basis as well as a percentage of the selling price. Those fees are certainly tax deductible, and you might have other advertising fees that you should include as well. Did you pay for Promoted Listings or keywords on Google? Did you have business cards or brochures made? All of those are marketing expenses that should be deducted from your taxable income.

Postage and Shipping
All of your shipping and related fees should be included in your expenses as well. This includes postage and any packaging materials (even the tape on your boxes!). If you drive to the post office to drop off your goods, that mileage can be deducted as well. I’ll explain this below as we venture into some more frequently missed deductions.

Be sure to consider these commonly overlooked tax deductions:

Home Office Deduction
Many of you sell on Etsy out of your home, but very few take a home office deduction.

The rules for qualifying for a home office deduction are pretty straightforward. A good rule of thumb is that as long as you are using a portion of your home exclusively for business (even if it’s just the area around your desk) and you handle administrative tasks from that location, then you qualify for a home office deduction. You should consider either taking a deduction this year or setting up your home office so that you are eligible for a home office deduction next year.

Vehicle Expenses
Remember those costs of goods sold we mentioned earlier? While some of those goods may show up on your doorstep, the odds are that you also venture out beyond your stoop to find arts and craft supplies. The miles you drive to drop off packages at the local post office of shipping center qualify as well. Check with the IRS for the most up-to-date rate you can deduct per mile.

Accounting and Taxes
Whether you used tax software or an accountant, you probably incurred some type of fees to get your taxes filed last year. Those fees were likely incurred last year and are a tax deduction. Similarly, any tax preparation or filing fees you incur this year will be deductible when you do your taxes the following year. If you’ve set up an LLC for your business, those setup fees paid to an attorney or an online legal service are tax deductible as well.

It’s very easy to overlook opportunities for tax deductions, or to shy away from potential deductions for fear of a dreaded IRS audit notification. However, if you keep good records of your business transactions  and follow the IRS guidelines for what is deductible, you’re doing yourself a disservice and taking money out of your own pocket by not maximizing your tax deductions.

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    I may be an accountant, but taxes are SO complicated. If in doubt, check with a CPA or other tax certified individual. Getting it right the first time is much easier than fixing it later! Great article, eetzee!

    6 years ago

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    Thanks for posting! I already knew about most of these deductions, but it's important to meet with an accountant to help you find as many deductions as possible. And to keep very good records too.

    6 years ago

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    thanks for the information! We definitely have an accountant but this info helps out. we just signed up for outright!

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  • bethtastic

    bethtastic says:

    "Duh" on the deductable things. :) Things you should also considering deducting: computers, label makers, printers, anything you buy (in the fiscal year) that is used to ship (like organza bags), etc. Also-don't torture yourself over the stuff that you might have "left in stock." You cannot count every last bead, piece of wire, etc., if you know why I mean. Last year I thought to myself, "I have half a jug of resin left,should I only deduct half?" No. Just be as honest as you can. This has always worked for me. I also have someone doing my taxes for me. I give them a basic Excel spreadsheet of total earnings, then deduct the obvious stuff- Etsy fees, Paypal fees, and Shipping. Wow, do those add up over time. This year alone, I paid about $2000 in those alone. Like I said, don't torture yourself or get flummoxed. Even though I have a larger business, and another job, it's pretty straight-forward. Deduct what you can, be as honest as possible, but don't worry about the pennies. Also--If anyone wants a copy of my excel spreadsheet, please feel free to convo me. :)

    6 years ago

  • NoMoreTwistHandmade

    NoMoreTwistHandmade says:

    thanks for this article. i am self-employed for my "day job," so service tax deductions are always on my mind throughout the year. thanks for the heads up on good-related deductions and the reminder that i need to find out more about all this stuff for my growing etsy business.

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    Great info. I do taxes for myself and poppyswickedgarden. I think a lot of sellers aren't aware of what they need for sales to claim and deductions. If you haven't kept track of these you should. If you only accept and ship with paypal, most of the information is fairly easy to get. The hardest part is gathering the information. Using a small business software instead of paying an accountant (sorry abacusbeadcreations) is a snap once you've gotten everything together.

    6 years ago

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  • OneClayBead

    OneClayBead says:

    I have found it best to consult a professional regarding taxes. One thing that I would never do again is take a home office deduction. When you sell your home, you have to pay capital gains taxes on any appreciation, for that portion of the house. It wound up costing me ten times what I saved by taking the deduction through the years.

    6 years ago

  • voleurdebijoux

    voleurdebijoux says:

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    OneClayBead--totally agree! Also--you can be subjected to more scrutiny when you have a "home office." For some reason, to deduct part of your house is just not worth it anymore (my tax guy said that in the past, the deductions were higher for H.O.'s, but now it's just a headache). My entire basement/downstairs is a dedicated area, but I just don't mess with it. Too much involved with that for little benefit. As I said before, try to keep it as simple for yourself as possible. Don't let the idea of it overwhelm you. Go month by month, add up all of your totals for things you spent, check out your monthly etsy fees, and paypal has a WONDERFUL printout of all the fees they collect from you. All of this makes it a piece of cake. Or pie. Whichever you prefer.

    6 years ago

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    This is a great list. We have already done our taxes-wish this would have been up sooner! Will bookmark for future reference! Thanks!

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  • bethtastic

    bethtastic says:

    Oh! More more random thing: If you buy supplies for your shop, and you have access to online banking, I suggest using one debit or credit card specifically for your purchases, so you can go back to your bank statements and highlight what you've spent for your shop. My bank allows me to go back an entire year--super helpful when you are too busy to keep every receipt! Also--if you buy supplies and stuff from etsy or ebay--check your paypal and your etsy/ebay accounts just to double check you didn't miss any key deductions! :)

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    The home office deduction is worthwhile if you are a renter but be careful if you're a homeowner. When home is sold, that deduction may have to be repaid. It's a odd quirk but one that can cost a lot cumulatively after house is sold. This was true in years past; will have to check out the most current rules.

    6 years ago

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    This is my first time dealing with the self-employment tax. It is horrendous! Save your receipts and deduct every penny that you can. A good CPA is invaluable at tax time, and nowhere near as expensive as I thought it would be.

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    6 years ago

  • birchbeerboutique

    birchbeerboutique says:

    Oh yes and for the Canadians worried about business taxes, we don't have to officially apply for a business license until we make $30,000.00 or more. Which means no messing with the GST/HST until that point. Phew.

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    RubyStudios, beatknits, and everyone else; thanks so much for the wonderful support! Rest assured, we have more tips under way and you can always get answers to pressing tax questions on Zahour, OneClayBead and bethastic, the home office deduction is a mess with complications. We've covered the issue of capital gains upon the sale of a home in more detail here: ShadowCutter, though the IRS recommends using the odometer, that's not the only means of figuring it out. On we have a link to Google Maps to plot a course and figure out miles. You only need to record a trip taken for business purposes and miles therein. Under your expenses tab you can record those miles (we'll figure out the deductible value at the rate for the period). Best to get in the habit of simply jotting it down. TheCraftyDragonfly, give us about a week, we'll have a fantastic way to find a good accountant. :)

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    Hi, Thank you for this article. I am new to etsy and stilling figuring out the tax side of a small business. I actually signed up for outright immediately but had some trouble importing my data.This article has been a great start to my research!

    6 years ago

  • etincellestudio

    etincellestudio says:

    I am saving that one for sure! no9t living in the US but many advices can actually apply in many other countries! Thanks

    6 years ago

  • elemegibere

    elemegibere says:

    Thanks for the info!

    6 years ago

  • jguilddesigns

    jguilddesigns says:

    soo helpful! I agree w/ others, please post next February!!

    6 years ago

  • sihaya09

    sihaya09 says:

    Dangit. I remembered ETSY fees but not PAYPAL. I will bookmark this for next year!

    6 years ago

  • Ophiana62

    Ophiana62 says:

    I've started making jewellery and some other items fairly recently and have been wondering how selling these actually works on Etsy. Haven't had any sale so far.

    5 years ago

  • TwinTreeCrafts

    TwinTreeCrafts says:

    I'm a new seller and won't be doing taxes this year. But I wonder how much you need to sell before you need to file business taxes? Is there a rule about this?

    5 years ago

  • herie7

    herie7 says:

    Thanks for the info I just set up my shop so it is nice to get ideas on what to start to compile for the tax season.

    5 years ago

  • squeakydingo

    squeakydingo says:

    wow - thank you, this is terrific. :)

    5 years ago

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    MargalitRosanoff says:

    Just in time! Thank you for the help!

    5 years ago

  • NinisTinyTreasures

    NinisTinyTreasures says:

    I have a question. When are you considered a crafter and when does it become a need to get a business license and a EIN number and start all the tax stuff. I just started this as a hobby, but I know there is some rule of thumb about an amount of profit at which time you need to make it more of an official business. Can anyone help me in locating these guidelines? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • avecamourbybeth

    Elizabeth Baird from avecamourbybeth says:

    do you have to be an LLC or have an EIN to write off expenses on your taxes? I didn't make enough to get a 1099; from my understanding you have to make at least 20,000? I'm confused about this whole tax thing still, and the deadline's tonight.

    4 years ago

  • tain53

    Jeannette from LittleBuddhaDogCoats says:

    Any thoughts on Canadian taxes? Also checking your sight on customs as I know nothing! Just listed my first coat so looking for all the help I can get.

    4 years ago

  • TheYarnMarm

    Margaret Trousdale from TheYarnMarm says: looks good to me! Although at the top bar, once I finished downloading and looking around, it said: "Free access until December 31,2012" . I'm wondering how much $ they want from a very small business person? Hopefully, they have a sliding scale based on income produced.

    3 years ago

  • trishnajewelry

    Kate from trishnajewelry says:

    It seemed fine, except that they also want to have permission to EDIT my shop info. Why would I give them the ability to edit my shop banners, info, etc.? Why do they want it? I don't trust them at all. This is a very odd thing. I thought about emailing etsy but etsy doesn't own outright so they won't have the answers. Did anyone else fine this odd? Convo me if you have any info! Thanks -- Kate

    3 years ago

  • berniceslp

    Bernice Decker from NooksAndGrannys says:

    Thank you for the information. I am not interested in I am in process of setting up books on excel, and can add these items. Additionally, my bank provides a tool to keep track of expenses. I agree with Kate from trishnajewelry, there is no reason for anyone to edit shop information.

    2 years ago

  • MargiesNaturalJewels

    Margie Becknell from MargiesNaturalJewels says:

    Thanks so much for the info on deducting small stuff like mileage . This info has been so helpful . I'm going to start doing craft fairs and now I'll be able to deduct my mileage for that ! Thanks so much !!! Thanks to all the people who commented with additional info on deductions and easy ways to save time on obtaining deductions on items bought thru Etsy and Ebay and I'd forgot Paypal keeps track of purchases . This all will help !

    1 year ago

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  • Small Business Tips & Know Hows | SimplistiCreations says:

    […] And of course- be constantly inspired by others who are there to share with you their journey via Etsy’s Featured Shops and take note of what makes them successful. Eventually, you’ll pick up a pattern! **Additional business talks like Taxes we don’t really think about. Etsy provides a detailed list of items you could tax deduct from! You can see that list here. […]

    1 year ago

  • careyclaire

    Claire Hedley from TheRuffledFeatherBou says:

    Hello, I'm relatively new to selling on Etsy and I'm still trying to get my head aroud how to represent my income and expenditure. I just want to check something.... hope someone can help! 1) When I make a sale through direct checkout, there is a credit card fee. Do I represent this as a cost deducted from my profit? 2) If I do, how do I record proof of this cost? i.e. a receipt of it being paid? Where can I get paper proof from in case I get audited? I know I can download records from Etsy, but this is just a spreadsheet that I could have created myself. Many thanks!

    1 year ago

  • myscap

    Pat Norton from myscap says:

    If the seller spends the night away from home such as for a craft fair or to purchases supplies, can't the hotel and meals be deduced.

    242 days ago

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    Great information, thank you!!

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