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Dogs vs Cats Duel: Dogs Are More Fashionable

Oct 30, 2008

by daniellexo handmade and vintage goods

We’re all pretty excited about the upcoming vote. On one hand you have a collection of very serious candidates (who are looking a little hot under the collar, rrrrrrrrrrreeeeerrrrrr!) and here you’ll see my furry candidates, who take themselves a little less seriously. Look at them posing with a casual sense of pride, digging their winter accessories — first-class temperaments abound! 

Who do you think are the hottest (er, warmest) pets on Etsy this year? Let’s let the people decide! Every vote counts, people! Every vote counts.

This is a very serious duel.  Vote in the comments below if you’re for dogs. If you prefer cats, vote in the comments of this post.

And remember to bark the vote, Americans. This Tuesday, November 4, 2008!

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  • HazelnutDesigns

    HazelnutDesigns said 11 years ago

    I vote for dogs! And of course I'm biased! I have a doggie, named Hazel :-)

  • dogties

    dogties said 11 years ago

    Beautiful dogs and items! So fashionable for fall.

  • mermaidclaire

    mermaidclaire said 11 years ago

    I am definitely a cat person. But I think dogs *might* look better in clothes....

  • TeenAngster

    TeenAngster said 11 years ago

    I can haz dawg snorglez?

  • angelines

    angelines said 11 years ago

    Count me in for the dogs! =)

  • sillylittlelady

    sillylittlelady said 11 years ago

    That is so awesome! Love the dog snoods, totally neato torpedo!!! Hehe litter-aly

  • michelemaule

    michelemaule said 11 years ago

    Count me in for dogs! I l o v e dressing up my Boston Terrier in cute sweaters :)

  • mmmfiber

    mmmfiber said 11 years ago

    I vote dogs, although mine are not very fashionable, they'd never stand for a sweater of scarf! Woof!

  • IndieCoJewelryDesign

    IndieCoJewelryDesign said 11 years ago

    I vote dogs! But do you mean dogs are more fashionable to be seen with or that they just have more fashion sense than cats? My dog has no sense whatsoever! If its the first, I'd say thats one reason so many shelters are full - dogs are not a fashion statement.

  • jimchesters

    jimchesters said 11 years ago

    one doggie plz

  • Dillinger

    Dillinger said 11 years ago


  • projectmattnyc

    projectmattnyc said 11 years ago


  • JackRabbit

    JackRabbit said 11 years ago

    Hot Dogs!

  • curlyfrysc

    curlyfrysc said 11 years ago

    Cats rule, Dogs drool!

  • munieca

    munieca said 11 years ago

    heart dogs!!!

  • shopmollyd

    shopmollyd said 11 years ago

    Dogs rule, but dachshunds reign!

  • SugarAndSpice

    SugarAndSpice said 11 years ago

    The doggies are much more fashionable. Cats look far too crabby in their clothes.

  • ME2Designs

    ME2Designs said 11 years ago

    Oh, DOGS, please! Cats are literally life-threatening to me [can't be in a building with a cat w/o having to be taken to the hospital due to toxic allergic reaction] ;(

  • BowWowBeds

    BowWowBeds said 11 years ago

    Gotta say Dogs! =D)

  • theArtfulDogger

    theArtfulDogger said 11 years ago

    DOGS all the way! (does my name give away my bias?)

  • MRSButtons

    MRSButtons said 11 years ago

    Although I definitely feel that "cats rule" in life, dogs do look more distinquished and less p.o.'d when it comes to fashion. I must say catclub's leg warmers for cats look like a great way to disable my cats at night!!

  • ModFarmgirl

    ModFarmgirl said 11 years ago

    Go doggies! (Actually I like both dogs and cats equally. *hears "boo!" from dog lovers*) I wish my dog would wear cute scarfs and things.... (I put a bandana on him once and he tried to rip it up! Haven't tried dressing him up since. Crazy dog!)

  • mksupplies

    mksupplies said 11 years ago

    My angry bichon frise would look hot in all of this stuff! But he would also eat me alive if I ever tried to dress him. I vote dogs, because there is a BOSTON TERRIER here and boston terriers are dreamy, esp in neckwear!

  • FrucciDesign

    FrucciDesign said 11 years ago

    dog dog dog :)

  • cthings

    cthings said 11 years ago

    Love the DOGS!!

  • DarlesCharwin

    DarlesCharwin said 11 years ago

    Zooey, my Italian Greyhound, has no fats and requires sweaters to stay comfortable in the arctic Arizona winter. Syd, my cat, is so utterly and ridiculously overfurred that she leaves floof deposits everywhere and thus needs no clothing. Zooey and I vote DOGS.

  • wastenotwhimsy

    wastenotwhimsy said 11 years ago

    I heart doggie scarves!

  • edor

    edor said 11 years ago


  • Cance

    Cance said 11 years ago

    all about the pups :D

  • LittlePies

    LittlePies said 11 years ago

    I'm not entirely sure how this is even something worth voting about... Dog's are totally more fashionable.

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi said 11 years ago

    DOGS!!!!! That's my Schnoodle in the orange scarf!!!! :) Sammy!

  • MsAnomaly

    MsAnomaly said 11 years ago

    Gotta vote DOGS!

  • SoulOfaRose

    SoulOfaRose said 11 years ago

    My corgi votes for dogs! :-)

  • chiarashandpainted

    chiarashandpainted said 11 years ago

    What a handsome beagle in that cowl! The cats are cute, but the dogs...oh the dogs!

  • surly

    surly said 11 years ago

    Dogs for sure...I know, I know my avatar is a cool kitty but paws down dogs are Way more fashion friendly!

  • WingsDove

    WingsDove said 11 years ago

    I love cats, have two cats but dogs DO look better dressed up. Plus, dogs love you no matter what you put on them. Cats will pout not "speak" to you for weeks if you dare place anything on their bodies. Dogs win here.

  • twolefthands

    twolefthands said 11 years ago

    I vote for dogs, I have a cocker and a shitzu and they come running to get there coats on!

  • OpulentOddities

    OpulentOddities said 11 years ago

    My harvey and I vote for dogs!

  • lyndee495

    lyndee495 said 11 years ago

    As you can see I'm definitely a cat person. I have 15 of my own so I vote for cats. CATS RULE!!!

  • kittyanydots

    kittyanydots said 11 years ago

    cats. no doubt about it. =]

  • MistyRidgeBeads

    MistyRidgeBeads said 11 years ago


  • BorderArts

    BorderArts said 11 years ago

    Dogs rule!

  • JustJaynes

    JustJaynes said 11 years ago

    I have 2 dogs and wish they liked wearing accessories!

  • taniamermaid

    taniamermaid said 11 years ago

    Dogs. Fur Sure!

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 11 years ago

    Make mine doggy's, please. Thank you.

  • madaboutmonty

    madaboutmonty said 11 years ago

    Dogs always win the fashionable contest. Do you ever see celebrities carrying around their Cats in the Louis Vuitton bags or dressed up in sweaters? Puhleaze. I vote Dog.

  • Slowshirts

    Slowshirts said 11 years ago

    I have a big and a little-little, so i have to vote DOG. They don't wear clothes though. I think that may be more of a city dog thing.

  • Thinkoutsidethebox

    Thinkoutsidethebox said 11 years ago

    SNOUT PLEEZ!!! Can't squeeze a cat's face can ya? Dogs all day for me!!!

  • belaluna

    belaluna said 11 years ago

    I had no idea the dogs were getting in on the cowl wearing action too! That beagle looks superfly! I vote dogs, they look fab in sweaters.

  • CheapBoutique

    CheapBoutique said 11 years ago

    MEOWTAHERE! Dogs Drool... (I say as my two maniacs tear around the house!)

  • theraveniron

    theraveniron said 11 years ago

    DOGS!!! They are one of the finest creatures on the planet... and they don't even know it! Sweet.

  • popettes

    popettes said 11 years ago

    Dogs get cold...cats get pissed.

  • julesjewel

    julesjewel said 11 years ago

    Dogs. I have never seen a celebrity cat all dolled up. Plenty of celebrity dogs though.

  • cutiepiecompany

    cutiepiecompany said 11 years ago


  • HuntersHideaway

    HuntersHideaway said 11 years ago

    Woof woof!

  • BirdNerd

    BirdNerd said 11 years ago

    Exhibit A: Dogs for the win.

  • HuntersHideaway

    HuntersHideaway said 11 years ago

    by the way, does anyone know if that good-lookin beagle (in the main photo) is single?

  • bunny

    bunny said 11 years ago

    Dogs all the way!!!

  • francescamurray

    francescamurray said 11 years ago

    always dogs, every time! x

  • AutumnLeavesJewelry

    AutumnLeavesJewelry said 11 years ago

    Cats totally rule! It's not fair they are smart enough to know not to wear people clothes! (I love dogs too!!!)

  • comashre

    comashre said 11 years ago

    Absolutely Dogs! I am owned by 3 greyhounds and a toy poodle.

  • OnionSisters

    OnionSisters said 11 years ago

    I'm sorry for dogs (i love every kind of animals), but they seem a little ridiculous whit their clothes!!! Cats forever!!!

  • TheDancersSpirit

    TheDancersSpirit said 11 years ago

    i have a dog and a cat, but i've got to go with the dogs on this one! i think dogs should be more fashionable because we have to walk them around our neighborhood; so everyone sees them. cats like mine...well he doesn't have any claws so he stays inside!

  • Bransfans

    Bransfans said 11 years ago

    Toooooo cute on the dogs, I happen to have 11 basset puppies for sale right now. So I vote Dog!!!

  • TheQuiltedPet

    TheQuiltedPet said 11 years ago

    Dogs all the way! My dog Phoenix loves his jacket so much he comes running whenever he hears me pull velcro apart because he thinks it means we're going for a walk. He goes a bit crazy on days I'm sewing Pet Pawkets.

  • Cattoo

    Cattoo said 11 years ago

    Would love a dog but I think my cat would pack her bags and leave if I got one. Hunter orange looks a bit like a worm, bless :-)

  • yihcollections

    yihcollections said 11 years ago

    I can't decide, I love both. They are both so lovable in sweaters and collars.

  • RealGoneDaddy

    RealGoneDaddy said 11 years ago

    The dogs are by far way more adorable and you know they love to wear the scarfs way more.

  • objecked Admin

    objecked said 11 years ago

    OMD couldn't stand by and watch the catz haz the lead

  • MtnLaurel

    MtnLaurel said 11 years ago

    of course the pups. mine prances around in her wears!

  • minihorse

    minihorse said 11 years ago

    dogs are way better than cats, yo!

  • sodapoprocks

    sodapoprocks said 11 years ago

    go pups!!

  • stilettoheights

    stilettoheights said 11 years ago

    go doggies!!!

  • cakescience

    cakescience said 11 years ago

    I think an important part of being fashionable is being comfortable in what one is wearing. Therefore, I think dogs win as they are much more apt to be comfortable in their togs than cats are. Logical, eh? Dogs.

  • houndmade

    houndmade said 11 years ago

    Go Dogs, Go!!!

  • JustaBrenda

    JustaBrenda said 11 years ago

    Bentley the Beagle is insisting I vote for dogs of course...he's a little miffed that I dont make anything that he could model though....

  • citizenhudson

    citizenhudson said 11 years ago

    Of course DOGS! DUH PEOPLE! Dogs are sweet and they love you. Cats DO NOT LOVE YOU. Plus I'm real allergic to cats. So there.

  • lolli3579

    lolli3579 said 11 years ago

    I love both cats and dogs but dogs are def. more tolerant and look more comfortable. I agree with cakescience in what she said. (see above) I vote dogs.

  • TwistedThicket

    TwistedThicket said 11 years ago

    Definitely dogs, actually, Miniature Dachshunds!! I have two. Also have one cat, but he'd tear me limb from limb if I put clothes on him. lol

  • gottabebigdogs

    gottabebigdogs said 11 years ago

    .....and talk to the Big Paw!!

  • pennydogaccessories

    pennydogaccessories said 11 years ago

    Dogs all the way! I love that snood, I need one for my hound :)

  • mamawolf

    mamawolf said 11 years ago

    Cats are the patron animal of the Internet, and they take some pretty hilarious pictures, but my vote goes to dogs. Nothing beats a dog running to greet you when you walk in, or getting kicked in the face with a big, horny foot that smells like Fritos in the middle of the night while you're snuggled up in bed with them. Dogs rule.

  • ckelley01

    ckelley01 said 11 years ago

    Dogs for sure! What is dog spelled backwards? God gave us dogs to teach humans unconditional love, and he gave us cats to teach humans to be humble! As far as clothes on them, leave that for the chihuahuas!

  • autumnsarrival

    autumnsarrival said 11 years ago

    Love the dogs & love these items for them! I would consider giving my golden retrievers little neck warmers but they'd go crazy and tear them the shreds. My vote is most definately for the dogs, though!! Great topic!

  • WoodlandCottage

    WoodlandCottage said 11 years ago

    My little goat, Sissy, wants the SmartScarf from AnniesSweatShop. I explained how the voting works; she's upset--that "goat liberation" thing, you know. Goat Power! (She asked me to say that.)

  • Zbag

    Zbag said 11 years ago

    The Chihuahua looks like he has been in an accident and is wearing a neckbrace! I vote for dogs - the cats could care less!

  • anandi

    anandi said 11 years ago

    My dogs would not stand for this :) But what a cute collection of items!

  • poppysseeds

    poppysseeds said 11 years ago

    Dogs definitely rule!! At least that's what my Basset told me... :-)

  • IsabellaGolightly

    IsabellaGolightly said 11 years ago

    Dogs, dogs, dogs. Fat ones, thin ones, short ones, tall ones. Shaggy ones, smoooooth ones, fluffy ones, spikey ones. Give me fur kids everytime!

  • olivebrown

    olivebrown said 11 years ago

    definitely dogs! ...thanks for featuring my little sofie and her hand knit cowl!

  • DoodleShack

    DoodleShack said 11 years ago

    Cats are OK, but dogs are awesome. my vote is for dogs.

  • nomorenekkiddogs

    nomorenekkiddogs said 11 years ago

    Dawgs of course!!!! preferably NEKKID ones, lol. Some cute stuff. Mine are coming this weekend, stay tuned.

  • KatHannah

    KatHannah said 11 years ago

    This Kat loves dogs

  • meeanddeeshome

    meeanddeeshome said 11 years ago

    gotta vote for the dogs!

  • CustomDogBandanas

    CustomDogBandanas said 11 years ago

    Go dogs!! This looks great!

  • ThylacineDen

    ThylacineDen said 11 years ago

    Hands down dogs are cuter in clothes than cats. Plus, I like my fingers.

  • rebeccamenglish

    rebeccamenglish said 11 years ago

    Go dogs! My mini schnauzer is sure to be super warm next winter with one of these beautiful creations.

  • junquerevival

    junquerevival said 11 years ago

    TOP LEFT HAND CORNER: "Sammy" Etsy Maine Team's mascot!

  • sycamore74

    sycamore74 said 11 years ago

    Go Dogs!

  • thesapphirekat

    thesapphirekat said 11 years ago

    Registered cat lover voting a straight dog ticket! Go Dogs Go!

  • thefrogprincess

    thefrogprincess said 11 years ago

    Dogs always win my heart.

  • graffiti2

    graffiti2 said 11 years ago

    These are great. If I lived up north I'd buy one for my dog. And maybe my cat, too.

  • thebeadingtree

    thebeadingtree said 11 years ago

    Dogs are way more fashionable than cats and they know how to look good in the clothes. Cats just flop over and whine when you slip a sweater on them, because they don't value their human companions hard work. Dogs wear the clothing proudly and understand everything their human does for them out of love!

  • CharlieErnestNErise

    CharlieErnestNErise said 11 years ago

    This one goes to the dogs!

  • tloftus

    tloftus said 11 years ago

    Another vote for the doggies. Love the scarves and snood.

  • PrettyThingsOne

    PrettyThingsOne said 11 years ago

    We love dogs! But... the best dog clothes on Etsy come from BrightLight who knits sweaters for our min-pins -- they are the best and the cheapest anywhere!

  • feltic

    feltic said 11 years ago

    DOGS are the best!!! I love the doggie neckwarmers! My little one is wearing a upcycled neckwarmer creation here in my avatar. :-)

  • AnemoneGirl

    AnemoneGirl said 11 years ago

    I think we need to see dog sweaters! My westie loves her's and tries to put it on when it is really cold out

  • PlumeBoheme

    PlumeBoheme said 11 years ago

    doggies all the way! I made scarflettes for my beagle when she was a baby. :) And my JRT loves clothing of any sort. He prances around and shows off whenever you put anything on him.

  • crazy4jewels

    crazy4jewels said 11 years ago

    Who let the dogs out! I vote dogs, even though I could never put anything on my boxer without trying to wrestle with him to try to put it on first. :)

  • myjaynehat

    myjaynehat said 11 years ago

    Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs.......everytime!

  • jenmaestre

    jenmaestre said 11 years ago

    These dogs are all just wearing scarves. The cat fashions were more original. But i vote Dog, because no sane cat would ever want to wear clothing of any kid.

  • Cheeves

    Cheeves said 11 years ago

    Dogs of course! They are much better sports when it comes to fashion. :}

  • SayItAintSo

    SayItAintSo said 11 years ago

    I love my cats. However my dogs are the ones who truly love me,and have enough pride to feel confident enough to ware clothes. My dogs know they get twice the attention from people when they are sporting the latest in doggie fashion :)

  • PaperPumpkin

    PaperPumpkin said 11 years ago

    I vote for DOGS! Fashionable AND more loveable and deVOTEd!

  • catfluff

    catfluff said 11 years ago

    CATS!!! go figure.

  • funkymutts

    funkymutts said 11 years ago

    Dogs all the way!!

  • swallownest

    swallownest said 11 years ago

    Cats are already so fashionably dressed, they need nothing more. Besides, have you ever seen a cat stay in clothes? Last time I tried (oh so many years ago)kitty went dashing before her second leg was in the sweater. I vote for dogs. My dog looks ravishing in her red bandanna.

  • angforce83

    angforce83 said 11 years ago

    Yay for dogs!

  • blahblahblksheep

    blahblahblksheep said 11 years ago

    I love both cats and dogs, but as for being more fashionable, I'm going with Dogs. These dogs are making some serious fashion statements!!

  • mrsofttop

    mrsofttop said 11 years ago

    As much as I love both my kitties and dogs I have to vote for the dogs. They are much happier to skip around with a sweater or scarf on :>

  • Mireio

    Mireio said 11 years ago

    I'm sorry... I value my life! So, I vote "DOG!!". My cat would eviscerate me if I attempted to put her in clothing. :D

  • Indypendants

    Indypendants said 11 years ago

    My vote is for them dog gone doggies!!

  • tandemstudios

    tandemstudios said 11 years ago

    Dogs, dogs, dogs! There is no question! And I am actively shopping for a doggie jacket for my little girl - she has no fat and not very much fur, so its going to be fleece for her this winter!

  • PitBullLadyDesigns

    PitBullLadyDesigns said 11 years ago

    Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!!!!

  • SassySashadoxie

    SassySashadoxie said 11 years ago

    Sasha the dachshund here. Dogs all the way peeps. I have had a hudge wardrobe since I was a little pup. We wiener dogs now how to strut our stuff on the dog walk. Woof for the wieners and canines everywhere!

  • wiyomu

    wiyomu said 11 years ago


  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 11 years ago

    The votes are in: DOGS WIN!!!

  • jessielawson

    jessielawson said 11 years ago

    Cats need no accessories. (Humans are their accessories.)Hail to the cats!

  • seedsprouts

    seedsprouts said 11 years ago

    I madwe my pups collars and scarfs last year...they LOVED them! They stay warm with them on just like us!

  • CRSisters

    CRSisters said 11 years ago

    These scarves are too cute!!!

  • thecoolpuppy

    thecoolpuppy said 11 years ago

    Love the scarves! Never seen that on a doggy before!

  • PembrokeMaineArt

    PembrokeMaineArt said 11 years ago

    Hello.. Dog Yarn. Cool Wool & Funky Cotton.. Bio: from web This is Sooo Cute a Must Read..We are a Family Company in Maine. We Started this Company after the Passing of our Daughter Roxanna (Boxer,Blue Healer Mix) 1994- 2008. She loved Blankies. Alot!! Roxanna was a gift from God. We Have not adopted another yet. But we do keep very busy taking care of Grand-Dog ( Photo above) for weekend Visits. Dog sitting for The Young Family up the Road . Once in awhile the Town Selectman dog gets lose and Comes over for a Visit..That's Nice too, she was Roxanna's Gal Pal.. Roxanna Loved Cotton Blankies in The Summer & Wool in the Winter..BY the Way the web site>>

  • doggiestylin

    doggiestylin said 11 years ago

    I have to vote for both cats and dogs or there would be a huge uproar in my house and I dont know who would be worse the 3 dogs or the 3

  • Tina669

    Tina669 said 10 years ago

    heart dogs!!!

  • eleanorandmilo

    eleanorandmilo said 10 years ago

    Definitely dogs! With their big open hearts and all of that extra drool they have totally won me over!

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