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DIY Trend: 3 Fun (Faux) Cactus Projects

Jan 6, 2017

by Rachel Smith handmade and vintage goods

Looking to update your home for the new year? Bringing in plants and greenery is a foolproof route to a refresh — but if you don’t have a green thumb, trying to maintain a lush container garden can get expensive (and a little sad). Not to worry: There’s always a DIY way. We’ve collected three whimsical cactus- and succulent-themed craft projects that are just as cute as the real things — without any of the horticultural heartbreak. Which one suits your space?

DIY cardboard cacti by The House Lars Built

Cardboard cacti

Difficulty level: Easy

Put the packaging from your Blue Apron habit to good use and transform cardboard boxes into 3-D sculptures with this easy notch-and-connect technique. Paint the pieces green for a (more) natural effect, or go wild with pink, blue, or any other color that fits your scheme. 

DIY cactus pincushion by A Beautiful Mess

A plush pincushion

Difficulty level: Easy

With a stitched felt cactus that doubles as a pincushion, you’ll never get poked by a stray sewing needle again — and the more pins you add, the more realistic it looks. 

DIY paper succulent garden by Lia Griffith  

Layers of leaves

Difficulty level: Medium

Armed with the right template, you can turn any ol’ sheet of paper into a pseudo-succulent. Use this garden box as a centerpiece for a table — or to brighten up a light-challenged ledge that looks out on an air shaft. (Tip: Thick, textured papers heighten the project’s appeal.) 

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