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A Simple and Cute DIY Gnome Ornament

Dec 16, 2016

by Andrea Greco handmade and vintage goods

Christmas is a very big deal in my family, and decorating for the holiday is a tradition I look forward to eleven long months out of every year. This adorable DIY gnome ornament was inspired by my great auntie Jean — my crafting hero — who always made the most charming ornaments out of simple materials like walnuts and other natural elements. I think Jean would definitely approve of this little guy.

You will need:

A walnut
Black fine-tip Sharpie
Crafting felt, any color
Crafting fur, white
A tiny wood bead or button
Hot-glue gun
Embroidery thread


Step 1: Cut a roughly 2” x 5” rectangle from the crafting fur to make the gnome’s beard; the precise size you need may vary with the size of your walnut.



Step 2: Fold the fur in half lengthwise and cut a small semicircle from the top of the folded edge near the fold; this creates the shape for the top of the beard.


Step 3: Apply glue to the back side of the fur near the cut edge. Turn the fur over and center it on the walnut, pressing to attach. With a Sharpie, draw eyes on the walnut above the beard. I drew two simple dots, but you can also draw two half-moons for a sleepy look.


Step 4: To make the gnome’s hat, cut a small felt triangle that’s approximately 4.5 inches wide at the base and 3 inches tall on the sides. Next, apply a line of hot glue to one of the 3-inch edges of the hat and attach it to the opposite 3-inch edge, creating a cone shape. Trim any excess from the base of the hat if needed.

Step 5: Apply hot glue to the bottom inside edge of the hat, then affix the hat to the walnut just above the eyes. (Make sure to position the hat’s seam on the back side.)

Step 6: Dot hot glue onto the wood bead and position it above the fur beard to create the gnome’s nose.

Step 7: Once all the glue has dried, cut a 6-inch piece of embroidery thread and use a needle to loop it through the top of the gnome’s hat. Tie the ends of the thread in a knot and you’ve finished your ornament.


Your gnome is now ready to spread holiday cheer, so hang him on the tree and display with pride.

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