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Creative Gifts for Kids and Baby

Nov 30, 2015

by Land of Nod handmade and vintage goods

Michelle Kohanzo is the the Managing Director of The Land of Nod, a children’s retailer that offers products for kids and people that used to be kids. Michelle is also mother to four kids (yes, FOUR!), a gourmet cook, and a retail junkie. 

Here at The Land of Nod, we believe in toys that run on pure imagination and don’t leave design at the door. We also believe in partnering with artists — including many talented Etsy makers — because we’re so inspired by their work.

This year, as you wonder what to give the child who loves outer space and playing dress-up, consider me your trusty holiday elf: I’m full of creative, kid-friendly gifts that are sure to impress. This collection of gift ideas is centered around kids’ passions and interests: think animals, arts and crafts, dinosaurs, and playing house. For more imaginative gifts, shop the Etsy gift guide for kids and babies 

For the kid who’s obsessed with outer space:

Because everyone, including adults, wants a jetpack, right? This one’s handmade in Canada from polar fleece and Velcro. (Catherine Soucy, $25; buy it here)

This delicate mobile makes a peaceful baby gift. (Baby Jives Co., $68; buy it here)

For future career planning. (Jungs & Soehne, $19; buy it here)

This is a thoughtful doll alternative for the astronaut-in-training. (Indigo Toybox, $34; buy it here)

For the kid who adores dinosaurs:

This wooden play set is perfect for the Tyrannosaurus Rex-obsessed kid — and an awesome alternative to plastic dinosaur toys. (Arks And Animals, $30 for seven pieces; buy it here)

Dress up meets arts and crafts(Wintercroft, $7 for instant-download DIY kit; buy it here)

I once gave these plush dinosaur tails as favors at my son’s birthday party, and all the kids loved them. (Sage N Thyme Designs, $17; buy it here)

Fuel their imagination from a young age with a crocheted dinosaur hat and bottom set. (Bae B. Place, $25; buy it here)

For the kid who dreams of trains, planes, and automobiles:

Portability makes for the perfect distraction on the holiday trip to grandma’s house. (Mono No Avare, $84; buy it here)

Give them an opportunity to learn that trains didn’t start with Thomas. (Ozark Rustic Wood, $50; buy it here)

Nursery decor that’s dreamy, stylish, and helps put baby to sleep. (Dundry Hill, $58; buy it here)

If you don’t have the space for a bigger playhouse, this playful (cardboard!) taco truck is a great temporary solution. (Famous OTO, $59; buy it here)

For the kid with a crafty streak:

Perfect for the kids who want to be just like their parents and learn how to knit, sew and weave, this mini weaving loom kit comes with photo instructions, a birch tapestry needle, and a reusable cotton bag. (Purl and Loop, $26; buy it here)

A handmade update on the Spirograph you grew up with. (Port Rhombus, $15; buy it here)

I love how perfect this dress-the-animals play mat is for young artists — or future fashion designers. (Syd and Stitch, $75; buy it here)

Goose Grease’s paint-your-own family peg doll kit comes with everything they need to start working on their next masterpiece. (Goose Grease, $28; buy it here)

For the kid who’s passionate about playing house:

This modern, minimalist dollhouse will become a family heirloom. (Milky Wood, $127; buy it here)

My favorite thing about this DIY wooden castle is that it isn’t just for playing — it incorporates building, too. (Manzanita Kids, $225; buy it here)

Give them some creative crocheted veggies and see what they cook up. (Ms. Toosh, $85; buy it here)

For the kid who is wild about animals:

Kids will love creating stories about the tiny bunny family living in the log(Eve’s Little Earthlings, $18; buy it here)

For the stylish superhero. (Lovelane, $55; buy it here)

A clip-on tail turns them into their favorite animal in one simple step. (Colette Bream, $42; buy it here)

Finger puppets create hours of entertainment, and since they don’t take up much room in a suitcase, they’re perfect for travel. (Ecoleeko, from $6; buy it here)

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