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Crafting 365: Make 2008 Your Craftiest Year Yet!

Jan 14, 2008

by lupin

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet? Forget losing weight or trying to be a better person. Instead, resolve to be crafty every single day! Over in the Crafting 365 group on the photo-sharing site Flickr, lots of crafters are doing just that, posting daily photos of their works in progress, newly finished items and wonderfully messy workspaces, and you can join them…

I started the Crafting 365 project this summer when I realized with a sinking heart that I’d gone almost a month without making anything. I’ve been making stuff (and blogging about it at almost every day since and it has been AWESOME. Even if I spend just ten minutes sewing on a few beads or doodling ideas, that little bit of craftiness is always enjoyable, and I’ve been making so much stuff! I rarely suffer from the dreaded “crafter’s block” nowadays, as even on my uninspired days I just carry on crafting, and sharing my progress with the world via Flickr and my blog has been a great way of making me stick to my goals.

[Day 72 — Choosing Threads, by sallyent]

“Real life” — the day job, the kids, the housework — often gets in the way of creative time for part-time crafters, especially as few of us have dedicated studio spaces. A common sight in the group is work laid out in easily portable upturned box lids, or on the coffee table in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. Crafting 365 group member ebbandflo says "it’s been great to take pics of my portable crafting exploits to share with others, hopefully to add a few sanity saving tips to other crafty mums out there." Making time for your hobby is a sanity-saver sometimes, and sallyent admits that “crafting is something I do for me — and that’s why it always comes bottom of the list! So being part of Crafting 365 just gives me that extra push to get something done.”

[Day 44 — Knitting on the train, by memake]

Motivation and support are vital in achieving any goal, and the Crafting 365 project offers these in spades! Building up a photo journal of your work really makes you realize just how much you have accomplished, and our little group is hugely supportive. Homemadeoriginals comments that “seeing what [the other members] are doing provides me with encouragement to create and post each day, but my motivation is ultimately internal. I love looking at the Crafting 365 pool…Posting my photo, seeing what everyone has done, and getting the satisfaction that I’ve created something each day.” Paperbluebird says “it has made me realize that crafting doesn’t have to take all day” and “I’ve really enjoyed the supportive nature of the group.”

We celebrate each other’s successes and finished projects, and whenever I see something from the group on the Etsy front page I get a big grin on my face and feel weirdly proud!

[Day 76 — Multitasking, by knithappens]

Above all, being part of the group and seeing the daily output of so many crafters provides inspiration. “It is so inspiring," says YorktownRoad, “to peruse their photos, share in their process and be exposed to so many different types of craft.” Within the group are jewellers, knitters, ceramicists, fibre artists, painters: all kinds of different artists working on a wide range of personal and business projects, so there’s always something to fire up your creative juices. Klippity finds that “this sharing of diverse crafts keeps me constantly inspired, thinking about new projects, and wondering what I will do tomorrow” and blockpartypress enjoys seeing “the different stages of people’s projects as they are completed.”

[Day 84 — Adding glass beads ready for the kiln, by seaurchin]

I love to see people’s finished projects, but my favorite photos are always the works-in-progress. There’s just something so wonderful about being able to peek behind the curtain and see pottery before it’s glazed or fired, scraps of material or balls of wool gradually becoming a quilt or a blanket, ideas becoming fully formed pieces of art. I am learning so much about the way I work, too, and lots of us are finding that our daily photos are helping us think about the “process” and to enjoy the making even more than before. As GuerillaEmbroidery puts it, “It encourages me to recognize the creativity in my everyday actions, as well as spurring me on to create new work for my business.”

Join us! You know you want to…

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  • ailxxii

    ailxxii said 13 years ago


  • klippity

    klippity said 13 years ago

    Yay! Great article Lupin!

  • HomeMadeOriginals

    HomeMadeOriginals said 13 years ago

    Nice job on the story, Lupin!

  • heidiburton

    heidiburton said 13 years ago

    Great article! I love the Crafting 365 group.. unfortunately my updates were always late and basically I failed miserably because my routine is very patchy ;) but it's so inspiring to see you peeps sticking at it. It makes me feel guilty for not creating anything in any given 24 hours! Uploading photos of progress is such a great incentive to keep crafty! Love Memake's knitting on the train pic!

  • lilfishstudios

    lilfishstudios said 13 years ago

    Great article, Lupin. It's such a great group and absolutely the kick-in-the-pants I need every now and then to work some crafty love into my day.

  • knithappens

    knithappens said 13 years ago

    great article Lupin, I love being part of crafting 365, it helps me find examples of people who are as equally obsessed as me and makes me feel sane ; )

  • seaurchin

    seaurchin said 13 years ago

    Do you sleep Lupin? With your 365 and writing great articles :) And blogging! You really are an inspiration yourself!

  • memake

    memake said 13 years ago

    Well done lupin! Thank you for starting crafting 365 and giving us all the gentle kick we sometimes need...

  • Sallyent

    Sallyent said 13 years ago

    Lupin you're amazing, thank you for putting this together, and the 365 site. It's great to be part of the 365 family and all the above stuff shows exactly why!

  • awdesignsuk

    awdesignsuk said 13 years ago

    Great article Lupin, I'll have to join your group.

  • siansburys

    siansburys said 13 years ago

    Fantastic article Lupin! And yes I know I fell off the wagon again. Someobody kick me.

  • pinkangel

    pinkangel said 13 years ago

    Great article, I feel off the 365 wagon a while ago but maybe it's time to jump back on?!

  • pinkangel

    pinkangel said 13 years ago

    Sian- perhaps we should kick each other?

  • Sallyent

    Sallyent said 13 years ago

    Tee hee just noticed a slight bias towards felt birds in your selected items Lupin - q'uelle surprise ;-)

  • bunny

    bunny said 13 years ago

    Well done Lupin! This is a great article. I know i started crafty 365, and dropped it, but i think i might give it another go :)

  • GuerillaEmbroidery

    GuerillaEmbroidery said 13 years ago

    yay! fantastic article, thanks for including me.

  • Thirtyone13Designs

    Thirtyone13Designs said 13 years ago

    Great reading. Oh I cant wait to join in and read your blog.

  • waterfall

    waterfall said 13 years ago

    Awesome article Lupin!

  • ziazia

    ziazia said 13 years ago

    Great article! and it is very inspiring (it helps keep going!).

  • charlottenarunsky

    charlottenarunsky said 13 years ago

    Fantastic article Lupin. Thanks so much for starting the group - it has been wonderful!

  • smallwhitepebble

    smallwhitepebble said 13 years ago

    Inspiring reading! That's it, I'm joining your group... ♥

  • yorktownroad

    yorktownroad said 13 years ago

    Lupin, excellent article. Thanks for all your hard work with Crafting 365. It has been such a great experience. So talented you are...artist, flickr group moderator and now reporter!

  • MayaBella

    MayaBella said 13 years ago

    Neato.. I just joined. I have seen others 365 pics and was wondering what it was for.

  • lolabear

    lolabear said 13 years ago

    Thank you Lupin (and birds certainly deserve much attention - creative and all else) As another member of Crafting 365 (as of January 1st no less! - AND on the first day of my own personal new year which starts on January 1 as well) please see the LOLABEAR challenge. This is an experiment in daily inspiration - starting small (as with the facial cloth squares) and easing into larger pieces and/or concepts with the 365 knit stitches in a stitch dictionary given as a gift from my daughter. Check out my continuing progress 19 down and 346 to go;§ion_id=5269158

  • enigmachck

    enigmachck said 13 years ago

    There's a group of us who have gotten together and started a blog much to this effect. We'd love to have anyone who is interested join us, or just stop in and see how we are doing!

  • Sweetz

    Sweetz said 13 years ago

    Wondeful article!

  • ebbandflo

    ebbandflo said 13 years ago

    duh! i just found this article Lupin and it's great! thanks for starting the crafting365 ...... even though i fell off the wagon cos even tho i forget to photograph and post, i'm still crafting 365!

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    ozeroff said 12 years ago Very useful files search engine. is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites.

  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars said 11 years ago

    I have not fired up my kiln for so long but those beads make me want to switch gears a bit, no pun intended!

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