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CPSIA: Updates and Calls to Action

Jan 5, 2009

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

UPDATE: This morning we spoke with the Deputy Director at the CPSC and he expressed the CPSC’s desire to communicate with the crafter community, whether in a Virtual Lab, podcast, or blog post.  However, there’s work that needs to be done before that can happen. He will be keeping us in the loop, specifically regarding an open call for comments coming soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, send them to  Please stay tuned — we will share any info as it comes in.

[the following was originally posted December 31, 2008]

Many members of the Etsy community have been involved in spreading the word about the impact the CPSIA might have on handmade and vintage toy and children’s apparel businesses. Here at Etsy, we wrote an Open Letter about the CPSIA and invited Patricia Bittner, the Small Business Ombudsman at the Office of International Programs and Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, to talk with our community in the Virtual Labs. Patricia passed on our requests to the proper people, but as of yet, not one has accepted our offer of a webchat. However, Patricia noted that the office has been getting many, many communications from small businesspeople on the topic.

The Washington Post reported  on the issue in Lyndsey Layton and Annys Shin‘s article, Toymakers Assail Costs of New Law: How Consumer Protections Will Be Implemented Is Onerous, Manufacturers Say. “While toy giants such as Hasbro and Mattel began changing their materials even before the law was passed, some owners of medium and small businesses say they do not have the time — or the money — to comply with the tough new provisions.”

 The Richmond Times reported small businesses’ concerns about a lack of clarity regarding the enforcement of the law. The article, New Law May Hurt Crafters At Home, conveyed the crafting community’s desire for exemptions. The newspaper noted that, according to Julie Vallese, spokeswoman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “There are exceptions to the testing rule for crafters making only one unique copy of each item.”  Vallese also told reporter Sean Mussenden that “Small toymakers have inundated the commission with questions and complaints about the new standards.”

Cecilia, of the and, is helping crafters and artisans get their voices heard. She is very active on the Alliance’s Facebook Group (join the group here). We wanted to share some updates and deadlines via Cecilia:

Midnight, this Wednesday, December 31, 2008 is the deadline for the first round of voting on the site. If you haven’t voted, please do, and pass the word on. Let’s remain in the number one spot! Here’s the link.

This coming Monday, January 5, is the deadline for comments to the CPSC. The CPSC has asked for comments regarding natural materials exemptions! This is our chance to speak directly to the CPSC and push them to include these important additions in the CPSIA/provide your personal feedback on anything that hasn’t been touched on. The CPSC statement lists the component testing deadline as January 30th:
The natural materials exemptions feedback/vote was due on the 5th.

The blogosphere has been spreading calls for amending the CPSIA. Here are just a few posts:

BlogHer – The CPSIA puts handmade toys and kids clothes in danger of extinction. Like, soon.

Crafting in a Green World – Geppetto in Peril

The Twitter feed of Kathleen Fasanella at Fashion Incubator has all the latest news – and the Handmade Consortium will be updating a new blog section on the CPSIA topic. Click here for a whole lot more links.

Many Etsians have been sharing information via this thread in the forums.

Read our Open Letter about the CPSIA.

We wish everyone a safe, healthy, and productive New Year. Keep up the momentum!

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    Here's one of the best places to find out the latest on CPSIA developments: The Fashion Incubator discussion forums. And if you follow on twitter, she tweets new stuff as she hears it.

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    Thank you for creating a forum and open exchange regarding the new regulations. If folks haven't already contacted your State's representatives- please take a few minutes to do so while there is still time. Also, Karen Mills, from the State of Maine, has been named as the new Small Business Administration's Administrator by President-Elect Obama - another advocate to contact.

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    Thanks for the updates Etsy! We must stay on them. Exemptions for natural fibers and wood help out some, but not all of us! There is another deadline, 1/30/2008 for comments on component testing. We need to get our voices heard on this one too! Eileen

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    Hey all, thanks for the shout out. Doing my best to put out good solid information. WTH, here's a list of FACTUAL articles for more information: CPSIA, Denial and Retailer’s Liability How to move up to another level CPSIA: I endorse the NAM plan CPSIA and tracking label requirements CPSIA: How to move forward, coping with crisis Good News! CPSIA request for comments CPSIA & CPSC: Activism and what you can do other than gnashing your teeth and beating your chest CPSIA and Small Manufacturers Forum is open to all! CPSIA: Splintering the cause serves no one CPSIA: Losing credibility CPSIA: Confusion run amok Up, up and away (my trip to DC CPSC mtg) CPSIA: What must be tested CPSIA: Unit vs Component Testing National Bankruptcy Day Overwhelmed? What to do when you don’t know what to do CPSIA Requirements New Product Safety Regulations That Affect ALL Manufacturers

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    I have mixed feelings about this whole situation. There must be a way to ensure that all toys for small children are safe in every way without creating such a hardship for the small business owner and hand-crafter. I would vote to ensure safe products but find another way to get this done.

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    I started a YouTube channel to increase awareness of unintended consequences of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The idea is to present news videos and personal stories of handcrafters who will be affected by the law as it is now written. Many use YouTube as their FIRST news source. (redirects to ) You may have seen the videos before, but the more hits the ones on YouTube receive, the more others will be inclined to view the videos and become knowledgeable about the far-reaching impact the testing laws will have come February 10. Also, the videos on YouTube can be embedded on other sites and used as a reference when contacting media outlets to encourage them to cover this story too. If you know of any videos that could be included on the handcraftivist channel, please contact me at the following email address, which I check regularly- Thanks so much. Karen

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    Hi everyone...I am a quality manager for a family owned US toy manufacturer. It is amazing the issues this is bringing up for businesses of all sizes. The Toy Industry Association has very good information too...

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    IF this law goes into enforcement Feb 12 2009,(its already a law) we are out of business as we can neither afford the fines or testing required. While not all the products we make are for children (in fact most of them aren't) the wording of the law say ANYTHING a child 12 and under can come in contact with must be test. What happens to our products after they leave us is not know and so we can't test everything we make.

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    The implications of this legislation were well intended, however its lack of clarity and confusion has potential to cause more harm than good. It is important to think about the safety of the products we create as they end up in the hands and mouths of the very young. Many of the crafters of childrens products here on Etsy are also parents of young children. We care greatly about providing a safe homegrown alternative for our children and the children of our buyers. Where will you shop for a handmade puppet, custom birthday shirt, fabric baby bib or blanket come Feb. 10th?

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    I really hope they hear us and listen to us. This is still all so confusing as to why it starts off being a toy issue with things coming out of China, but then ends off leading into other handmade children's items like blankets, apparel, etc. I would never personally sell a product that I wouldn't feel safe putting on my own child. Are they telling us that a large manufacturer of say children's apparel that has their items created in some other country are actually going to put each and every peice through some testing. I think Not, there is no way they would ever be able to get eerything produced, tested and shipped in a timely manner. Look at companies like Gymboree who produce new lines several times a year. The more I think about this it just makes no sense at all..... They want our Economy to be helped, well this isn't helping.....

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses said 8 years ago

    Thank you for the updates & bringing the entire issue to our attention! Until the law is amended, I have had to suspend my entire new seasonal production. My entire BreadandRoses shop having a Clearance Sale. I am still unsure whether one of a kind items, including childrens apparel, are exempt or not. Doing one of a kind childrens clothing will be the ONLY route I can take to stay in the childrens market unless this grossly untenable law exempts textile items for children specifically and all handmade, limited production for children in general. I echo the comments above by IdaRose re: small, limited edition production (isn't that really the point of handmade in any media anyway?). This is a massive economic blow individually & collectively for the thousands of us affected. Let's hope the powers that be alter the law asap and protect the really small business owners who have the most to lose by implementing this tunnel vision legislation.

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses said 8 years ago

    Re: earlier comment w/ poor grammar - Meant to write 'the really small business owner who have the most to lose by the implementation of this tunnel vision legislation'.

  • Allthingsimple

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    Thanks for letting us know what is going on :)

  • Allthingsimple

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    So what will happen if people do keep selling after that date??

  • curiousworkmanship

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    Join my mail-in protest for CPSIA!

  • havilahashby

    havilahashby said 8 years ago

    I think that the CPSIA that was put into effect is absolutely outrageous. As if our economy isn't struggling enough?? If this is not amended soon thousands of small businesses, myself included, are going to go out of business. My husband and I just finished writing a letter to our congressman, our senator, and the governor. Below I am going to post a copy of the letter. I tried to fit it in the same post but it wouldn't fit...People need to pull together and get the word out there about this! Feel free to make a copy of my letter and send to your congressman, senators, and governors. Thank you for reading and God Bless!

  • havilahashby

    havilahashby said 8 years ago

    To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter in regards to the CSPIA Act (Consumer Safety Protection Information Act) that was recently passed. It states that anything sold for use by children under 12 must be tested and then hold a certification that it does not contain lead above a certain amount set by the government. It's not limited to lead - the language is written so that the government can add any other materials deemed hazardous at any time. Here are the problems with this act: I understand the need to make sure that children’s products do not contain hazardous materials. However, why target the small businesses and boutiques who sell goods made from raw materials? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use this act to target the manufacturers of the raw materials such as fabrics, paper, wood, paints, glues, dyes, etc? Forcing every small business to have their items sent in to be tested will in fact force most of those businesses to close their doors. I don’t have a big enough business to be able to afford to have this kind of expense. Any clothing boutique’s items are time sensitive; they must have everything ready for the upcoming season. If every children’s clothing store sent in a batch of their items, these testing facilities are going to be saturated with innumerous samples to test and have their results sent back to the business owners, hopefully before the new season is supposed to launch. Even people hosting yard sales, thrift stores, The Goodwill Store, and The Salvation Army will be affected by this. This act is now targeting places where we donate our unused goods for charity. I am sure that the people that presented this act had the best intentions, however there is going to be a catastrophic outcome on our economies and charities. If this act remains as is, an unbelievable number of small businesses are going to be shut down as a result, myself included. I run a small business from my home where I design children’s clothing. However, I cannot afford to have all of my products tested. Neither can thousands of other small businesses who are now closing their shops on the 10th of February. With the current language in this act, any item that can hand crafted from any material must be sent in and tested before we can legally sell them to our customers. An online community where my boutique and several other boutiques share and sell their items, each vendor who sells any type of product for children are pretty much going to be shut down because no one can sell their items. With the economy the way it is, how is enforcing this act with its current language going to be beneficial? We may not have the capital and customer base that nation-wide stores have, but the money we do make goes into expanding our businesses, creating jobs, and of course, putting money back into our economy. With this act, most of us will be forced to close our doors. Now how does that help out our businesses, our economy, or the ability to provide for our children? I propose instead of making every single business have their items tested, why don’t we amend the act to state that manufacturers of raw materials have their items tested as proposed in the CSPIA? This will help small businesses keep their doors open, keep testing facilities from testing the exact same samples from different businesses, thus eliminating an unnecessary mass of samples, and most importantly, keep money flowing into our local and national economy. If this act stays as it is, this will be a death sentence for many small businesses and local economies. In conclusion, please revise the Consumer Safety Protection Information Act. We need to keep our small businesses open and keep our economy going. There is a better way to protect our children from potentially hazardous products. If we let this market for children’s goods parish, who knows what other markets will follow. Help keep small businesses alive and keep our economy from failing.

  • 3Hands2Hold

    3Hands2Hold said 8 years ago

    Everyone please email your friends and blog away... Heck even facebook or myspace to anyone that will listen. We need everyone and anyone to go vote, so maybe someone will take us 4real (obama)... We can't just sit around and complain or try and figure out the law without a lawyer by our sides.. We can make a difference!

  • fluffygirlboutique

    fluffygirlboutique said 8 years ago

    Thanks for the update. I am updating my friends on facebook.

  • scire4

    scire4 said 8 years ago


  • Techmom77

    Techmom77 said 8 years ago

    I own If the CPSIA isn't reformed immediately my business will be closing as of February 10th just like thousands of others! Please visit my website at I have set up a petition to present to Congressman Lungren as well as other interested parties. In the 2.5 days the petition has been live I have received over 500 signatures! This is GREAT! Please forward these links to everyone you know! Also visit: and vote to get it presented as one of the top 10 issues presented to President Obama! Warmest Regards, Dawn Michelle

  • pishposhgirls

    pishposhgirls said 8 years ago

    any new news out there?? any changes yet?? best to all of you! laura

  • thehauntedstudio

    thehauntedstudio said 8 years ago

    I hope we all get help from the goverment not obstacles.

  • hillbillyhulagal

    hillbillyhulagal said 8 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with dreamitloveit.

  • belovedbks

    belovedbks said 8 years ago

    Dr. Seuss Meets the CPSIA Enjoy! :-)

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