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CPSIA: Handmade Toy Alliance Continues the Fight

Jun 26, 2010

by woolies handmade and vintage goods

President of Craftsbury Kids, Cecilia Leibovitz, a.k.a. paperdreams, reached out to the Etsy Blog on behalf of the Handmade Toy Alliance, to continue awareness and activism regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, legislation that could forever endanger independent handcrafters of children’s products in the United States. Many Etsy sellers are involved in the Handmade Toy Alliance, and a few of them share their stories and reasons for picking up this important cause below. For more information on this issue, check out past articles about CPSIA on the Etsy Blog, and join the discussion in the CPSIA section of the Etsy Forums.

In early May 2010, hundreds of handcrafters and concerned citizens voiced their support of a proposed CPSIA amendment that was not perfect, but at least addressed some of our needs. At this point the amendment has not been passed and the end of the February 2011 “stay of enforcement” issued by the CPSC looms closer.

Whether you are an Etsy shop owner or concerned citizen who does not want to see handcrafted toys and other children’s products disappear forever, your voice is needed. You can help by continuing to call your state representatives, especially those who are on the Committee of Energy and Commerce, and let them know what will happen to your business (or businesses that you frequent) when the stay ends in February. In our current economic crisis, it is more important than ever that small businesses be allowed to remain in operation!

Please consider joining the Handmade Toy Alliance as well. More information can be found at The Handmade Toy Alliance (HTA) has made great strides in protecting small batch crafters and designers of children’s products from becoming extinct in the face of CPSIA.

Connie, a.k.a. MiniMonster: “‘Beware of doll makers, seamstresses, woodworkers, and knitters — they are a tough lot!’ This should be embroidered on pillows and given to all congressmen and heads of federal regulatory agencies. I was so impressed by the latent skills possessed by the crafters gathered together by the Handmade Toy Alliance to protest the unintelligible CPSIA, a law passed presumably to protect children. Crafters protested in all of the time-honored ways, signing petitions and calling their congressmen. But the marching orders from the HTA seemed to emphasize, ‘Just do something!’, a great challenge for creative people. For my part, I made a couple of appearances on local news broadcasts explaining the unintended consequences of the CPSIA. Also I made a doll to protest and drew an editorial cartoon which I offered to bloggers to illustrate their commentaries, and to others as a transfer to ‘wear’ their concerns. The protest shone a spotlight on the faults of the CPSIA and opened up negotiations on modifying the law to make it somewhat workable, negotiations that continue today. It was democracy in action: ordinary people taking extraordinary action! A civic lesson straight from reality.”

Nan, a.k.a. ThePortobelloRd: “I find the proposed laws stifling on my creativity. I have loads of ideas that I would love to create, but due to pending laws that include expensive testing, I don’t even want to attempt anything kid-related. My primary job that pays my bills is in procurement, which includes sustainable procurement. We make our manufacturers be on point for ensuring things are safe — why can we not have that apply to the fabric world (and other suppliers) as well? Make the manufacturers who are large enough to handle the testing requirements comply with the regulations, rather than punish the independent users of the product.”

Kari, a.k.a. MamaKs: “Over and over in modern-day America we see large scale industry tie the hands of the small business owner, be it via the big box store or overarching federal regulations on toys. While I understand the need to ensure the products we give to our children are safe, asking someone who makes 300 dolls a year or 1000 lbs. of play clay, to subject themselves to the same testing as Mattel is just silly. The Handmade Toy Alliance is an invaluable tool for the artisan toy maker. The help decoding the CPSIA regulations alone makes this an incredible resource.”

Lisa, a.k.a. oopsthatsart: “Our now 20-year-old daughter, Kristen, bought a wooden army tank and a small wheeled wooden toy at a craft fair about 10 years ago. She was impressed with the ‘old fashioned’ toy, and our dog chewed up the wheely toy the next day! We were very happy that it was only wood and did not require a vet visit. Kris asked her dad to make another safe toy in case Moochie felt hungry again. We told this story to some friends with small kids who were looking for safe alternatives to plastics and Bob started making toys for their kids. We quickly found out about how the CPSIA’s new rules would hurt crafters already making safe toys, and we joined HTA and had all our friends sign petitions and write letters. Always remember, nothing is safe in the hands of an unsupervised young person, YouTube is confirmation of that!”

Sara, a.k.a. woolies: “I joined the Handmade Toy Alliance to align myself with a group who cares about the small business owner — the handcrafter, the people who make unique, special, nurturing toys for kids. I joined the Handmade Toy Alliance because I care — a lot — about children having natural toys to play with. I joined the Handmade Toy Alliance because it was a way to understand the CPSIA, to stay involved and educated in the new laws. I joined the Handmade Toy Alliance in an effort to overtake the world with hand-crafted toys!”

Pamela, a.k.a. prettydreamer: “When we are no longer five, we do not stop loving our childhood toys. Some of us hold on to that love of the beloved plaything so much, that we grow up to be toymakers ourselves. Toymaking is about real toys  — made of real stuff (from the Earth) — that is how toys get their soul and why they are loved by children and in truth by the grown children who are their parents. Toymaking to me is a way of giving life to the cherished plaything, an honorable old profession that brought with it as great an excitement as birthdays and holidays do for children. Somehow, I hold an image of far away days of workshops and kitchen tables in many close and distant lands where love and imagination crafted and shaped a wonderful plaything. I love making toys. When I go to sleep, I dream of new ideas. The ideas are lively and animated — just like toys and the children who play with them.”
Amy, a.k.a. littlealouette: “We started our company because of issues with safety. We had many bad experiences with buying toys and toy recalls ourselves as a family and we just started making our own. It organically has grown into a real family business and this issue has loomed heavy on our hearts. We want to be a responsible eco-friendly company that is safe and true to our customers — we just want the chance to grow. We are never going to be a giant company, but we will always be a caring one. Please keep talking about reform. Tell everyone you know. Keep the dialogue flowing. Change is possible but we have to keep talking. We have to keep telling people what the future could look like with only mass-produced toys to choose from.”
Have you gotten involved in the CPSIA cause? Share resources and stories in the comments below.
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  • candacejean

    candacejean said 7 years ago

    I enjoyed hearing from the sellers. Thank you, and don't give up the fight!

  • morion

    morion said 7 years ago

    Keep my fingers crossed!

  • SewnNatural

    SewnNatural said 7 years ago

    way to go! thank you for working to distinguish among handcrafters vs. the Mattels of the world!

  • VeronicaRStudio

    VeronicaRStudio said 7 years ago

    While I make jewelry and not very familiar with CPSIA myself, I find myself very sad at the prospect that small independent toy makers might dissappear. I remember buying a handmade stuffed bird for my daughter when she was a baby and the love she felt for it. She carried it day in and out until she was about 5 and now it sits in a prominent corner in her room. I also remember playing with gorgeous wooden blocks and simple toys myself, before the advent of the big toy manufacturers. I hope there is a way for amendments to pass and that the beautiful toy shops I see on Etsy find a way to overcome them and survive. It would really be a shame if new generations of kids only had mass produced cheap toys to play with.

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage said 7 years ago

    There's nothing like handmade, home made items, esp. toys. Let's support the small business owners to continue to rock on!

  • akcArt

    akcArt said 7 years ago

    The hand made wooden toys were always 'special keepsakes' for my boys because we knew the time, talent, and love that was put into each one! There's nothing like hand made!

  • ALittleGray

    ALittleGray said 7 years ago

    wow, I just opened my shop, making toys, and had no idea about this law. I'm definitely looking into the HTA. Thanks for sharing this.

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie said 7 years ago

    I don't make children's toys or clothing, but I'm rooting for those of you that do and wish you the best! :)

  • annemh

    annemh said 7 years ago

    Handmade rules!!!! Thank goodness for etsy. I have bought so many lovely things for my children here. :)

  • poppyswickedgarden

    poppyswickedgarden said 7 years ago

    what a wonderful article and it is so true I still have some of my most precious childhood toys and stuffies, they remind me of a more simple time:)

  • willowbaus

    willowbaus said 7 years ago

    thank you ladies! Hats off to you Cecilia! I don't know how you do it all- you are our voice and I thank you;)

  • Imaginationkids

    Imaginationkids said 7 years ago

    Wonderful post! Thank you for giving handmade for children a voice! We started making toys because we wanted to be sure our children were playing with safe items. It makes me so mad to see the very companies that are the reason for CPSIA now trying to circumvent the testing requirements.

  • TheMerchantMariner

    TheMerchantMariner said 7 years ago

    I just wrote my Representative and Senators. Thank you for reminding us to remain vigilant with this issue!

  • rainpeople

    rainpeople said 7 years ago

    love the 'woolies' lambs, too sweet!!! XO

  • sewlola

    sewlola said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this valuable info!

  • Xiefashionstudio

    Xiefashionstudio said 7 years ago

    Love hand make work always!

  • merrydaledolls

    merrydaledolls said 7 years ago

    30 years after my kids have grown up, the handmade toys they had, made with natural materials, are still good enough and safe enough to pass on to today's children. And they are still encouraging children to use their imaginations in creative play.

  • MinceCo

    MinceCo said 7 years ago

    i was in support of the article, then i spotted the knitted bunny and i was totally sold! Who could resist that in favour of mass produced toys?!

  • Fairyfolk

    Fairyfolk said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this article... handmade toys are so precious and we must protect the Americans and others who make them.

  • paperholiday

    paperholiday said 7 years ago

    What a great article! You guys have my support!

  • galanight

    galanight said 7 years ago

    so sweet!!!

  • vintageNsome

    vintageNsome said 7 years ago

    please keep up the fight guys

  • GardenAngels

    GardenAngels said 7 years ago

    I commend your fight and will continue to call my state rep.

  • AvianInspirations

    AvianInspirations said 7 years ago

    Thanks Etsy for bringing yet another important cause to our attention.

  • busterandboo

    busterandboo said 7 years ago

    Natural toys ROCK!

  • beautifulanodyne

    beautifulanodyne said 7 years ago

    This is so important. I'm glad you shed light on this issue I need to pay attention to or this could directly affect many of us.

  • davisdesignsau

    davisdesignsau said 7 years ago

    No way... keep up the fight! If this gets through, what will be next? Will they put a ban on us preparing our own meals in liu of shop pre-packaged ones. The world has evolved because of the everyday creativity of individuals, it is who we are as a people. Instead of complaining about unsafe things for children... keep an eye on the children... after all, the small child would not be safe left alone with a carrot... everything can harm.

  • NakedBeautyJewelry

    NakedBeautyJewelry said 7 years ago

    Like, VeronicaRStudio,I make jewelry and not very familiar with CPSIA. Being that I am 22, I just graduated from UK, I find the prospect of there being fewer and fewer handmade goods from small sellers (like those in local markets and here on Etsy) to be sad. Knowing who makes what and where the products come from builds community. I think there is a lack of community in an age where I can do almost every activity with a few touches on my iphone and never leave the house. Every interaction helps and I hope more people begin to make homemade goods and or buy ( I know I need the business.... :-)

  • NakedBeautyJewelry

    NakedBeautyJewelry said 7 years ago

    Like, VeronicaRStudio,I make jewelry and not very familiar with CPSIA. Being that I am 22, I just graduated from UK, I find the prospect of there being fewer and fewer handmade goods from small sellers (like those in local markets and here on Etsy) to be sad. Knowing who makes what and where the products come from builds community. I think there is a lack of community in an age where I can do almost every activity with a few touches on my iphone and never leave the house. Every interaction helps and I hope more people begin to make homemade goods and or buy ( I know I need the business.... :-)

  • PolarBearCreations

    PolarBearCreations said 7 years ago

    Wonderful post! Thank you for drawing attention to this! :0) Every child should have natural toys!!

  • TchotchkesByHolly

    TchotchkesByHolly said 7 years ago

    Does this affect Canadian Sellers and makers?

  • feltonthefly

    feltonthefly said 7 years ago

    Great article. Thanks.

  • ohbuckets

    ohbuckets said 7 years ago

    thank you for keeping this issue front and center!

  • Junienone

    Junienone said 7 years ago

    Yes! This is a wonderful article. I love little alouette's comment that the world would be a pretty bleak place without handmade kids' toys. Keep up the fight!

  • DeedsandPetunia

    DeedsandPetunia said 7 years ago

    Here's a treasury featuring lovely items from HTA members/Etsy sellers! And be sure to check out the HTA Facebook page. Blog Week has generated some really great posts about HTA, CPSIA and these wonderful businesses!

  • thesittingtree

    thesittingtree said 7 years ago

    Handmade toys and clothing are such an integral part of our everyday lives, so I'm glad to see others willing to stand up and fight for what they believe!

  • catlady64

    catlady64 said 7 years ago

    Life would be pretty boring without handmade items! Keep up the fight!

  • jewellerytreasures

    jewellerytreasures said 7 years ago

    although i am a jewellery maker and not very familiar with the strict guidlines of the cpsia i find it disheartening that there are some many rules for toy makers to abide by. When my daughter was two i made her a teddy bear for christmas and she enjoyed more than any of the shop bought toys, so good luck and keep up the hard work!

  • staroftheeast

    staroftheeast said 7 years ago

    There are so many amazing toys and products for kids on Etsy and it the world. It would be a huge loss for the kids, parents and makers of those toys :(

  • spiralla

    spiralla said 7 years ago

    Great. Keep up the good work!

  • spiralla

    spiralla said 7 years ago

    Great. Keep up the good work!

  • ikabags

    ikabags said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this article ! Super !!

  • joyceweaver

    joyceweaver said 7 years ago

    I guess our legislators think the artists making things for kids are more dangerous to the environment than the oil companies. Or we just aren't rich enough to pay to get laws passed in our favor. Bless you and hang in there fellow Etsians - somehow we will prevail through all this stupidity.

  • DiademJewels

    DiademJewels said 7 years ago

    People don't understand that there is so much love going into the products we make. Our ART isn't some cookie cutter thing made on an assembly line with potentially no human emotion involved. We may be individual small businesses, but together we are very powerful. Let's continue the fight to buy handmade!

  • thestellabluegallery

    thestellabluegallery said 7 years ago

    Love the article. I am the mother of a two year old and her safety is of great importance to me. I would rather her play with natural and handmade toys (yes dirt is included in that list) as opposed to matel and fisher-price toys. Keep up the fight and I will too!

  • MDIVintageArt

    MDIVintageArt said 7 years ago

    As a building contractor by day who has been following implementation of the gov'ts. recent lead safe RRP ruling, I know bureaucrats writing this sort of legislation simply don't think these laws through. A classic example relates to this lead rule. It went into affect on April 22nd of this year and requires that houses built before 1978 be tested for lead paint prior to beginning a job if a certain amount of paint is to be disturbed. In addition, there are EPA certification classes for renovators and more fees for certification of the company. However, in the many years the EPA haggled over this legislation they never certified more than one lead test kit. As a result of the onslaught of new demand, those test kits are not readily available. I live in a very large city and there were zero retail outlets carrying the EPA certified lead test product on April 22nd. The closest store which carried the product was more than 2 hours away and I who knows if they actually had it in stock. Plus training was and still is spotty in much of the country because training classes were only recently certified for training. Painters and renovators from rural communities have limited options for training and will probably have the added expense of travel and lodging to attend a class in a larger city. Potential fines for violation of the rule is $32,500 per offense and can be doubled for a willful violation (i.e. anyone certified by the EPA.) Now, they've given a small reprieve for renovators who haven't taken the classes yet but they still have to follow the rules they haven't been trained in. Where are their heads?

  • IcingOnTheCupcake

    IcingOnTheCupcake said 7 years ago

    Very important cause, thank you for bringing the attention to it.

  • viltalakim

    viltalakim said 7 years ago

    great article!! I think handmade toys can never be totally forbidden, I mean: a mother or dad still have the right to make some toys for their children right??? Selling will eb a litte difycult then, but I think people who buy handmade toys are really searching for this kind of toys as they don;t want the industrial - 100.000.000- plastic- of a kind toys... stay talking about it with your gouvernment please!

  • akaCINDERS

    akaCINDERS said 7 years ago

    I did some serious research on the CPSIA regulations at the time of the petition to make changes after the first draft. The committee of TWO, yes two members making these serious decisions about the livelihood of so many, had decided to postpone the enactment until further review. The petition did stay the enactment, so we do have a voice. Keep talking!!!

  • srzimmartist

    srzimmartist said 7 years ago

    Wonderful article ! Great work.

  • mlsbeads

    mlsbeads said 7 years ago

    Shop owners unite! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Small business owners are the backbone of the possible recovering economy and hindering that is exactly not what the government needs to do. Good luck and I'll def be keeping my eye on this ever changing issue!

  • patcher

    patcher said 7 years ago

    Thank goodness for the Handmade Toy Alliance and ALL they are doing to keep the CPSIA and this issue in the press, on consumers minds, and not giving up the fight. From all the retailers out there who support handmade children's products...THANK YOU!

  • NicheWomensClothing

    NicheWomensClothing said 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for this article, so all of us can be aware and support our fellow handmade crafters. There seems to be a lot to learn, so I intend to do as much research as needed to understand what is really going on in order to support makers of handmade toys and HTA. Keep up the great work!

  • littlealouette

    littlealouette said 7 years ago

    thank you so much etsy! xoxo

  • LibertyImages

    LibertyImages said 7 years ago

    Best of luck to everyone trying to stop the federal government from destroying still more small businesses and, by default, the ability of many to provide for themselves & their families as independent businesspeople. I'll spread the word and look into joining the Alliance. I do wish that more people looked askance at everything the government did instead of accepting it. CPSIA is now affecting certain people in the artisan community; however, previous government actions in the name of "protection" have destroyed businesses in the past, businesses that were not harming people but helping them (like the old Soulsby gasoline station in Illinois on Route 66). The "They came for so-and-so, and I did nothing" that ends with "And then they came for me" is cliche, but sadly, it can be true. We need to look out for one another and consider all sides of every issue, not just the panic-driven ones. BTW, earlier in the thread davisdesignsau asked whether the government would allow us to make our own food. For now, yes; however, I recently heard a woman mention that she could no longer make homemade goodies (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) for her child to take to 'treat day', but had to purchase pre-packaged foods that were individually wrapped! While most of us can't resist that annual Little Debbie binge, at least we all know what ingredients go into a homemade brownie. Yet this school prefers factory-made stuff full of preservatives and other nastiness instead of simple flour, sugar, eggs, butter...Sigh. Moreover, in the UK the government wishes to install trash bins and/or toilets that keep an eye on what people are eating. Government employees also go from house to house in certain areas, look through the pantry, and 'help' the homeowners eat healthier. So, yes, it can, does, and has happened.

  • BeautifulSoaps

    BeautifulSoaps said 7 years ago

    They always say it's "for the children" when they want to pass some b.s. law. The law itself probably has a lot more stipulations in the finer print than one could ever dream (nightmare) of. You wouldn't want the 'children' to suffer irreparable damage from their lovingly handmade items, now, would you? Power to the people!

  • moonstr

    moonstr said 7 years ago

    ♥ :)

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    Id love to see some articles like this for international sellers to be honest I dont know where to start when it comes to regulations like this.

  • MonkeysOnTheRoof

    MonkeysOnTheRoof said 7 years ago

    Wonderful small deed goes unnoticed!!

  • LittleSmartyPants

    LittleSmartyPants said 7 years ago

    I'm w/ Lettlewrinpottery. What about selling internationally?

  • pasin

    pasin said 7 years ago

    Great article

  • RomanceCatsAndWhimsy

    RomanceCatsAndWhimsy said 7 years ago

    Very inspiring article and I wish you the best in this very important process.

  • BuyMeLove

    BuyMeLove said 7 years ago

    This is insane! Do these legislators have children? Children make their own toys - we all know this. You give something expensive to a kid, it sits in the corner, and they play with the box for hours! Are they going to start regulating the safety of cardboard boxes to prevent cardboard cuts? No. Because it's ridiculous. Just as ridiculous at this. Good intention, terrible execution.

  • happywhosits

    happywhosits said 7 years ago

    For those who asked about international sellers - CPSIA applies to you if you make items intended for children 12 & under, and you sell to customers in the US. CPSIA is not just about toys, although that's the focus on this particular article. Eileen...

  • blueridgewoodworking

    blueridgewoodworking said 7 years ago

    Keep the fight up! If I can I am. Sincerly, Gabe and Athena

  • couragecrafts

    couragecrafts said 7 years ago

    This is just crazy. I doubt that it will totally stifle handmade toys. They can't attach everyone who makes gifts for their own children or for their friends, but it will be a tragedy for those who don't know enough crafty people.

  • VibrantTrains

    VibrantTrains said 7 years ago

    Keep up the fight.

  • beachglassshop

    beachglassshop said 6 years ago

    thank you for keeping us abreast of this situation -

  • AvalonJewelry

    AvalonJewelry said 6 years ago

    IMAGINATION IS HOPE AND IT IS OUR ONLY HOPE! Cecilia Leibovitz!!!! First, let me just say that the passion in this article is inspiring. According to Pablo Picasso, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Secondly, I ADMIRE YOU CECILIA LEIBOVITZ! Don't worry... this is not in a creepy stalker way but how could I not- you are the voice of the children and I admire your MAGNANIMITAS! Pardon the foreign wording. It is a vocabulary word my teacher has always wanted me to use, and hey, I am kicking myself in the butt for not having followed you earlier! This is a selfish reason but I could have mentioned you and told your inspiring story to earn and easy A on that exam(senior slack is rough stuff), but just because that test is behind me doesn't mean I do not want to help in any way and as much as I can to make a difference! I will begin by emailing this article to my teacher, who is often known to be quite an activist like you, and I will get back to you with any updates. I know I am only 18 and that may seem a bit young make much of a mark but you seem like a believer in the power of one and in the importance of youthful inspiration. I will research and do whatever it takes to get the word out in my neck of the woods. Please let me apologize for not being well aware of this problem earlier! It is disturbing to even think of the dark future that awaits if children are deprived of imagination. Anything that threatens the well-being of our countries imagination is extremely disturbing. America needs this imagination flowing more vibrant then ever through every growing child. Just to reinforce your cause as many have already done far too well for me to follow, but you are fighting for imagination- this is more important than knowledge, government, and power. A childlike imagination is all that we have and it is all that we hope to keep. Even Albert Einstein would agree with your side of the case Cecillia. Albert seems to have been a fairly bright guy, so they say, and what an imagination he must have had to discovered that e=mc2. It hurts my imagination to imagine his imagination. Good old Pablo Picasso said once that "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up." I was watching CNN a couple days ago with my father, who is an amazing businessman but unfortunately our business is realist ate (not that everything else isn't taking a hit as well). But along with my fathers intelligent ever-active business mind is an American Ego traveling shortly behind. When this commercial came on the TV, I was already up out of my seat, taking my plate to the sink (fyi: I am not very fond of TV. I do stay very active because that helps my imagination which helps my... ahhh overboard enthusiam and beginning to sound like that bone song that tells you everything connected) and there was a commercial that I only saw one but it had such a profound effect on me that when it spoke of imagination as our greatest asset. I migrated towards the tv with this comment taking in every moving image as art itself and even after I notice my father take in the words and continue eating, I made a point of asking him what he thought about the commercial. He quickly snapped back with his belief(a valid one) that there is "no substitute for hard work". I have learned that arguing with my father and most people is always ugly so I kept my mouth shut for once, went up to my room, and thought long and hard about all of this. A couple days later I found this article which made my brain hurt even more but realize that this childlike blissful imagination is our only hope. Hey, even Michael Jackson preached that so if that is what gets you motivated to fight then prays the lord for that flawless childlike moonwalk!

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares said 6 years ago

    i so hope and pray that handmade toy makers can have their dreams come true and can remain toy makers.

  • AvalonJewelry

    AvalonJewelry said 6 years ago

    I am sorry for the terribly long comment above. It is a bunch of unorganized stupid rambling- especially the last paragraph. Nobody wants to read a piece with terrible grammar. I am sorry but best of luck. Keep up the fight. I will spread the word to everyone I know.

  • frecklesoriginals

    frecklesoriginals said 6 years ago

    Oh my what a crazy world we live in. I still have hand made toys of my girls.(now 33 and 31) Toys made with love and care how can any one object to that. Let kids play; hop skip and jump, run; (fast if they want) If we continue to wrap them up in cotton wool they will loose all their imagination and courage. Then where will we be?

  • designMatter

    designMatter said 6 years ago


  • AvalonJewelry

    AvalonJewelry said 6 years ago

    I have my dad beginning to take interest. If I can make him appreciate art then there is such a thing as hope : ) P.S. I love frecklesoriginals comment about digging out those perfectly imperfect hand made pieces. You inspired me to dig up mine : )

  • blckpnthr13

    blckpnthr13 said 6 years ago

    My maternal grandparents worked with wood, paint, yarn, thread, and more to create different things for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren. I still have pictures of the cute outfits they made for all 4 of their grand-kids (me included) for Christmas. I don't think they ever made money, but they were talented and creative, and I would be horror stricken if this law had been passed 20 - 50 years ago. Thank you so much for writing about CPSIA and the HTA. I plan on staying current, and will let those I know about this at the least. I hope the government doesn't continue this stupidity trend. Good luck to everyone on Etsy!

  • Starrdom16

    Starrdom16 said 6 years ago

    thank you for sharing this. I had no idea! Continue the fight!!

  • anadiazarte

    anadiazarte said 6 years ago

    Love handmade toys!

  • ipson

    ipson said 6 years ago

    Cute guy, Cute stuffs, I just love in it!

  • ipson

    ipson said 6 years ago

    Cute guy, cute stuffs, I like it!

  • HoneyBunnyStudio

    HoneyBunnyStudio said 6 years ago

    It's very sad indeed that this is happening in our world, our priorities are misplaced and it is difficult to motivate people to try to make a change for the better. I'm glad for companies like this and we should support as much as we can to them then up and running.

  • AddisonsArmoire

    AddisonsArmoire said 6 years ago

    There are so many recalls on toys these days that we should go back to hand crafting toys. Hand crafted toys are probably a lot safer than what we'd find on the market today.

  • Ch7tina7

    Ch7tina7 said 6 years ago

    quality "old fashioned" toys are timeless. thanks for sharing and happy etsy-ing! ~Christina @ 7stars

  • GreatestJoyDesigns

    GreatestJoyDesigns said 6 years ago

    We must always beware of the involvement with Big Government. Small businesses are the life blood of our economy and they should always be considered as to the possible impact. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  • nanandmatt

    nanandmatt said 6 years ago

    This fight just breaks my heart! I don't have any children yet, but I love the handmade toys and baby items on etsy. I am particularly moved by artists who make childrens items out of repurposed and recycled the next generation the gift of a more beautiful, healthy, and thriving planet...and I know that these items are made with love and care, but people with joy in their hearts, not slaved over (sometimes by children) in a sweatshop somewhere. I stand with YOU. I sent a donation to the Handmade Toy Alliance. I hope you win your fight!

  • engelpottery

    engelpottery said 6 years ago

    The independent toy makers are the ones that keep my hope for creativity and imagination strong for the next generation! We are attempting to raise our son without batteries or plugs and without these small businesses choices would be extremely limited!

  • museumshop

    museumshop said 6 years ago

    Handmade toys rules Handmade leaf art is wonderful

  • terutero

    terutero said 6 years ago

    keep up the fight, we all love handmade toys.

  • caradesigns

    caradesigns said 6 years ago

    I love handmade toys. I don't have any kids yet but I've made things for others' children, and will never forget how much my friend who was 12 at the time lovedlovedloved her cloth doll I made her. (She was christened "Eileen" by my friend's father because her legs weren't quite even and she - well - leaned. :) ) I know when I have children Etsy will be one of the first places I look for toys for them, beyond my own ability to create, because I believe that the craftspeople and artists here put love and passion into every creation, and I would trust that more than some mass-producer who makes toys that I feel aren't really even appropriate for small children. What little girl needs a doll that looks like a sensual lingerie model?

  • pawansingh1

    Pawan Singh said 4 years ago

    Whether you are an Etsy store proprietor or involved resident who does not want to see hand made toys and games and other kid's items vanish permanently, your speech is needed. Buy Online Toys

  • ashcreeknativities

    Ellen Zook Osborn from ashcreeknativities said 4 years ago

    Just joined Handmade Toys Alliance today...had no idea what was going on. I've started making Quilt Scrap Jacks -- little stuffed folk art bunnies -- since I love all the cotton fabric but don't have the patience to quilt. One of my new granddaughters is allergic to polyester -- what would we do without "natural" toys!

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