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Competitions & Opportunities: Team Up with Apartment Therapy for DIY Month handmade and vintage goods

UPDATE: Winners of the February “Do It Now” Challenge will be announced tomorrow! Head on over to Apartment Therapy to check out all the entries. And check out this lovely judge, our very own missbatch!

Spread the word! Our pals over at Apartment Therapy are hosting a competition during February called Do It Now where they invite you to tackle one small household project: painting a bureau, rewiring your home theater, building an organizer for all your cooking spices, whatevering a whatever.

We here at Etsy are dangling some tantalizing shopping sprees as the reward. We’ll also be showing off some of the stellar entries here on the Etsy blog. We want to see you shine! And if you have friends or family members who need that extra push to get involved in this wonderful world of DIY projects and vintage and handmade goodness, now would be the time. Strike while the iron is hot and tackle those household projects with flair, because, as Apartment Therapy says, “Together we can get them all done.”

Find out more about Do It Now now! Do it!

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