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(Coloring) Book Review: U.S. Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book

Nov 16, 2007

by Sarah Feingold handmade and vintage goods

writes a regular Storque column in which she provides legal info for indie entrepreneurs. As Etsy’s in-house attorney, she also has the tough job of dealing with the intense and varied legal issues that come up for any young web commerce site. After hours, she feels like doing something a bit more soothing…coloring. And so she offers us this book review.

I am the proud member of many legal publication mailing lists.  This is one way I stay on top of the most current legal news, case law, and theories.  And most of the time I order a legal book and then hide in my office to read it.  But not this time!  Not this book!  When this book arrived I ran around the Etsy Labs to introduce everyone to the newest member of the SarahSays library.

The U.S Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book, by Jenny B. Davis is published by the American Bar Association Journal.  The 32-page coloring book features connect-the-dots, the matching game, and a maze.  The book also contains illustrations depicting significant Supreme Court Justices of the United States to color in — including all current sitting Justices.  And unlike any of my other legal books, this book comes with crayons.

This book is fun yet creative and educational.  The book claims to be suitable for all ages but I would assume that older children might better benefit from the content than younger children.  This coloring book would be a great way to start a dialog with kids about the United States’ legal system.


  • alexandersomma

    alexandersomma said 12 years ago

    That looks awesome. I love educational coloring books, though mine normally deal with dinosaurs or Da Vinci.

  • tangerined

    tangerined said 12 years ago

    coloring books are the best way to learn!

  • mmmfiber

    mmmfiber said 12 years ago

    Um - leave it to the ABA? Lol!

  • pookeh

    pookeh said 12 years ago

    omg, i <3 coloring books. screw little children, this book is mine.

  • yoboseiyo

    yoboseiyo said 12 years ago

    yay for coloring! definatly a fun way to relax, if nothing else.

  • sarahridgley

    sarahridgley said 12 years ago

    i wish there had been some coloring classes in law school, maybe I would have gotten more A's!!

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