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Editors’ Picks: Colorful Engagement Rings

Jan 24, 2014

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

Weddings are not only a celebration of love, they’re also a personal expression of a couple’s bond — is there any other occasion where you can profess your mutual affinity for Pulp Fiction, doughnut towers and the poetry of Wallace Stevens? So when it comes time to propose, there’s no need to stick to the traditional diamond solitaire. There’s a rainbow of possibility out there: dewy sapphires to shimmering emeralds, lush rubies to glimmering amethysts. Express yourself with an unconventional jewel as dynamic and colorful as your love.

A deep red ruby is simply set in warm rose gold.

A circle of diamonds accents a bright pink sapphire.

A shocking pink stone is complemented by a textural gold band.

Six black diamonds frame a faceted ruby.

A classic setting complements an oval citrine.

Adorned with diamonds, a canary-yellow sapphire takes center stage.

Because two emeralds are better than one.

Art Deco elegance inspired this one-of-a-kind ring.

A cluster of bezel-set diamonds and green sapphires is artful and unexpected.

Framed by textured silver, a faceted green amethyst offers a subtle sparkle.

Substantial yet minimal, this unconventional engagement ring showcases a prong-set prehnite.

An infinity knot is scattered with blue and yellow sapphires.

An iridescent labradorite is darkly romantic.

Bright, bold and brave – just like your love.

A sky-hued sapphire can be set in white, yellow or rose gold.

Plight your troth with an heirloom sapphire.

A vintage treasure just waiting for an October bride.

Swirling gold makes a fitting setting for a stunning Tahitian pearl.

Pink and yellow sapphires, emeralds and green garnets combine to create a truly dazzling bloom.

Rich gold, glittering diamonds and amethyst gleam and glitter in perfect harmony.

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3 Featured Comments

  • kattaime

    Elizabeth from AtolyeMetiista said 7 years ago Featured

    Beautiful! I'm partial to vintage and antique designs, myself, and really love colored stones! While diamonds are lovely, colored stones bring a whole new level of personality to jewelry.

  • BrightWallVintage

    Jenna and Erik from BrightWallVintage said 7 years ago Featured

    These are gorgeous! My engagement ring is raw aquamarine with vintage diamonds. It's one-of-a-kind and I always get questions about it! Colorful engagement rings are the coolest.

  • ShinyGoLucky

    ShinyGoLucky from ShinyGoLucky said 7 years ago Featured

    I am swooning over these unconventional beauties! Rings with colored stones are also great right-hand rings.


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