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Dress Your Door: The Modern Wreath

Nov 26, 2012

by jeremyworkman

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(Music written and courtesy of Audio Network US, Inc. and Karen Altman)

When most people think of wreaths, they picture some frilly, leafy thing to hang on your door during the holidays. But wreaths are so much more – an incredible medium for skill, style, and personality, and the people who make them are as talented and passionate as any craftspeople I’ve come across. They take tremendous pride in their creations.

Lisa Bennett of Textile Armory.

When word got out that I was working on a video about wreaths, my inbox flooded with beautiful wreath photos and self-portraits from all over the country; in total, over 50 different wreath-makers were involved. (One of our wreath-makers even contributed some of the wonderful music in the video.) After meeting a few of them, I discovered the type of folks I’ve always been drawn to: creative, passionate, unique, and even a bit eccentric! In other words, my kind of people (and the perfect subject for a short documentary).

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Jeremy Workman has been directing and editing movies for his entire life. He has edited over 100 movie trailers for films both big and small and his films have screened at over 60 film festivals in over 10 countries. His documentary MAGICAL UNIVERSE – nearly a decade in the making – will premiere in 2013. He’s thrilled to be a part of the incredibly talented community of short form documentarians on Etsy.

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