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It’s All in the Details: Etsy Wedding Trends for 2014

Need ideas for the big day? Check out the must-have cake toppers, guestbook alternatives and favor ideas that will make for an unforgettable event.

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Featured Shop: Hushed Commotion

“I’ve always had a special interest in evening wear and bridal.” – Thea

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2014’s Hottest Wedding Trends

Mary Andrews shares the Etsy Merchandising Team’s picks for must-have bridal gowns, headpieces, bridesmaids’ dresses and jewelry.

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Make a Fresh Flower Crown

With this simple technique, anyone can transform a bunch of blooms into a show-stopping spring accessory.

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Real Weddings: Brazilian Bliss

Any and Bernardo went home to Brazil to celebrate their marriage with family and friends.

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Why Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress?

Weigh the pros and cons of donning a vintage wedding gown and consider which decade suits you best.

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How to Plan the Modern Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an awesome excuse to celebrate one of your BFFs and the new chapter in her love life. Let’s get started!

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Featured Shop: W.B.THAMM

“Being a menswear designer in the New York fashion industry is like being a small fish in a big pond, but I’ve gained so much experience being here.”

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Make Bellini Petal Lollipops

Wedding flowers don’t have to be limited to bridal bouquets! Toast-worthy peach bellini lollipops showcase pretty petals.

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Featured Shop: Gibson Bespoke

“I always want my bride to look back on her day with nostalgia and warmth.” – Debbie Bailie-Collins

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Featured Shop: The Flower Bride

“My designs are very bohemian and feminine, with no puff!” – Kelsey

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Tying One on With Handmade By Emy

In this short video, a tie maker shares the tale of her unexpected path to entrepreneurship.

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Real Weddings: Desert Dream

Joel and Krysta’s romance began with an Etsy collaboration, which soon blossomed into a partnership and one-of-a-kind desert wedding.

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Featured Shop: Coralie Beatrix

“As a little girl, I aspired to live on an island and sell my creations.” – Katie LeBourgeois

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With This Ring

Engagement rings get all the glory. While they symbolize a promise, their less-flashy counterparts carry the truly weighty vows that make a marriage.

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Featured Shop: Woodstorming

“Every day we hear new, interesting stories about engagement and wedding plans.” – Audrius and Virginija

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Paint Your Own Cake Toppers

No wedding would be complete without a miniature couple adorning the cake. Learn how to make your own custom wooden toppers with Goose Grease.

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Editors’ Picks: Colorful Engagement Rings

Find a ring as vibrant and vivid as your love by exploring unconventional stones and settings.

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Real Weddings: Southern Sparkle

A wedding in Richmond, Virginia, showcases regional style with charm and heart.

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Creating a One-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

From stone to setting, get the inside scoop on custom rings.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Fondant

Intimidated by fondant? Overcome your fear with a beautiful, approachable petit fours project.