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How-Tuesday: Embellished Frames with Kayte Terry

YouTube | MP4 | | Subscribe in iTunes Do you know those various piles of artwork and photographs that you wish you had frames for? Or those various things you’ve collected that are tacked to your wall that kind of make your bedroom or living room wall look like a tattered scrapbook? Why not…

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Process: Tin Toys by Loran Scruggs

 MP4 | YouTube | Vimeo | | Subscribe in iTunes (Music by Eric Beug and Boolar. Animation by JuliaPott)  Up in the most northern and western part of the United States lies the artsy little town of Port Townsend, Washington. There, in a chilly workshop, artisan Loran Scruggs fashions whistles, airplanes, elephants, sculptures, and all sorts of…

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There’s No Place Like Here: Boudoir Queen

MP4 | YouTube | Vimeo | | Subscribe in iTunes (Music by Boolar, George McMurphy and his Orchestra, Etsy bumper by JuliaPott) There’s No Place Like Here…Welcome to our new video series, where creative types show us their unique spaces — infused with their aesthetic and filled with the treasures they collect. BoudoirQueen is a shop…

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Handmade Portraits: Sunny Rising Leather

YouTube | MP4 | | Subscribe in iTunes (music by Allison Sattinger) Allison Sattinger, aka Sunny Rising Leather, has had the nickname “Sunny” ever since she was a kid. When you watch this video, you’ll quickly know why: Allison just glows with warmth and goodness. She learned to tool leather in 2004, and her…

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Etsy & the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum nominated Etsy as one of their 2009 Technology Pioneers.  Etsy’s founder Rob Kalin will be traveling to Davos, Switzerland to represent our community and to voice Etsy’s mission at the January meeting. About the World Economic Forum: “The World Economic Forum is an independent, international organization incorporated as a Swiss not-for-profit…

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How-Tuesday: Porcelain Ornaments Holiday Decor with Virginia Griswold

YouTube | | MP4 | Subscribe in iTunes This week, Etsy How-Tuesday presents Virginia Griswold. Today we’re going to learn how to make ornaments out of teacups, or any kind of small porcelain object you can find or recycle. Hang them on your tree! Materials Needed: Teacup or porcelain objects Dremel tool Diamond tipped dremel bits…

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Handmade Portraits: Bruce Metcalf with Bonus Audio Podcast

MP4 | Youtube | | Subscribe in iTunes (music by Lineland, photos by John White Wilson) Bruce Metcalf has dedicated almost forty years of his life to the creation and historiography of American Studio Craft. He makes his exquisite  jewelry with the utmost care and precision. On average most of the pieces take two…

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Process: Ziptie Rings by Metalnat

The studio of Natalia Gomensoro, aka Metalnat, walks the line of serene organization and cluttered potential. Natalia grew up in Uruguay and comes to jewelry with a background in design and architecture. She got started making jewelry in 1994 and studied with Latin American jewelers before moving to Brooklyn. In this edition of Process, we…

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Process: Sustainable Wooden Jewelry by PrasseinDesignStudio

Process is a new Etsy video series that features the intimate relationship formed between Etsy sellers and the handmade items that they create and make available to the world through their online shops. Process is not to be confused with a How-To video, as each video is intended to show each seller’s unique artistic voice…

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Robin Tucker of Wood Mosaics on the Beauty of Wood

As a follow up to the Handmade Portraits: Wood Mosaics video, I wanted to post some of the footage I shot of Robin Tucker talking about the woods he uses in his woodwork. Robin mentioned in the interview that although some of the more exotic woods can be high priced, they add to the overall…

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Handmade Weddings: Diamond Setting

I love jewelry.  I love designing jewelry, making jewelry, wearing jewelry, and looking at jewelry.  And as a bride-to-be, I was so excited (and lucky) to have the opportunity to design a ring around the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen. I was initially drawn to “Cherish – precious topaz” by Al Krafcik aka…

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Love Saves the Day: A Valentine Video | YouTube | Subscribe in iTunes [Music by Johannes Brahms – Ungarischer Tanz 6 D-Dur, Performed by Fulda Symphonic Orchestra, Conductor: Simon Schindler. Licensed under Creative Commons.] On Vanessa’s desk is the cutest little amigurumi bunny by Sereneonion. He’s blue with a pursed little mouth and big, reflective eyes. Then this stuffed bear by…