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Tune Up Your Bicycle for Spring

With Susan Lindell from Brooklyn’s Recycle-A-Bicycle leading the way, your dusty, rusty bike will be ready to roll in no time.

157 handmade and vintage goods

Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail

For over thirty years, Jim Power has been transforming Manhattan’s East Village with mosaics, one lamppost at a time.

212 handmade and vintage goods

Shoes With Soul

An artisan shares his passion for handcrafted shoes with admiring customers all over the world.

111 handmade and vintage goods

Let Love Lead the Way

Wherever the day takes you — past rock ‘n’ rollers, friendly mimes, or rainbow boot wearing yetis — follow your heart.

61 handmade and vintage goods

Liberating Lingerie

Virginie Rouffignac designs undergarments for rule breakers and free spirits.

129 handmade and vintage goods

Are You a Twenty Four Hour Woman?

365 illustrations of a woman tackling everything from air conditioner installation to alligators are a compellingly quirky take on female empowerment.

72 handmade and vintage goods

How-Tuesday: Raspberry Jello Cosmo

At this year’s holiday party, serve up an undulating glass of fruity flavor.

110 handmade and vintage goods

Dress Your Door: The Modern Wreath

Today’s wreaths have moved far beyond the traditional twist of greenery thanks to a group of impassioned makers who’ve put their own stamp on the art.

112 handmade and vintage goods

Inside the Milliner’s Studio

Hat-maker Behida Dolić shares a glimpse of her creative process in this video lookbook.

112 handmade and vintage goods

Collecting English Transferware: One Woman’s Story

One woman’s passion for collecting created an unexpected opportunity when her family faced dire financial hardships.

174 handmade and vintage goods

Costumes, New Orleans Style

This costumer’s passion for her city is channeled through spandex, feathers, glitter, and over-the-top chapeaus.

31 handmade and vintage goods

FACARO: Recycled Bicycle Chandeliers

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga’s social and political consciousness are reflected in the salvaged bicycle chandeliers she creates.

85 handmade and vintage goods

The USB Typewriter

Inspired by fellow tech-savvy enthusiasts at hackerspace Hive76, inventor Jack Zylkin breathes new life into vintage typewriters.

102 handmade and vintage goods

Handmade Portraits: Ole Man’s Rub

For Joe Threat, barbecue is a family tradition; creating the ultimate rub is a lifelong quest.

39 handmade and vintage goods

Handmade Portraits: The Sandhills Boot Company

Former ranch hand Kyle Rosfeld found a new path making traditional cowboy boots.

79 handmade and vintage goods

Classic Wrecks: The Rusted Car as Art

John Findra’s love of classic cars is given creative expression through scale models, affectionately reproducing the rusty beauty of abandoned autos.

71 handmade and vintage goods

How-Tuesday: How to Stay Cool

Having trouble slogging through this steamy haze? There’s more than just air conditioning to help you beat the heat.

152 handmade and vintage goods

Handmade Portraits: Brooklyn Watches

David Sokosh found an unexpected vocation after his art gallery closed: watchmaker.

45 handmade and vintage goods

Fatherhood: A Great Adventure

Mike Sabatino and his sons are the forces behind Jerky Tracks, a gourmet jerky business born from their love of food, the great outdoors and hunting.

46 handmade and vintage goods

The Bone Carver

Sylvester Ayek continues to uphold the traditions of his Iñupiat elders: hunting, foraging, and the craft of carving walrus ivory and wood.

59 handmade and vintage goods

The 99 Feelings of ArtMind

How do you visualize the human experience — courage, happiness, hope? Ceramicist Mitsy Sleurs started with a Matryoshka doll and 99 emotions.