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Handmade Portraits: Bruce Metcalf with Bonus Audio Podcast

MP4 | Youtube | | Subscribe in iTunes (music by Lineland, photos by John White Wilson) Bruce Metcalf has dedicated almost forty years of his life to the creation and historiography of American Studio Craft. He makes his exquisite  jewelry with the utmost care and precision. On average most of the pieces take two…

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Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry is some of the most colorful, beautiful, striking and modern stuff around. This collection of resin jewelry is but the tip of the iceberg. Take a peek around ye olde jewelry category and see what you can find!   Jewelry Addicts Gift Guide | Browse the Jewelry Category Search for Items Tagged “Resin…

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Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst jewelry was one of my obsessions as a child. I pined for an amethyst ring to wear around my finger and thought it was the prettiest birthstone anyone could ask for. (Lucky February girls!) I was recently reminded of my past fascination by the abundance of this purple hue on Etsy. This collection of…

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Process: Ziptie Rings by Metalnat

The studio of Natalia Gomensoro, aka Metalnat, walks the line of serene organization and cluttered potential. Natalia grew up in Uruguay and comes to jewelry with a background in design and architecture. She got started making jewelry in 1994 and studied with Latin American jewelers before moving to Brooklyn. In this edition of Process, we…

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News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere: October 2, 2008

Inspiration is all around us, all the time. What one might see as a pile of broken glass on the street, another envisions as a magnificent mosaic for their living room wall. A door might just be a door to some, but to others it’s the beginning of an inspiration board all about the power…

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Trends: Gothic Lolita

The Gothic Lolita trend has crossed over from Japan’s Harajuku district to America’s city streets, with many varied styles and subgenres resulting as variations on the theme. According to a recent New York Times article on Gothic Lolita culture, “Theirs is a world in which the childhood fantasy of Alice in Wonderland seems to collide…

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Trends: Blue, Navy Blue

I’ve got kind of a “thing” for the color navy blue. Like the classic song by Diane Renay, I’ve been thinking a lot about the color, sailors, ships (more on that later this week!) and all things marine. This collection of navy blue clothing salutes the origin of the color’s name, as well as all…

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Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a classic jewelry material that works on just about anyone. It lends itself to innumerable styles and forms. This collection of jewelry is but a drop in the veritable ocean of sterling silver jewelry available on Etsy. Check out the many fashions that result from a simple lump of silver! Jewelry Gift…

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Cold Weather Coats

Cold weather making you hate your wardrobe? Why not find a new fashion statement on Etsy? Here’s a selection of unique coats and jackets that you won’t see anyone else sporting this fall! Not seeing what you’re looking for here? Try Alchemy for custom requests!   Browse the Autumn Gift Guide | Search for Items…

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Process: Sustainable Wooden Jewelry by PrasseinDesignStudio

Process is a new Etsy video series that features the intimate relationship formed between Etsy sellers and the handmade items that they create and make available to the world through their online shops. Process is not to be confused with a How-To video, as each video is intended to show each seller’s unique artistic voice…

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Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewelry has a certain organic appeal that connects the wearer to its natural origins. This collection of wooden jewelry is meant to cultivate and encourage that natural feeling. Get in touch with the woods today! Jewelry Category | Jewelry Gift Guide | Search for “Wood Jewelry”

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Simple Jewelry

Not every woman is into sequins, spangles and diamonds. In the search for jewelry, sometimes all that’s necessary is something elegant, modern and uncomplicated that will function as a subtle but beautiful basic. This collection of simple, modern metal jewelry should get you started!  Jewelry Gift Guide | Items Tagged “Simple Metal Jewelry” | Jewelry…

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Your Handmade Stories: Chocolate and Steel

The Etsy Video team at the Storque is always excited when sellers create their own videos, whether it be a portrait, promo or studio visit. Bre Pettis recently produced a wonderful series called Getting Started in Video to help newbies take the leap. Last week Christine Street of chocolateandsteel sent me this excellent promotional video…

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Halloween Treats: Goth Costume Ideas for Everyday

It’s just barely September, but I wake in the middle of the night, having sleep-walked to my closet, daintily fondling my black lace gloves by the light of a drippy candle. How did this kohl find its way round my eyes? From whence are these faux cobwebs in my hair? All I can do is…

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Featured Seller: Fleathers

“These days my productive pastimes are cutting up leather, and making small animals out of wax.”

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Trends: Last Gasps of Summer, Sea Glass

Sea glass is such an inspiring material. Beach combers clean up debris and make shards into something new. Jewelry can be vibrant or mellow, soft or angular, depending on the piece of beach glass — and all these jewel-like nubbins conjure the sounds of the waves and the feeling of sand (hopefully not sharp glass)…

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Trends: Diana, Goddess of the Forest

The Roman trend has been all over New York this summer. Mix it with some natural, rustic pieces and transform yourself into the goddess of the woods and the hunt. It’s the perfect way to wind down the summer, and you can even take it with you into fall if you add some light and…

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Featured Seller: locallibrary

“I also owe many, many thank you’s to our wonderful UPS man who carried my solid oak jewelry bench up to our 4th floor walk-up. He is a good man.”

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Handmade Weddings: Diamond Setting

I love jewelry.  I love designing jewelry, making jewelry, wearing jewelry, and looking at jewelry.  And as a bride-to-be, I was so excited (and lucky) to have the opportunity to design a ring around the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen. I was initially drawn to “Cherish – precious topaz” by Al Krafcik aka…

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Featured Seller: BibBon

“Yeah I sometimes cry when I watch the travel channel because WOW this world is just so darn beautiful.”

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Featured Seller: bykali

“I enjoy a good (good meaning my shirt doesn’t get snagged) crawl through the hole in our fence to the golf course…”