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VOTE! April Fools’ Day Fun

Everyone enjoys a prank every now and again, so make sure that you’re in on it this April Fools’ Day! We’ve collected our favorite gag gifts and novelty items (with your nominations included as well!), and we want to know which one will be crowned as the best. VOTE HERE! We collected these 60 items…

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Vote! Which Item Makes Spring Arrive a Little Sooner?

Shoppers throughout the North are dying for spring to come a little early this year. Which of these items inspires your spring state of mind?  VOTE HERE! We collected these 60 items and asked sellers to suggest their picks too. Now it’s your turn to vote! The top choices will be featured in the Gift…

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Spring Fashion Has Sprung!

Your favorite spring fashion item has sprouted up above the rest. We asked for your vote and we have a winner…lillyella with her Secret Life of Bees Earrings!  See all the entries here and congrats to all the sellers whose fine items really got us in the mood to strut our stuff. Vote in this…

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Vote! Spring for Spring Fashions

Which lovely spring fashions would you like to strut around in?  Vote on this mix of clothing, jewelry and accessories that we chose, along with some great suggestions from Etsians. The top favorites will be featured in the Gift Guides and here on the Etsy blog, so show your favorite sellers some love and get…

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Mickey Rourke Treasures His Handmade, Custom Pet Portrait Necklace

Congrats to wickedworld whose pendant was worn (ahem, flaunted) at the Oscars by pet-lover Mickey Rourke. The cute face of Loki, Mickey’s beloved Chihuahua, stood out from Mickey’s flashy white suit and be-sunglassed look. The actor was nominated for this year’s Best Actor for his role in The Wrestler. Sadly, Loki passed away only days…

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The Cutest Item of Them All

Cuteness reigns supreme! We did a fun Season of Love poll with 60 cuter-than-thou items and today we’ve got a winner. Congratulations to dolittledesign whose lovey-dovey, teeny-weeny penguin chick pin made people swoon with its cuteness! Needlefelting + tiny + penguins = love. Check out the 21 items below for more of the top favorites,…

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Vote! How Do You Party?

Which items would turn you into a party animal? We want to know which of these items featured in our new poll makes you want to don a crazy, carnivalesque outfit and get up and dance! VOTE HERE! What are your Mardi Gras plans? Post in the comments below! More Voting posts | Gift Guides…

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Voter Favorites: The Loveliest Ladies’ Item!

Who is the loveliest of them all? The winner is kateszabone’s white sapphire 14K gold ring (or rings…they’re stackable!). Congratulations to kateszabone, a Canadian WAHM (work-at-home-mom) who quit her real estate day job and is Etsying full-time! Her jewelry is stunning, simple, and handmade with love. Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous engagement ring, people?  You…

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There’s No Place Like Here: Boudoir Queen

MP4 | YouTube | Vimeo | | Subscribe in iTunes (Music by Boolar, George McMurphy and his Orchestra, Etsy bumper by JuliaPott) There’s No Place Like Here…Welcome to our new video series, where creative types show us their unique spaces — infused with their aesthetic and filled with the treasures they collect. BoudoirQueen is a shop…

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One of Etsy’s Most Hearted: Luxedeluxe

For Valentine’s Day, we at Etsy’s blog thought we’d seek out the Etsy members who are the most beloved (or rather, be-hearted). We tracked six of out of the top 100 most-hearted members and sought them out for interviews. They were totally surprised and pleased to find out! The first in this series is Luxedeluxe….

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Gift Guides: Welcoming in The Season of Love

Tis the Season of Love, and how better to express your affections than with a lovingly handmade gift!  If you’re looking for a little inspiration, have a look through our new selection of love themed Gift Guides to get a head start finding that perfect something — whether you have romantic intentions or just want…

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Trends: Victorian Inspired

Ladylike accoutrement of a more civilized time have made their way to Etsy. With a mixture of antique lace, corseted silhouettes and mother of pearl buttons, the Victorian era has resurrected itself anew as a virtual font of inspiration. This collection of delicate accessories and clothing brings to mind grand balls, Gone With the Wind,…

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Holiday 2008: Our Favorite Sparkly Jewelry

Whether it’s a holiday gift or a glittery addition to a New Year’s Eve ensemble, jewelry lifts up the spirit and adds a little wearable art to our lives. This round of voting was really, really difficult. Etsy blog editors picked a pool of 60 jewelry pieces varying in style but all with a sparkle,…

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Handmade Portraits: Sunny Rising Leather

YouTube | MP4 | | Subscribe in iTunes (music by Allison Sattinger) Allison Sattinger, aka Sunny Rising Leather, has had the nickname “Sunny” ever since she was a kid. When you watch this video, you’ll quickly know why: Allison just glows with warmth and goodness. She learned to tool leather in 2004, and her…

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Trends: Fiber Jewelry

Jewelry comes in many forms. You may be familiar with the traditional compositions of silver and gold, but there’s a new trend on the scene that’s shaking up what you once thought about adornment: fiber jewelry. Whether it’s crochet, woven, embroidered or felted, jewelry made from alternative materials is on the rise, and it’s quite…

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Shop Live: BurdaStyle’s Picks

Alden from BurdaStyle popped by the Virtual Labs last night and shared her top fashion finds!   We had fun picking out Holiday outfits and getting some fashion tips from the community!   Did you miss it?  If so check out some of her picks for the fashionista below! If you were there, let us know what…

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Stylehog’s Red Carpet Jewelry Trends from Etsy Sellers!

Here at, we have been hunting all season for the ultimate statement necklace, one of this winter’s biggest fashion trends.  When we checked out Etsy’s pages, we were ecstatic to find not one, but a bevy of sellers who have mastered the statement necklace trend that was spotted on the runways of some of…

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Trends: Grey

Earl Grey. Grey Gardens. Gray’s Anatomy. Besides these many varied instances, grey (or gray, depending how you spell it) is quite the trend as of late. From clothing to accessories, grey captivates the imaginations of fashionistas the world over. Maybe it’s because it’s a midway point between black and white, or maybe just because of…

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Trends: Stacking Rings

When it comes to rings, why wear one when you can wear a few? Stacking rings can be worn individually for a demure, delicate look, or stacked together for a cumulative statement. Dress up your fingers and try out the many variations on the same theme! Jewelry Addicts Gift Guide | Trends | Jewelry Category…

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Recessionistas: Trends on a Budget

Times are tough these days. The recession is approaching full swing, and those of us that enjoy looking fashionable are left to look at the moths drifting out of our pocketbooks while contemplating the implications of each potential purchase. There’s a name for us fashion lovers in a pinch: the recessionista. When the money’s short,…

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These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Boots make fashion more fun. While heels may make certain outfits infinitely better (who doesn’t love a nice boost in the back?), boots definitely make more of a statement about what your style claims to be. Whether it’s thigh high, cowboy, riding, ankle, oxford, leather or suede, let your boots do the talking this fall….