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The Modern Cave Dweller

Far from stereotypes of wooden clubs and one-shouldered tunics, today’s cave dweller can live in style and sophistication.

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If It Ain’t Got That Swing

The fringe that flutters from Wanda Jackson’s rockabilly hips is just one chapter in this fashion trend’s 20,000-year-old history.

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Noted: A New Era of Pearls

For one innovator, providing affordable pearls to first-time buyers is a positive feat, even if the bulbous gems are made by guys in white lab coats.

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Streetsy: The Hands Behind the Brands

In a twist on the street fashion genre, Etsy asks New Yorkers who made their clothing — and more importantly, if they care.

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Featured Seller: ISWAS + WILLBE

“We have the attitudes of pioneers; we’re always seeking out the great unknown, excited to make a discovery few others have made.” – Telle Lefler

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Storyboard: Hit the Open Road

Low-hanging stars shine for travelers. Grab your leather jacket and strap on your helmet, because this road trip starts now.

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Featured Seller: Colleen Jordan

“All of my time was consumed by making things, and I thought it was completely normal to have this desire to create.”

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Featured Seller: Jean Jean Vintage

“When I see a beautiful locket, I imagine the girl it belonged to. What was she like? Who was her best friend? I’m hopelessly nostalgic.”

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Students From Stone to Store at Ringling College of Art and Design

Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole group of people dedicated to conceiving, designing, and marketing your work? This is exactly what happened for lucky Michael Decker, a.k.a. mikedecker. Rakefet Bachur, a marketing professor at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, decided to bring Etsy into the classroom this past semester….

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Process: Beach Glass Jewelry with Wildpen

  Friend Etsy on Youtube & | Subscribe to Etsy’s iTunes Podcast | MP4 Verson Like all our videos, feel free to re-post and embed the video on your blog! (Music by Eric Beug, animation by JuliaPott) I have met a few cockatoos in my day, but on this day, in early June, I…

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Un Portrait de l’artiste matilou

Happy Bastille Day to our French friends! Today we travel to France to visit the studio of illustrator Anne Cresci, a.k.a. matilou. She gave French journalist Fabrice Guilloud and her husband Laurence, who made this video, a tour of her Lyon workshop. Illustrating children’s books was just her start — after she discovered Etsy, she…

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Trends: Charmed, I’m Sure

I have a jewelry fetish and nervous hands. Thus I’ve found that my all time favorite bracelets have something in common: they are fun to play with — moving parts, nice jingle-jangle, little fascinating pieces. It’s jewelry that keeps you from nail biting or smoking, to boot. Happily, this also coincides with the current trend…

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Guest Curator: Right-Hand Rings With The Frisky’s Amelia Parry

Amelia McDonell-Parry is the editor of The Frisky, a blog for tha ladies. In particular, she writes all about her love for Ryan Gosling, feminism, “The Bachelorette,” cardigan sweaters, and her experiences with dating. She has a lovely dog named Lucca and is planning a much needed vacation to the Amalfi Coast, where she hopes…

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Mother’s Jewels, by Popular Vote

Congratulations to torque, who works with Jody McGill aka 1ofmykind — her locket piece has won last week’s round of voting! The popular vote has nailed this one: mothers around the world would just melt if they received this piece as a Mother’s Day gift. Don’t you think? You could put a cute little picture…

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VOTE! April Fools’ Day Fun

Everyone enjoys a prank every now and again, so make sure that you’re in on it this April Fools’ Day! We’ve collected our favorite gag gifts and novelty items (with your nominations included as well!), and we want to know which one will be crowned as the best. VOTE HERE! We collected these 60 items…

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Vote! Which Item Makes Spring Arrive a Little Sooner?

Shoppers throughout the North are dying for spring to come a little early this year. Which of these items inspires your spring state of mind?  VOTE HERE! We collected these 60 items and asked sellers to suggest their picks too. Now it’s your turn to vote! The top choices will be featured in the Gift…

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Spring Fashion Has Sprung!

Your favorite spring fashion item has sprouted up above the rest. We asked for your vote and we have a winner…lillyella with her Secret Life of Bees Earrings!  See all the entries here and congrats to all the sellers whose fine items really got us in the mood to strut our stuff. Vote in this…

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Vote! Spring for Spring Fashions

Which lovely spring fashions would you like to strut around in?  Vote on this mix of clothing, jewelry and accessories that we chose, along with some great suggestions from Etsians. The top favorites will be featured in the Gift Guides and here on the Etsy blog, so show your favorite sellers some love and get…

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Mickey Rourke Treasures His Handmade, Custom Pet Portrait Necklace

Congrats to wickedworld whose pendant was worn (ahem, flaunted) at the Oscars by pet-lover Mickey Rourke. The cute face of Loki, Mickey’s beloved Chihuahua, stood out from Mickey’s flashy white suit and be-sunglassed look. The actor was nominated for this year’s Best Actor for his role in The Wrestler. Sadly, Loki passed away only days…

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The Cutest Item of Them All

Cuteness reigns supreme! We did a fun Season of Love poll with 60 cuter-than-thou items and today we’ve got a winner. Congratulations to dolittledesign whose lovey-dovey, teeny-weeny penguin chick pin made people swoon with its cuteness! Needlefelting + tiny + penguins = love. Check out the 21 items below for more of the top favorites,…

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Vote! How Do You Party?

Which items would turn you into a party animal? We want to know which of these items featured in our new poll makes you want to don a crazy, carnivalesque outfit and get up and dance! VOTE HERE! What are your Mardi Gras plans? Post in the comments below! More Voting posts | Gift Guides…