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Quit Your Day Job: Miss Violet Lace

“Modeling each wig as if I am a different character isn’t something I planned — it developed on its own.” — Krista Komis handmade and vintage goods

10 Holiday Marketing Tips for Etsy Sellers

With several holiday sales seasons under their belts, full-time Etsy sellers share their wisdom for thriving during the busiest time of the year. handmade and vintage goods

How to Take First Steps Toward Hiring Employees

A longtime Etsy seller shares her advice for identifying your strengths and weaknesses, with the ultimate goal of building a balanced lifestyle. handmade and vintage goods

Holiday Merchandising Guide: Winter Trends and Tips

Market your shop to holiday buyers and boost winter sales with this comprehensive guide to the top trends of 2013. handmade and vintage goods

How Etsy’s New Guidelines Can Help Your Business

With the goal of fueling creativity and supporting sustainability, here are four ways sellers can benefit from our updated marketplace guidelines. handmade and vintage goods

How to Merchandise Your Shop for the Holidays

Once you know your target market, you’ll be ready to prepare your photography and marketing for the festive sales season. handmade and vintage goods

3 Questions for Telling Your Creative Origin Story

Ready to get candid about your beginnings as an Etsy seller? Here are tangible prompts to help you share your unique journey with customers. handmade and vintage goods

Getting to the Heart of Handmade Business

Four Etsy sellers share what they love about making their items and how they’re flexing their creative muscles every step of the way. handmade and vintage goods

Getting Help From Your Community When You Need It

Could you use an extra set of hands? Whether you need help for the holidays or year ‘round, this advice will make the experience mutually beneficial. handmade and vintage goods

Quit Your Day Job: Yokoo

“It’s far too hard to say everything, so just say something.” —Yokoo handmade and vintage goods

Register for Holiday Boot Camp 2013

Sign up now to get top tips and steps for holiday success delivered weekly to your email inbox. handmade and vintage goods

How to Strike a Successful Licensing Deal

An artist whose work is seen around the world shares wisdom about researching and planning your way to a feel-good brand relationship. handmade and vintage goods

Top 5 Ways to Attract Etsy’s Growing Mobile Buyers

With 40% of Etsy’s traffic coming from mobile devices, these tips will help you boost your sales and make the most of your tech-savvy shoppers. handmade and vintage goods

Quit Your Day Job: karoArt

“I was as surprised with this turn in my career as anybody else.”—Karolina Grudniewska handmade and vintage goods

5 Telltale Signals You’re Ready to Quit Your Day Job

Are you gunning to become your own boss? Before you take the plunge, hit up this checklist to ensure a fearless (not reckless) approach.