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Quit Your Day Job: Timber Green Woods

Find out how this shop, which sources its wood from a sustainable forest, has branched out to reach hundreds of wholesale clients. handmade and vintage goods

5 Ways to Make Tax Time More Serene

Find out how one Etsy seller went from tax mess to no stress in five steps. (Hint: Don’t wait until it’s too late!) handmade and vintage goods

Making the Most of Your Online Tribe

When you’re running a web-based business, building a support network can be tricky. Here are six tips for mastering the process. handmade and vintage goods

5 Branding Opportunities to Boost Your Sales

Customers interact with your brand in a variety of ways. Find out how to make the most of these touchpoints throughout the buying process. handmade and vintage goods

3 Ways to Refresh Your Product Line

Expanding your product line can attract new buyers and keep current customers coming back. Here are three smart strategies for doing just that. handmade and vintage goods

How to Make Hiring Less Taxing

Ready to take on your first employee? First, think about what type of help you need and the tax implications of your decision. handmade and vintage goods

Quit Your Day Job: Dark Cycle Clothing

Find out how one husband and wife team juggle a successful screenprinting business and a family, without losing their punk rock spirit. handmade and vintage goods

Tell Us Your Story

We want you! Introducing a new way for Etsy shop owners to pitch ideas to the Seller Handbook blog. Plus: More tips for telling your story. handmade and vintage goods

How to Craft a Killer About Page

Telling the story behind your business can create a connection with customers – and boost your visibility. Learn how Etsy sellers are doing just that. handmade and vintage goods

Develop a Winning Product in 5 Steps

Ready to expand your shop’s offerings? Learn the ropes of designing a new product with these five steps. handmade and vintage goods

Seller Success: Taking Shop Tools to the Next Level

Miss Tuesday’s Town Hall? Find the highlights here, with exciting updates on phone support, intellectual property rights and streamlined shop tools. handmade and vintage goods

5 Simple Ways to Ace Bookkeeping

Dread the thought of bookkeeping? Check out five tips for making the process painless. Really. handmade and vintage goods

How to Balance Your Etsy Shop With Your Day Job

Many Etsy sellers also hold down full-time day jobs — on top of being parents. Check out five time management tricks to try from a veteran supermom. handmade and vintage goods

Quit Your Day Job: Lila Ruby King

“I like that my pieces go out in the world and have a life of their own. They get filled with soup, hung off ears, lost in handbags.” — Anna Fatovich handmade and vintage goods

Talking Taxes: 1099-K Forms for US Sellers

If you’ve made over $20,000 in online sales and completed 200 orders, read on for the latest scoop on the US 1099-K tax form.