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My 100th Etsy Purchase

Karen Brown looks back at her favorite Etsy purchases as she approaches a milestone.

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Becoming Brothers

When you are three, making the switch from only child to big brother can be a bumpy road for the whole family.

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Radical Makers: The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

A new exhibit at the Tate Galleries shows a connection in both aesthetics and sensibility between the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and modern makers.

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History Lesson: Stirrup Cups

These hunting-themed drinking vessels experienced a popularity boom in the 18th and 19th centuries, but their heritage goes back to Roman times.

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Company Culture: Gathering Around the Table at Eatsy

At Etsy HQ, locally-sourced company lunches aim to take the same handmade, know-your-maker approach to food that it cultivates within the community. handmade and vintage goods

Get the Look Decor: The Artists’ Library

This book-filled haven on Toronto’s waterfront is home to a pair of globe-trotting art lovers.

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Real Weddings: In the Pines

Heather and Zack pledged their love in the Catskills, surrounded by gorgeous woodlands, heartfelt decor, and family and friends. handmade and vintage goods

Kitchen Histories: The Iconic Thanksgiving Turkey

As you feast with family, Sarah Lohman talks turkey, taking a look at the evolution of an American classic.

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The Illuminating Art of Tinsel Painting

Within the gas lamp-lit homes of the 19th century, a mysterious artform shimmers with clues about the history of women and domesticity.

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Reporting From Maker Faire Africa

Makeshift Magazine founder Steve Daniels gives a firsthand account of the unique maker spirit and ingenuity found in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Handmade Shoes: The True Value of Comfort and Quality

Handmade shoes seem like the ultimate luxury — but in the long run, they may cost no more than a mass-produced pair.

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Kat Von D’s Handmade Home

Tattoo artist, musician, and television personality Kat Von D shows off her love for handmade in this fun home tour.

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Real Weddings: A Joyful Jubilee

Surrounded by games, music and special DIYs, Lauren and Paul tied the knot UK-style. handmade and vintage goods

Melbourne’s Last Great Studio Building

The legendary Nicholas Building has sheltered a wide variety of Australian creatives, but rising rents threaten to upend this special community.

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The Unexpected Renaissance of Hand-Painted Signs

A specialized craft left for dead by the march of industrial printing is getting fresh life thanks to a new generation of fans and aspirants.

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Kitchen Histories: Cranberry Sauce Serving Set

This faddish object combined old school elegance and modern day convenience to showcase the side dish everyone overlooks: cranberry sauce.

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Real Weddings: A Geometric Rainbow!

With colorful geometric shapes and a little DIY magic, Lindsey and Brian said “I do.” handmade and vintage goods

History Lesson: Stanhope Viewers

There’s more than meets the eye to these appealing trinkets — they double as viewers for microscopic photographs showing famous scenes and sights.

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A Slice of History: Hartford Election Cake

Back in the day, voters were rewarded for casting their ballot with a boozy, fruit-filled slice of cake. With this recipe, you can make your own.

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A Visit to Philip Johnson’s Glass House

Buried in the Connecticut woods, the 49-acre legacy of Philip Johnson is a tribute to the public discourse of art and design.

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Real Weddings: Back to the Land

Two young farmers tied the knot on a piece of land symbolizing their future dreams, surrounded by the love and handcrafts of a close-knit community.