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Teddy Gray’s Sweet Factory

A small British factory keeps candy-making a family affair, using traditional methods passed down through the generations. handmade and vintage goods

History Lesson: French Beaded Flowers

Stunning blooms crafted from glass beads and wire were popular in eras when fresh flowers were a scarce and seasonal luxury. handmade and vintage goods

Macramé on the Runway

A macramé artist goes from selling his wares at handmade markets to debuting his designs on the Paris catwalk — and decides he prefers the market. handmade and vintage goods

News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere: 4/19/13

After a long hiatus, we’re back with your weekly round-up of Internet awesomeness. Alcoholic Dippin’ Dots, anyone? handmade and vintage goods

Pack It Up

The sales are rolling in, so what’s next? Pack it perfect with handy tricks and tips from your fellow sellers. handmade and vintage goods

Daily Acts: How to Move the World Every Day

A new nonprofit counts and maps the cumulative community-boosting activities of its members, building momentum for meaningful change.

Message in a Bottle

This short film by Smith Journal profiles Ray Gascoigne, maker of magical ships in bottles. handmade and vintage goods

Kitchen Histories: The Velveeta Grilled Cheese

This fascinating slice of history may have you giving processed cheese a second chance at the dinner table. handmade and vintage goods

Out of the Blue: The Story of Indigo

Modern-day textile artists prize a centuries-old dye for its vibrant color and environmentally-friendly nature. handmade and vintage goods

Making It Custom

A growing number of Etsy sellers are dedicating their businesses to making anything (and everything) their customers can dream up.

Incredible Edible Todmorden

A small English town has embarked on an ambitious plan to achieve “food independence” — growing and raising everything it needs as a community. handmade and vintage goods

A Visit to The School of Life

An experimental school with a focus on philosophy opens an outpost in Melbourne, Australia. handmade and vintage goods

Saving the Date, Setting the Tone

Give guests a glimpse of your wedding style from the get-go with a save-the-date that’s uniquely you.

The 91-Year-Old Cobbler

Frank Catalfumo has been repairing his Brooklyn neighbors’ shoes for over seventy years. handmade and vintage goods

Art Scouting: Cloud Studies

The ethereal, fleeting beauty of a cloud-filled sky has captivated artists through the ages.