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The Midair Muralists Who Paint New York

The team behind the hand-painted mural for Etsy’s Holiday Shop discusses the roots and perils of their gravity-defying craft.

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The Resurgence of Zines

Handmade and self-published, miniature magazines are an addictive and artful encapsulation of a dizzying array of obsessions and interests.

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Kinska’s Ceramic Drops

This charming short film shows how a ceramic artist makes her whimsical creations.

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The Teapot Effect: Why Teapots Drip

What sparks the curiosity of a man who has attended lectures with Einstein and partied at Heisenberg’s house? Teapots.

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Singer Featherweights: Still Stitching After All These Years

These eleven-pound wonders produced by Singer from 1933 to 1964 are still the tool of choice for collectors and serious sewists alike.

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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

The turning of the year is a perfect point to take stock and reflect on changes to make for your family.

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Beatrix Potter’s Extraordinary Career

Beyond the adorable mice and fuzzy bunnies, Beatrix Potter was a trailblazer who forged her own path as an artist and businesswoman.

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Get the Look Decor: Simple Pleasures

A sunny apartment in Portugal is a welcome retreat for Caterina, Pedro, and their baby daughter.

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Wood With Personality: Tommy’s Hut

For Australian maker Brandi Johnson, her amazing band-sawn boxes share the story of remarkable pieces of timber she has known and loved.

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Holiday Greeting Cards Through the Decades

With every passing decade, this annual tradition reflects historical milestones and cultural trends in art and society.

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Richard Saja, Embroidery Artist

An interview with an unconventional embroidery artist who combines whimsy, tradition and darkness in his striking work.

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Drawing With Scissors

The traditional art of papercutting has timeless power to delight and amaze.

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For the Record

Turntables and albums were supposedly doomed by the advent of the MP3, but a new generation of collectors is reveling in the rich sound of vinyl.

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Making A Difference With Reclaim Detroit

By salvaging materials from deconstructed homes, this organization is creating a whole new economy while renewing city-wide spirit.

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Kitchen Histories: The Tom and Jerry

Rich and warming, this historic winter cocktail is a welcome way to cheer winter’s darkest days.

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Real Weddings: The Romantics

With help from the creative Toronto community, Anabela and Geoff celebrated the thunder in their hearts. handmade and vintage goods

Ruby Star Wrapping: Creating Packaging to Reuse

Authors Melody Miller and Allison Tannery share ideas for making sure giftwrapping lives a life beyond the holidays.

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An Interview With Simon Doonan

Barneys’ Creative Ambassador-at-Large shares his take on craft, fashion, and presenting your own vision of yourself to the world.

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Get the Look Decor: Radical Simplicity

A Merry Mishap’s Jennifer Hagler embraces the minimal in the home she has created for her young family.

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Real Weddings: A Day in the Sun

Leigh Ann and Armando’s Southwest inspired wedding included cowboy boots, cactus, and a lot of sunshine. handmade and vintage goods

A New Breed of Embroidery Art

The unique approach of London-based artist Karen Nicol will change what you thought was possible with a needle and thread.