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The Pixel Painter

97-year-old Hal Lasko uses Microsoft Paint to create dazzling works of pointilist art.

193 handmade and vintage goods

An Interview With Frances Moore Lappé

Her “Diet for a Small Planet” changed the conversation about food forever. In “EcoMind,” she tells us how changing our outlook can change the world.

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Glassblowing in Technicolor

This short documentary from 1958 reveals the glittering facets of a fascinating craft.

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The Art of Flower Arranging

With a few inspired women at the forefront, floral design is seeing a new surge of creativity and popularity.

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Behind the Scenes at Spoonflower

Get a glimpse into this digital age textile company based in North Carolina cotton country.

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Suiting Up: Swimwear for Your Shape and Style

Karen Donaldson and Vanessa Warrack, the creative talent behind cult swim label Minnow Bathers, share their tips for finding the perfect swimsuit.

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The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

In a Paraguyan slum built on a landfill, a community has come together around a handmade orchestra — made from trash.

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Bringing Home a Pair of Mouse Ears

For Lisa Butterworth, Disneyland collectibles offer a tangible link to childhood memories of family trips to the most magical place on earth.

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Plus Size and Proud

A new generation of body-positive fashionistas are celebrating their curves and the custom offerings of Etsy’s forward-thinking fashion designers.

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Ten Stones With a Tale to Tell

The striking characteristics of stones like shimmering labradorite and multicolored tourmaline inspired stories and superstitions through the ages.

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Homeward Bound: Community Reactions

Our response to Emily Matchar’s book on DIY culture generated a robust and thought-provoking discussion among Etsy members. Read on for highlights.

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Kitchen Histories: Fancy Ice Creams

Parmesan-flavored, chicken-shaped ice cream? No, really – it was a thing. Read on for a savory history of frozen treats.

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The Best of Gemstones

It’s Gemstone June! Prepare to revel in shimmery gems, advice on ethical diamonds, interviews with jewelers, and lots and lots of sparkle.

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Ladypoints: Celebrating Women’s Creative Working Lives

A brand-new web series, created by four female film school grads and funded by Kickstarter, looks to share a fresh slice of the female experience.

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Life Lessons From Dad

We asked, and you answered! Read on for the advice Etsy members remember best from their dads.

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An Ode to the Doughnut

Celebrate National Doughnut Day with a world of sweet wonders, all here on Etsy.

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In the Woodshop with Hayden

We teamed up with Arts & Crafts record label in a collaborative experiment featuring Hayden and Etsy seller, SonofaWoodcutter.

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Making Memories Last: The Art of Sentimental Upcycling

What do you do with sentimental items you can no longer use? For some Etsy sellers, giving those treasures new life is a special calling.

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Letter From the Editor: June 2013

Get excited about all things glittery and gorgeous: this month we’re delving into the sparkling world of jewels and gemstones.

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This One Is for All the Marbles

Knuckle down and read on for the colorful, twisty history of this beloved classic.

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The New Domesticity: Homespun Rebellion or Retreat?

Etsy’s Communications Director responds to Emily Matchar’s “Homeward Bound,” a critique of craft entrepreneurship and the meaning of the DIY movement.