Gift Ideas handmade and vintage goods

Gifts for Friends With Good Taste

Turntable Kitchen knows that pairing your mahi mahi with the right psychedelic funk is just as important as that bottle of chilled riesling.

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Perfect Presents for Modern Kiddos

Let your child’s imagination take flight with gifts for little chefs, crafters and superheroes.

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New Home Decor Trends With Kelly + Olive

A gift guide of geometric candlesticks and feather wreaths will delight not just your friends and family, but their needy abodes as well.

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Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Gang

Erin of Design for Mankind picks out some of her favorite treats and trinkets for everyone on your list.

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Gifts Under $50

Shopping thoughtfully for friends and family means more bang for your buck.

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Gifts for Your Best Friends

The best gift is a combination of something useful and beautiful. Joslyn Taylor of Simple Lovely has created a gift guide for those near and dear.

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You’re Never Too Old for a Stocking

Embrace the youthful glee of Christmas morning with blogger Mallory McInnis’s stocking-sized gift list.

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Gifts for Aliens and Other Astral Creatures

A gift guide for those who will someday seek meaning in our dust.

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Gifts for Book Lovers

You don’t have to be an English major to enjoy a few good words this holiday season.

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How-Tuesday: Wrist Factor

Take the risk factor out of gift making this year and knit up something everyone can use: a pair of cozy wrist warmers for those keyboard tappers!

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What a Guy Wants

From the wannabe explorers to the man cave dwellers, channel the deepest desires of the men on your holiday shopping list with this trio of dudes.

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Guest Curator: The Long Thread

Ellen Luckett Baker lives with her husband and two daughters in Atlanta. A self-taught sewer, Ellen found creative inspiration and began to sew when her older daughter was born seven years ago. She is the author of The Long Thread, where she can be found sewing, crafting, and making things with her children. Her sewing…

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Paint it Black: Shop Etsy for Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sales

Etsy gives you the handmade and vintage choices that beat any big box store this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (And you don’t have to wait in line at the mall!) Consider this your virtual flyer, outlining where to go to find the artists and crafters who can help you get a head start with…

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Gift Guides: Welcoming in The Season of Love

Tis the Season of Love, and how better to express your affections than with a lovingly handmade gift!  If you’re looking for a little inspiration, have a look through our new selection of love themed Gift Guides to get a head start finding that perfect something — whether you have romantic intentions or just want…

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Trends: Fiber Jewelry

Jewelry comes in many forms. You may be familiar with the traditional compositions of silver and gold, but there’s a new trend on the scene that’s shaking up what you once thought about adornment: fiber jewelry. Whether it’s crochet, woven, embroidered or felted, jewelry made from alternative materials is on the rise, and it’s quite…

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Holiday Shopping Lists: Channukah aka Hanukkah

Ready to spin the handmade dreidel and light up the menorah? A handmade twist to your holiday maybe just the thing — perhaps your family will get a kick out of this menorah made of ceramic shoes!?  Etsy sellers are ready to help you prepare for your holiday traditions with Judaica items, finely crafted —…

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Holiday Shopping Lists: Seasonal Decor

Tis the season to add a bit of festive decor to your home. Whether you’re hosting or need a gift for a friend, these items are sure to ring in the holiday spirit! Check out stockings, wreaths, garlands, even handmade tree skirts in the Holidays Category on Etsy. Holiday Parties and Decorating Gift Guide |…

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Storque Readers Recommend…

Some handsome handmade items — great gifts for Father’s Day!  Woodworking items, leather goods, belts, men’s bath & body soaps. These were all suggested to the Storque in our Virtual Labs office hours by our readers.  Thank you muchly! Father’s Day Showcase | Gift Guide for Him | Father’s Day Gift Guide | A Dude’s…

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Weekend BBQs & Summer Roadtrips

Men. Master of their domains — be it the backyard barbeque or the roadtrip frontier. Classic BBQ and travel items are great Father’s Day gifts, or otherwise everyday items men. Father’s Day Showcase | Gift Guide for Him | Father’s Day Gift Guide | A Dude’s Perspective

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Mother’s Day: Special Notes for Special Ladies!

Dear Etsy Shoppers, When I was a kid, my mother preferred an endearing, crayon-scrawled handmade Mother’s Day card from her darling daughter. But now that I’m older, it isn’t quite as cute to send one of my (still crayon-scrawled) drawings to mum.  Below you’ll find some nice handmade cards, fit for the picking, by talented…

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Gifts for Mum

We all love our dear moms. They gave us life, they’re comforting and cuddly, they pick you up when you’re stranded in the rain, make hot cocoa when you’re cold and they always answer the phone to listen to life’s latest trials and tribulations. (Or at least, that’s my mom. Hi, Mom!) Whether you’re a…