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The Secret to Finding a Swimsuit That Actually Fits

Think you can’t buy a handmade swimsuit online? Think again. Today, swimwear designers spill the secret to finding a flattering suit.

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12 Hostess Gifts That’ll Get You Invited Back

Whether you’re heading to the beach, a farm, or the woods, say “thank you” to your host with a unique, location-appropriate gift.

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5 Trending Travel Destinations (and What to Pack)

Your vacation inspiration has arrived: Check out top trending travel picks from — and chic, trip-ready outfits and accessories to take along.

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Welcome to the New Etsy Blog

So fresh and so clean.

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Jewelry for Every Astrological Sign

With some astrological know-how, you can pick the perfect accessory for every sign.

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Botanical Decor to Buy or DIY

Stylist and author Selina Lake shares inspiration and ideas from her new book, “Botanical Style.” (Plus: Etsy-exclusive decor DIYs!)

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Talking Woodshop with Nick Offerman

Comedian Nick Offerman talks woodworking, Home Ec, and blueberry pie (and gives us a sneak peek of his new book, “Good Clean Fun”).

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How to Decorate With Statement Lighting

Bright ideas for lighting your home — straight from design experts on Etsy.

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Build a Better Bar Cart

From ice advice to artisanal bitters, here’s how to outfit a bar cart worth toasting to.

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4 Iconic Minimalist Interiors — and How to Get the Look

Think there’s only one way to embrace minimalist decor? These four iconic interiors — each with its own distinct style — prove otherwise.

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9 Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

From flat weaves to pet-friendly fibers, here’s (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about buying a rug.

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20 Inspiring Interior Design Feeds to Follow Now

We rounded up some of the most inspiring home and living feeds on Instagram and Pinterest. Are you following them?

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Emily Henderson’s Expert Guide to Buying Art on Etsy

Design pro Emily Henderson spills her secrets for finding incredible art on Etsy.

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The Six Hottest Houseplants to Bring Home Now

Gardening expert Kelly Norris digs up six distinctive houseplants to fall in love with this year (plus: our picks for snazzy planters to pot them in).

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4 Ways to Nail the Modern Rustic Look

My Scandinavian Home and “Modern Pastoral” author Niki Brantmark shares four modern rustic styles that bring nature indoors.

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Your Top 10 Bedding Questions, Answered

Experts weigh in on how to style a serene bed, keeping sheets in tip-top condition, the dirty truth about thread counts, and more.

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Wallpaper Trends, Then and Now

A through-the-ages look at the latest wall decor trends.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Relationship Stage

Whether you’ve been together a day or a decade, there’s a thoughtful (and non-threatening!) present for your partner in love.

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Top Home Decor Trends to Watch in 2016

Etsy’s home experts identify up-to-the-minute ways to refresh your space.

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Hot Home Decor Trend: Chunky Knits

Layer your living space with cozy accessories — made to order or made by you.

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What’s Your Holiday Decorating Style?

The home editors from Real Simple magazine pick festive holiday decor for three distinct aesthetics.