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Home Styles: Dapper Dogs and Classy Cats

Pet accessories don’t have to be an eyesore – they can enhance the style of your home and give your animal friends a little touch of the luxe life.

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Make a Bling Ring Photo Prop

Photo props bring out party fever in wedding guests. Learn how to create these cute and classy oversized rings, then say cheese!

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When Fern Fever Gripped a Nation

What began with a simple terrarium turned into a 19th centuy frond phenomenon that influenced art, fashion and home decor.

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Get the Look Decor: In the Year 2000

Let’s go back to the future: the imagined version, that is. Riff on classic sci-fi styles with mod home decor inspired by the movies.

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Get the Look: Pastel Revolution

A color scheme that’s often thought of as dated takes on an entirely new vibe.

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The Trouble With Wallpaper

What was once an object of class warfare is now the stuff of DIY nightmares. Before covering your walls, get inspired and find your inner patience.

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Get the Look Decor: Beyond Black and White

Just because a room is black and white doesn’t mean it has to lack personality. Jazz it up with pops of color, texture and vintage to make it yours.

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Handmade Weddings: Inspired by a Place

What’s closer to your heart than your home? The editors of Reverie Magazine imagine weddings in New York, London, California and Devon.

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Make a Paper Leaf Topiary

Fresh flowers may be beautiful, but once the day is done, so are they. Spruce up your wedding with this easy-to-make paper topiary.

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A Clean Slate With Destined to Design

Start your year by paring down your home and focusing on the essentials, room by room.

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Ye Olde General Store

In a universe of spandex jeans and strawberry-glitter soap, find satisfaction in the simple, unembellished wares of an old fashioned general store.

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Five Fresh Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

Are you a waffling decorator? Whether you’re drawn to modern lines or the charms of a country cottage, Fresh Home has a design scheme for your abode.

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The Modern Cave Dweller

Far from stereotypes of wooden clubs and one-shouldered tunics, today’s cave dweller can live in style and sophistication.

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Fresh Shop: KarolinFelix Dream

“If I had a chance to scream out one thing to the world, I would say “Don’t stop creating! Unless you’ve run out of food.” – Karolin

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Keep It Weird: Let There Be Light

Find your way with lanterns bright enough for the inky crevices of your subconscious.

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Art for the New Year With Picdit

My name is Adam Fuhrer and I’m an art student living in the wonderful city of Toronto. I take great interest in the Internet and I run an art + photography blog called PICDIT. I try to shine the light on many new artists creating extraordinary work. I post a whole slew of art-related content…

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Show Us Your Crazy Christmas Tree

PollyPainting‘s blue Christmas tree literally made me squeal with delight. It really does look like something out of Dr. Seuss! How’s that for holiday cheer! What’s your interpretation of holiday decor — whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or another holiday? Are you a classic traditionalist or do you go in for zany vintage kitsch?…

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Guest Curator: The Long Thread

Ellen Luckett Baker lives with her husband and two daughters in Atlanta. A self-taught sewer, Ellen found creative inspiration and began to sew when her older daughter was born seven years ago. She is the author of The Long Thread, where she can be found sewing, crafting, and making things with her children. Her sewing…

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There’s No Place Like Here: Forestbound & The Snail and The Cyclops

Friend Etsy on Youtube or | Subscribe to Etsy’s iTunes Podcast | MP4 (music by Luc, animation by JuliaPott) Three years ago, Alice Saunders, a.k.a. Forestbound, and Francesca Zmetra, a.k.a. Thirteen Eighty-Five, (who’s also responsible for the delightful blog, The Snail and The Cyclops) became roommates in an old house in Jamaica Plain, MA….

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There’s No Place Like Here: Dustin Yellin

  Friend Etsy on Youtube or | Subscribe to Etsy’s iTunes Podcast | MP4 (music by Butthole Surfers, Barry London, Enemy Heroes, The Give, animation by JuliaPott) Artist, filmmaker, surfer, and world traveler Dustin Yellin is a maker as well as a hunter. Yellin creates intricate volumetric tomographic paintings and hunts for salvaged treasures…

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There’s No Place Like Here: Made with Love by Hannah

  Friend Etsy on Youtube or | Subscribe to Etsy’s iTunes Podcast | MP4 (Music by Lineland, Barry London, animation by JuliaPott) What’s it like to live in a fantastical German chalet in the heart of downtown Los Angeles? Hannah Kopacz of Made With Love By Hannah has customized her colorful abode with twenty…