Mother’s Day Gift Ideas handmade and vintage goods

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Stage of Motherhood

These heartfelt picks will show her you see her—wherever she is in her own personal parenting journey.

38 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Perky Pressed-Flower Necklace

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a smash-hit gift, an elegant floral pendant, beloved by Etsy buyers, will be the star of any jewelry box.

31 handmade and vintage goods

Customizable Keepsake Jewelry From EVREN

With an expert eye for combining timeless and trending designs, this Vancouver jeweler creates gift-worthy pieces that celebrate self-expression.

26 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Delicious Dulce de Leche Dessert

Discover a tasty new treat from this sister-run bakery, whose in-demand alfajores cookies are a hit among sweet-toothed Etsy buyers.

25 handmade and vintage goods

6 Etsy Moms Reveal What’s Really on Their Mother’s Day Wish Lists

Take a peek at their personalized picks, and get inspo for that perfect gift that celebrates everything Mom is.

45 handmade and vintage goods

Multicolored Macramé Decor From Sweet Home Alberti

Hand-knotted from recycled cotton, this one-of-a-kind fiber art adds a breath of fresh air and a vibrant twist to any living space.

45 handmade and vintage goods

Dazzling Stained-Glass Decor From Szklo Glass

Let the modern mirrors and celestial suncatchers from this Utah-based artist add some serious shine to your home.

69 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Finds From Inspiring Black Creatives

From breathtaking portraits to comforting self-care staples, Etsy shoppers can’t get enough of these standout items from Black-owned shops.

44 handmade and vintage goods

Statement Jewelry for Nature Lovers From Mai Solorzano

Inspired by the beauty of the earth and sea, these intricate, organic pieces are gifting gold for any occasion.

53 handmade and vintage goods

22 Brilliant Candle Shops With Rave Reviews

Looking to cultivate a calm and cozy vibe at home? Buyers agree: The fragrant delights in these 22 shops strike all the right notes.

39 handmade and vintage goods

Make an Easy, Flower-Infused Bath Soak

Take bath time up a notch with this restorative botanical soak.

75 handmade and vintage goods

Meaningful Jewelry That Tells a Story From Everli

This delicate jewelry line took shape as its designer worked through a life-changing decision. Now, her pieces help others meet their own challenges.