The Etsy Blog handmade and vintage goods

Come Craft With Mark Montano in Los Angeles

LA’s Craft and Folk Art Museum plays host to a frenzied ornament workshop that would make even the elves up north proud. handmade and vintage goods

Come Sew at Etsy Labs

Trick or treat! Learn how to stitch a candy bag that’s oh-so-much-more fun than a ratty old pillowcase. handmade and vintage goods

Almost Internet Famous: Building Your Brand

Join us for an evening of humor, social media tips, and entertainment with comedian Eugene Mirman and a panel of experts. handmade and vintage goods

Come Make Masks at Etsy Labs

Elbow-deep in the papier-mâché concoction of youth, artist Maria Berrio will help you turn your Halloween dreams into reality. handmade and vintage goods

Celebrate OktoberfEtsy at Etsy Labs

Join us for a DIY brewing event with the Brooklyn Brew Shop. Who needs Oktoberfest when you have OktoberfEtsy? handmade and vintage goods

Craft Night at Brooklyn Art Library

Learn the art of image transfer at a special workshop with the folks from The Sketchbook Project. handmade and vintage goods

Stay Connected in October

Make room in your buzzing social schedule for a date with Etsy. A month of learning, shopping, and schmoozing awaits! handmade and vintage goods

Craft With Etsy in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and LA

Learn how to build interactive toys that can react and respond to the real world, make zines, and discover the meaning of “photo feelism.” handmade and vintage goods

Come Craft at the Etsy Labs

Sewing machines, paper cutters, balls of yarn, and buckets of glitter await your frenzied fingers. handmade and vintage goods

Meet and Greet in Melbourne

Join us on Thursday, September 22 at 7 p.m. for the first-ever Etsy Labs event in Australia!

Find a Hello Etsy Gathering in Your Area

Follow this post to kept track of all the Hello Etsy events happening on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18. handmade and vintage goods

Screenprinting Craft Night at Gowanus Print Labs

Pull your first print and craft like it’s 1911 at our screenprinting-centric Craft Night. handmade and vintage goods

California Crafting

Kick off September at two hands-on events on the West Coast. handmade and vintage goods

Come Sew With Brett Bara at Etsy Labs

Craft Night is always a party, but this time, even more so. Join the festive fun with needle in hand! handmade and vintage goods

Make Your Own Bag at the Etsy Labs

Your luscious farmers market bounty is not going to carry itself. Join Bags for the People for a workshop of toting glory.