Creativity handmade and vintage goods

Craft a Colorful Rope Lampshade

Turn humble cotton rope into a one-of-a-kind pendant lamp with this easy 30-minute tutorial.

132 handmade and vintage goods

DIY Shibori: Learn From the Experts

Four textile-dyeing pros share their best beginner tips.

198 handmade and vintage goods

DIY Clay Ring Dish

Not a potter? Not a problem! Make a professional-looking clay dish with this clever DIY project from Sarah Goldshadt.

133 handmade and vintage goods

Create Your Own Custom Coasters

Fashion meets function in this tabletop DIY by Leonora of Yellow Heart Art.

80 handmade and vintage goods

Make a Bright Boho Purse Charm

Get in on the tassel trend with this three-part tutorial from Aunt Peaches.

124 handmade and vintage goods

How to Transform a Thrift Store Frame

Breathe new life into a thrifted frame using three simple materials and this tutorial by The Crafted Life’s Rachel Smith.

87 handmade and vintage goods

Smells Good Enough to Eat: the Perfume Cake

Scent, taste, and memory are inextricably linked, which is one reason this historic cake recipe (the secret ingredient: perfume!) is so intriguing.

95 handmade and vintage goods

Last-Minute Valentine Treats and Printables

Pressed for time this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with easy DIY lollipops and adorable download-and-print valentines.

68 handmade and vintage goods

DIY Valentine Treats for Your Dog

Don’t forget your furry BFF this Valentine’s Day! Say I love you with this recipe for colorful conversation heart dog biscuits.

95 handmade and vintage goods

Learn to Weave

You don’t need a professional loom to learn the basics of weaving. Grab some scissors, yarn, and cardboard and let’s begin!

358 handmade and vintage goods

Decorate Your Next Dessert With Spun Sugar

Create a candy garnish sure to add drama to any dessert.

94 handmade and vintage goods

Make an Upcycled Cardboard Lantern

Freshen up your space with an elegant DIY lamp.

101 handmade and vintage goods

CraftFail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong

We talk to Heather Mann about her new book, “CraftFail,” which celebrates the unique (and hilarious) glory of DIY disasters.

222 handmade and vintage goods

Make Gingerbread Folk Ornaments

Whip up a sweet garland of smiling dough ornaments with this tutorial by Heather Baird.

65 handmade and vintage goods

Make a Gift Bag Village

This holiday season, ditch the wrapping paper and opt for a village of handpainted gift bags.

125 handmade and vintage goods

Make Adorable Acorn Cookies

Whimsical and woodsy acorn cookies will delight dinner guests – and they’re delicious, too.

128 handmade and vintage goods

Weekend Treat: Monogram Marshmallows

What’s better than hot cocoa with marshmallows? Monogrammed marshmallows, that’s what! Get the DIY with “Candy Aisle Crafts.”

158 handmade and vintage goods

Make Upcycled Salt and Pepper Shakers

Glam up your next dinner party with a set of gold-accented salt and pepper shakers.

119 handmade and vintage goods

Eatsy: Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Melted butter, caramelized sugar and a handful of nuts join forces to create a crunchy, salty, sweet and spicy candy.

302 handmade and vintage goods

How-Tuesday: Beginners’ Guide to Building an Altar

Discover the tradition behind Day of the Dead home altars – and learn how to make your own – with this tutorial by Yreina of Ay Mujer.

67 handmade and vintage goods

18 Creative Cardboard Box Costumes

Jump-start your imagination with wildly inventive costume ideas based on the ordinary cardboard box.