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A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Art You (Actually, Genuinely) Like

In her brand-new book, art aficionado Bridget Watson Payne shares just how easy it is to make art a source of joy in our lives.

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Featured Shop: Clementine & Thread

This former law professor shares her passion for making with the world through her vibrant hand-dyed yarn and easy-to-follow embroidery kits.

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Make an Edible Pansy Bouquet for Mother’s Day

Realistic edible-paper pansies and pretty pastel macarons take this giftable edible bouquet to new heights. Here’s how to make your own.

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5 Ideas for a DIY Ice Cream Party

Swap the cake and candles for a breathtaking DIY ice cream bar at your next summer birthday party.

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Crafting Inspiration: The Story Behind Etsy Studio

Introducing Etsy Studio, a new market for inspiration and unique craft supplies.

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Dried-Flower Designs to Buy or DIY

From botanical art made from real plants, to jewelry with flowers preserved inside, these ideas (to make or buy) deliver natural beauty that lasts.

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Make a No-Sew Felt Easter Bunny Basket

Dunking hard-boiled eggs in dye isn’t the only way to get your Easter crafts fix. This no-sew felt bunny basket is as cute—and easy—as can be.

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The Ultimate (Multi-Colored, Candy-Speckled, Swirly-Sweet) Chocolate Easter Bunny

This year, fill your Easter baskets with homemade sweet treats—like this deceptively-simple chocolate bark.

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Featured Shop: The Velvet Acorn

Inspired by the rainy Pacific Northwest, this mother of three turned her luxurious knit and crochet designs into a wildly successful pattern business.

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Make Your Valentine a Mixtape (Cookie)

Give your valentine a blast from the past with these easy-to-customize mixtape cookies.

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3 Chic Bangle DIYs to Try

Painting, sewing, or filling endless coloring book pages—whatever your craft of choice, there’s a cool DIY jewelry project to suit your skills.

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3 Smart Organization DIYs to Try

There’s no time like the present to make your place more presentable.

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Featured Shop: Jésabelle B.

It takes a knitter to know a knitter’s needs, and with her shop for project bags and needle cases, Jésabelle B. puts her own experience to good use.

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DIY Trend: 3 Fun (Faux) Cactus Projects

Because there are people who can kill even the most low-maintenance of plants.

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3 Christmas Cookie Recipes to Try

Nothing says “happy holidays” like a mouthful of gingerbread.

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3 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer DIYs

Create stocking stuffer magic with these creative DIY ideas.

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Featured Shop: Hawthorn Handmade

Everyday wildlife sightings near Stephanie Carswell’s rural UK studio inspire many of her crochet and needle-felted creatures and DIY kit designs.

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A Simple and Cute DIY Gnome Ornament

Add personality to your tree with this adorable (walnut!) gnome ornament.

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Make a Holiday Wagon for Gifts (and More)

Spruce up your fir with a festive gift wagon, upcycled from an old clementine crate and some jam jar lids painted like peppermints.

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Make a Mid-Century Cookie Village

Inspired by glittery Putz villages, this ’60-inspired cookie house will add retro charm to your holiday table.

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Cool Best Friend Gifts to Buy or DIY

Salute your BFF status with these creative make-or-buy gift ideas.