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Crafting a Durable Bag With John Cho Moore

Aug 31, 2012

by Those Who Make

It’s no secret that we love peeking into the studios of creative minds; our video team travels the world to tell the stories of Etsy’s designers, artists, craftsmen, collectors, after all. Michael Ariel of Those Who Make has a knack for finding beautiful short films that capture the magic of makers. Today he shares a video about John Cho Moore, a bag maker from San Francisco.

I like makers. And when I say like, I mean like-like; it’s pretty serious. I want to know where a product comes from – Who made it? What’s their story? What does their workspace look like? – and, ultimately, who I am supporting. This is where the beauty of video comes into play. Since we’re not all able to walk into a maker’s studio and spend the day peeking over their shoulder, I decided to put together a website called Those Who Make, which showcase makers in their spaces, doing what they do best.

This video showcases industrial designer and craftsman John Cho Moore, and it’s one of my favorites. After working for companies that embraced a disposable state of mind, John aimed to create a product that would get better with age. Follow along as John utilizes durable, quality materials – waxed canvas, leather and bamboo – to craft a timeless bag.

Video by Kai Hsing.

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