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The Antique Anti-Bouquet

May 9, 2013

by Amy Merrick handmade and vintage goods

A big ol’ bouquet can sometimes feel fussy for a bride who wants, you know, full use of her hands. Not everyone wants to carry around five pounds of floral bliss, so here is an old fashioned alternative that bucks convention while winking at it, too.

The word “corsage” strikes fear into the heart of all. A tangle of sweaty arms at the prom; itchy elastic, polyester tulle, baby’s breath all contained in a take-out container stashed in the fridge. It didn’t match your dress, obviously, and by the end of the night you had claw marks all over your arm.

Making a modern interpretation is easy but requires a little know-how. Head on over to Etsy Weddings for step-by-step instructions!


All photographs by Amy Merrick.

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