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Bold Looks in Black and White

Mar 24, 2013

by Gabriella Cetrulo handmade and vintage goods

Forget spring’s usual pastels — this season, black and white looks are making their way off the runways and into closets just in time for the warmer seasons. With a mix of bold graphic shapes, subtle patterns, and a hint of color, this pared-down style can be as fresh and versatile as the most prismatic palette.

[1. Horn rim sunglasses from NostalgyEyewear; 2. Blazer by VivacitaBoutique; 3. Leather ring by ANYWAYAWYNA; 4. Zip clutch by completbags; 5. Vintage oxfords from nemres.]

A bold, structured look shows the world you mean business.

[1. Vintage sunglasses from saltwatergypsy; 2. Shapes zipper pouch by leahgoren; 3. Floral shirtdress by Jessicaleighjones; 4. Handmade flats by thewhiteribbon; 5. Small crossbody bag by alexbender; 6. Balance necklace by phyllisandhazel.]

A pair of flats, some shades, and a mix of playful prints are all you need for a lighthearted weekend look.

 [1. Deadstock mens’ sunglasses from AmericanDeadstock; 2. Dotted pocket square by APRILLOOKshop; 3. Oversized shirt by LeKparis; 4. Rorschach bow tie by Restler; 5. The Dave leather wallet by RobbieMoto; 6. Beatle boots by goodbyefolk.]

Play with patterns to add some dimension to a monochromatic look. Black doesn’t need to be boring.

[1. Mini dress by yellowcake; 2. iPhone 4 case by BlissfulCASE; 3. Animals Everywhere pouch by CORIUMI; 4. Rope and bead necklace by sewasong; 5. Zebra ankle boots by NorTin.]

Monochrome can be as exotic any palette, especially if you accessorize in blanched animal prints.

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Shapes Print Zipper Pouch
Shapes Print Zipper Pouch
Vintage shoes / black leather menswear oxford flats / size 38-7.5
Vintage shoes / black leather menswear oxford flats / size 38-7.5


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