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Beyond Value

Dec 12, 2011

by Cate Fitt handmade and vintage goods

This week I pretended I bought a lucky lottery ticket and used my winnings to go shopping. First, I pretend-gave part of my winnings to my favorite charities. After that, I looked for extraordinary items created and curated by highly skilled Etsians. I looked for originality, beauty, warmth and a bit of magic. Since price was no object, I was able to select gifts that were perfect in every way for my family, friends and, yes, me. I suggest you allow your fancy to run free by sorting your search results by highest price. I have found many well made and affordable items by first looking at a shop’s most pricey listing.

[Clockwise from top left: Beaded Guatemalan Huipil and skirt from beadedbear; Shady Lady ceramic wall mask from unmasked; Made in America iron cast map from FeLionStudios; Class to build your own canoe from Tidalcraft; Vintage shoe form encrusted with milagros silver from Elizabeth Rosen Art]

How about serving some hash brown potatoes from Maine, along with some Texas fried steak?

[Clockwise from top left: White and gold felt coat from vilte; Homage to Ray Johnson pencil drawing from CTChew; Original mint condition ’50s glasses from Paris Couture Antiques; Victorian ladies sewing set from Adin Antique Jewelry; Wood carved vessel from Hearthstone Studios]

After receiving it in the mail, I could mail the tribute to Ray Johnson, mail artist extraordinaire, to my friend who is a mail artist.

[Clockwise from top left: Middle class quilt from Daintytime; Fozzy bracelet from AngelaGerhard; Snug as a bug rug from Cricklewood; Superhero circus longjohns from sartoria; 1920s metal lithographed toy airplane from Schoolhouseantiques

My friend dreams frequently of flying solo across the Atlantic. This plane represents the actuality of the trip.

[Clockwise from top: Wood fired Shiho Kanzaki pot from kanzakishiho; Reliquary box and necklace from Wanaree; Custom garden gazebo from benforgetydotcom; Charity box from gru2000]

I know I sometimes need a reminder that a generous life is rewarded with great bounty of spirit. No matter my own beliefs, I learn this from every religion.

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Original Mint Condition 1950s Glasses
Original Mint Condition 1950s Glasses
vintage shoe form ENCRUSTED with vintage milagros silver   offered by Elizabeth Rosen
vintage shoe form ENCRUSTED with vintage milagros silver offered by Elizabeth Rosen


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