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Back to School: XY

Aug 15, 2008

by Michelle Traub handmade and vintage goods

Whether it’s drinking 40s or drinking juice boxes, the boys who rule school rely on fresh fashion and accessories to cement their reputations.  The cool cats of the playground don’t flaunt their testosterone with motorcycles or platinum, just badass pencil cases. With these picks, any guy can be a pioneer of back to school style.

Looking for more back to school items?  Bring some flair to the chain-link fence or the see-saw!

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  • jmichelle

    jmichelle said 11 years ago

    That little button hat makes me smile!

  • TeenAngster

    TeenAngster said 11 years ago


  • ronnie1072

    ronnie1072 said 11 years ago


  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace said 11 years ago

    I like! The waistcoat for the "little man" is too adorable!

  • jiangchunxiao

    jiangchunxiao said 11 years ago


  • gingerlime

    gingerlime said 11 years ago

    Awesome! I love seeing the boy stuff and these are too cool :-)

  • CandyStickLane

    CandyStickLane said 11 years ago


  • zephi

    zephi said 11 years ago

    I love that fold top bag from minus and the green military jacket from stewwie

  • mermaidclaire

    mermaidclaire said 11 years ago

    Your finds are Max Fischeriffic!

  • MyKangaroo

    MyKangaroo said 11 years ago

    Although I have girls, it is wonderful to see such great stuff for boys out there.

  • meanoldbags

    meanoldbags said 11 years ago

    I can't agree with a promo that promotes alcohol and "back to school" - be it college students or not. And the picture of young boys sends sort of a mixed message.

  • thebeadingtree

    thebeadingtree said 11 years ago

    So etsy has taken to promoting school age drinking now? I guess if you are fresh out of school, then alcohol drinking is probably still a very fresh memory of your school years. The NY Times says that in colleges, binge drinking is so much a part of the social scene that freshman orientation now includes instructions on what to do if a student finds a roommate passed out. They also say that teen-age binge drinking is a chief cause for a variety of other social and public health problems, including vandalism and violence, date rape, sexually transmitted diseases, and drunk driving injuries and deaths. Alcohol is partly or wholly responsible in half of the deaths from substance abuse overdose, and is the single common factor in the majority of deaths by suicide, homicide and driving while intoxicated. I'm sure the mother's (and father's) who support MADD will be happy to shop here with articles like this! Way to go Etsy!! :(

  • ButtonsandBrimstone

    ButtonsandBrimstone said 11 years ago

    thebeadingtree, not everyone that drinks alcohol is a drunk driving STD infected suicidal rapist. Also, alcohol cannot be responsible for anything, the people that drink it are responsible for thier own actions. Thats like blaming guns for school shootings. It's rediculous. stop being so uptight, it's a cute article, and even cuter items. Go Etsy!

  • thebeadingtree

    thebeadingtree said 11 years ago

    ButtonsandBrimstone, I didn't write that. The NY Times did. To be fair, they did make mention that not all school aged children drink alcohol. The items are indeed cute, but the way the article was written wasn't so cute. Being uptight and being a concerned parent is two different things.

  • emoscreamllama

    emoscreamllama said 11 years ago

    Love this time period, and all the styles associated with eet. <3 Drinking underage? I don't believe etsy is encouraging such things dear =]

  • dogties

    dogties said 11 years ago

    Great stuff.

  • spaceoddities

    spaceoddities said 11 years ago

    dig it! great finds.

  • mookxi

    mookxi said 11 years ago

    Love the unique finds ;-)

  • theVINTAGEward

    theVINTAGEward said 11 years ago

    you could also buy yourself sum fresh items from my shop. yes, i know, i'm self-promoting and it's pathetic but i seriously have sum SWEET finds for back to school college guys! great finds- i LOVE seeing articles for the boys on here- it makes my husband hotter because he sees all the cool stuff then wants it for himself:)

  • edor7

    edor7 said 11 years ago

    so dapper! love the button hat!

  • SkinzNhydez

    SkinzNhydez said 11 years ago

    Talking about back to school. Cool funky accessories are a must. Check out my handmade wears!

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