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Baby’s First Birthday

May 23, 2013

by Katrien Van Deuren handmade and vintage goods

Katrien Van Deuren is a Belgian girl living in Italy, a stubborn dreamer, and the person behind the whimsical pilli pilli blog, Tumblr, Pinterest and shop. She has a degree in philosophy and cultural analysis and has worked as a freelance writer and an art educator. She has a love for natural materials, kind words and quiet mornings, and recently celebrated the first birthday of her baby twins. 

There is something magical about a baby’s first birthday. In many ways, it’s a milestone for both the parents and the child. It celebrates a new and unique little person who has forever changed your life (and the way you look at it), and a year that has passed in the blink of an eye, even though it is filled with unforgettable moments and experiences.


[1. Bunting by giggleberry; 2. First birthday invitation by LaFelizCelebrations; 3. Linen party hat by ColetteBream; 4. Pinstriped tuxedo vest by sarasweetandsmall; 5. Red and white striped bow tie by kindercompanie.]

Bring out the party hats and dress up in your smartest (baby) suit…it’s time to celebrate!


[1. You’ve stolen my heart card by QuillandFox; 2.Wooden toy by TheWanderingWorkshop; 3. Onesie by citizencollectible; 4. Drawstring backpack by LaGagiandra; 5. Fish rattle by FriendlyToys; 6. Wonder tent by SGHstore; 7. Personalized aviator hat by arch190; 8. Wooden cart by thewoodenhorse.]

While looking for the perfect birthday gifts for our wee ones, we knew we wanted something special and unique — something they would keep and treasure for a long time to come.


[1. Custom melamine plate and bowl set by olliegraphic; 2. Organic bandana dribble bib by CwtchBugs; 3. Leather baby shoes in toffee brown by mylondonlane; 4. Baby sling for men by modmum; 5. Cloud sleep mask by JuliaWine.]

When our babies were tiny newborns, fellow parents told us that everything becomes different around the time babies turn one. I found it hard to believe that change would come so suddenly, but in a matter of weeks our little babies have turned into toddlers. They have started eating on their own and have even taken their very first (albeit tentative) steps. As all this change is taking place, we’re getting ready to catch up on some much needed sleep.


[1. Hot air balloon DIY kit by CraftSchmaft; 2. Sleepy Dog pillow in teal by robinandmould; 3. Hand-printed linen toddler bedding by hellomilky; 4. Fabric bucket by jennarosehandmade; 5. Customizable family portrait by HeadHandHeart; 6. Floor cushion DIY kit by saltlabs; 7. Roll-up chalkboard by WALLAB; 8. Knitted triangle baby blanket by YarningMade.]

As our babies take their first decisive steps into toddlerhood and their personalities really start to show, now might be the perfect time for a nursery update. Out goes the baby stuff; in comes the toddler treasures. (And maybe mom will even find some time to make a few treasures herself, so look out for those DIYs!)

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