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Tune Up Your Bicycle for Spring

With Susan Lindell from Brooklyn’s Recycle-A-Bicycle leading the way, your dusty, rusty bike will be ready to roll in no time.

157 handmade and vintage goods

Make Needle Felted Eyeballs

This week, we learn how to make DIY bloodshot peepers — perfect as a memorable party favor or a gory accessory to complete your Halloween ensemble.

127 handmade and vintage goods

The Mad Hatter

Milliner Heidi Lee’s imaginative hats prove inspiration can be found anywhere.

116 handmade and vintage goods

The Photo Man

One man’s obsession with found photos brings joy to his customers.

155 handmade and vintage goods

The Pixel Painter

97-year-old Hal Lasko uses Microsoft Paint to create dazzling works of pointilist art.

193 handmade and vintage goods

Glassblowing in Technicolor

This short documentary from 1958 reveals the glittering facets of a fascinating craft.

108 handmade and vintage goods

Message in a Bottle

This short film by Smith Journal profiles Ray Gascoigne, maker of magical ships in bottles.

103 handmade and vintage goods

The Art of Architectural Salvage: ReStore

For one Philadelphia retailer, rescuing the past’s utilitarian treasures is more than a business – it’s a calling.

110 handmade and vintage goods

Building a Better Bicycle: Bilenky Cycle Works

For thirty years, Stephen Bilenky has built custom bicycles with an eye to quality, utility and beauty.

88 handmade and vintage goods

The Innovator

A freelance shoemaker, weaver and paper sculptor explains how his diverse practices inform one another and lead to discovery.

94 handmade and vintage goods

Scarlett Garnet: The New Face of Made in the USA

For two young jewelers, growing their business has created opportunities to support other local makers and industries.

68 handmade and vintage goods

All That Glitters: The History of Shiny Things

Who isn’t dazzled and enchanted by that wondrous stuff called glitter?