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Etsy Pets: Inspired by an Orphan

“When Pasha came into my life, I was going through hard times. He jumped into my world and is now an indispensable part of it,” says owner Sebnem.

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Etsy Pets: Deborah Julian’s Felines Inspire Her Work

Ceylan works as a full time engineer who is currently running two Etsy shops during her “spare” time: paperinstyle and packageinstyle. She currently resides in Rhode Island with her husband Cenk and their dog, Bonita. Ceylan recently started her blog, paper in style, and has been hosting an interview series each month. While browsing Etsy…

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RI Handmade Team: From Independent to Interdependent

Hearing success stories is one of my favorite things about working with the Etsy Teams. Many people ask about what their Team can do to gain more members or get publicity. Today Ceylan from paperinstyle shares her experiences and gives some valuable advice on how her Team, RI Handmade, has flourished. RI Handmade is a…