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Keep It Weird: European Invasion

In the spirit of Euro Week, Keep It Weird returns to the motherland. All of that royal inbreeding has produced eminent legacies of eccentricity for us Americans to ogle. Take a trip with me to the foreign land of yeast-based food spreads, clogs, and Internet cafés. Even artists stateside show their appreciation for the Etsy…

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Keep It Weird: Fear Factor

Sure, there are those murmuring monsters under the bed and aliens in the White House, but what about the oft-neglected concerns of asymmetriphobia or existential anxiety? Paranoia comes in many flavors, so switch on the night-light and head on down to the fallout shelter with this week’s Keep It Weird.       Know what’s…

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Keep It Weird: St. Snakes

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and while for many that may mean green food coloring in soda bread or family outings to the local parade, I’d like to celebrate this patron saint of engineers and paralegals by paying homage to his snake-banishing lore. Saint Patrick may have won round one, but the serpents…

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Fresh Shop: anthonyroberto

An artist explores his fascination with tactility in a series of striking etchings.

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International Women’s Day

I do not take lightly the fortune of living in a time and place that is largely respectful of gender rights. Growing up with two sisters, mine was a household where the female experience was celebrated with conviction. Instead of “The Four Sons” at our Passover seder, we read “The Four Daughters,” recalling the often-neglected…

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Keep It Weird: Outlaws

Growing up with a criminal defense lawyer for a father tended to make me think twice before swiping a candy bar from the corner bodega. I’ve had to settle for living out my adrenaline-fueled bandit adventures vicariously, swooning over the greaser gangs of young adult fiction and spending full weekends glued to prison documentary marathons….

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Keep It Weird: Interbody

When I dare to venture into the mobs of midtown Manhattan, my misanthropic tendencies intuitively thrust my elbows out, head down, fury ablaze. In this cold harsh world of modernity, I like to think of my bodily boundaries as impenetrable and absolute. However, my croupy cough seems to prove otherwise. From within my vessel to…

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Keep It Weird: Wanderlust

As I ride in the subway car that smells of defrosting carcass, I am all-consumed by my escapist daydreams. The numbness leaves my toes, the heavy woolens float from my shoulders, and my bronchial tubes sigh in relief. I wish transporting myself to vibrant realms of sunshine and flora were as simple as flinging out…

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Keep It Weird: Dr. Strangelove

True romance is in the details. Forgo the generalities of commercial Valentine’s Day in favor of the peculiarities that you love about yourself or your honey: different strokes for different folks! I always find a Keep It Weird serenade to be irresistibly seductive. Set the mood with Zombie Leg Love by burntfeather, Kinky PVC Pencil…

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Anti-Valentine’s Day

Do the couples canoodling at sunset make you want to hurl yourself off a cliff? I plan on celebrating my singledom this Valentine’s Day with some bacon-infused whiskey and a 6 a.m. dance party. Check out the Related Items below for the warm embrace of cynicism, independence, and self-love.     Items Tagged “Anti-Valentine” |…

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Keep It Weird: Think Inside the Box

In elementary school, I was a fiend for book reports. Before the narrative arc had climaxed, I would already be filling shoeboxes with Fimo characters, papier-mache motifs, and metaphorical embellishments. The diorama is the ultimate immersion. I just want to climb inside these realms, wipe my feet on the construction-paper welcome mat and illuminate the…

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Keep It Weird: Annual Checkup

Is there a parasite festering at the periphery of your cellular walls? Is your gum tissue going soft? As creators, we attentively tend to our psyches and emotional cores, but often neglect the physical vessel. Probing beneath the surface is at the heart of Keep It Weird, so take a sample and send it to…

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“I may be shrinking this way,” Sy pats the top of his head, “but I’m growing this way,” and he points with a fully extended finger to where I imagine his stomach must sit beneath the coat. “That’s gravity,” I say, because it’s true; my grandfather is shorter than I am these days. Though, the…

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Keep It Weird: House Party

Having celebrated my birthday earlier this week, it’s time for a Keep It Weird shindig. Strap on your party hat and take a swig of these murky cocktails. Etsy fiestas always keep up the neighbors and trash the front yard. I just hope I remember this tomorrow morning. Cheers to Hedonist Sunglasses by ElaineVanHoorn, Margaritaville…

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Keep It Weird: Rebirth

I’ve always been fond of particularly chubby infants, but in the past few years, my maternal yearnings have truly kicked into hormonal high-gear. I’m drawn not only to the squeezable cheeks or head fuzz, but also the bold and zany spirit that comes so naturally to babies. No object can be truly explored unless placed…

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How-Tuesday: Swing Cardigan From Haiku Knits

Stumbling through brutal wind tunnels on my trek at the end of an evening, hair frozen and fingertips blue, I must remind myself to escape to a mental place of otherness, a realm of zen that will bring me home. Tanya Alpert’s Haiku Knits is filled with sweaters and shawls that would wrap me not…

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Keep It Weird: Renewed Vigor

For the new year, I vow to embrace disorder in my life. My fingertips shall be calloused from scrawling spontaneous villanelles, cutting boards saturated with the dark juice of dense fruits, walls pocked by indecisiveness and whim. Wading through debris, I will scrape my knees against the precipitate of experience. Our mantra of Keep It…

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How-Tuesday: ATF Gingerbread From All Cakes Considered

I just do not believe that anyone gains weight during the holidays. This is prime time for indulgence, and thus I will stuff my face without a trace of second thoughts. After one fateful holiday in Mount Vernon, Melissa Gray (self-professed “NPR Cake Lady”) embarked on a confectionery mission, bringing in a new cake to…

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How-Tuesday: Sweater Computer Cozy From Refashioned Bags

When it comes to tech possessions, we all have to try a little harder to express our individuality. I carry around my computer, phone, and mp3 player, self-conscious of the fact that I am merely one in a sea of identical metallic cubes. I may not be able to customize my electronics quite the way…

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Keep it Weird: In the Ecozone

Is global warming the Debbie Downer to your unseasonably pleasant winter? Before biodiversity drowns under melting glaciers, let’s celebrate the ecological niches of eccentricity. This week’s Keep it Weird took me on an off-roading tour of biomes. I’d love to inhabit any of these environments, where the strange is a particularly aggressive invasive species. Explore…

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How-Tuesday: Gingerbread Man Puppets From Felting for Baby

Craft projects provide ample opportunities to spend time with your family and build anticipation for the holiday in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The sound of slippered little feet scrambling down the stairs will be irresistible! Saori Yamazaki’s Felting for Baby offers beautiful inspiration to create everything soft and warm your baby needs. For…