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Keep It Weird: Homeward Bound

Here at the office, our desks are ever-moving in the constant shuffle of new Admin. In an attempt to fight back the restlessness of our nomadic predicament, we carry our porcelain skulls and salt lamps from corner to corner. Even Martha Stewart will tell you that a house only becomes a home once you infuse…

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Participatory Art at FIGMENT

This past weekend, I boated to an island not of daiquiris or conga lines, but instead one where little girl flamingos frolicked on stilts and fairy wishes hung from branches above. I look forward to FIGMENT every summer, and this last installment did not disappoint. Only a few years old, FIGMENT takes over Governors Island…

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Keep It Weird: Body Adorned

When my friend was in kindergarten, she would refuse to leave the house each morning unless her face was painted in the likeness of a cat. I’ve gone through my fair share of mismatched plaids, suspenders, and tutus, all in the name of self-expression. Wear your eccentricity on your sleeve with this week’s Keep It…

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Keep It Weird: Icarus at the Edge of Time

Earlier this week, I found myself as the fortunate plus-one to the opening night of the World Science Festival. After performers and intellectuals as far-ranging as Yo Yo Ma, Maya Angelou, Stephen Hawking, and dancers from the American Ballet Theatre expressed their interpretations of the cosmos, the world premiere of Icarus at the Edge of…

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Dadmin Prepare for Father’s Day

More than the sound of puppy claws rounding the bend, the distant laughter of a toddler in the office gets me eagerly distracted. Luckily, the Etsy family is constantly growing, and with it, gleeful progeny. Father’s Day is less than a month away, so some of the dads here at Etsy Headquarters thought they would…

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Keep It Weird: Size Matters

Even without the aid of mysterious little vessels marked “Drink me,” I stumble into realms of larger-than-life Q-tips and home gyms that would fit in my pocket. Get some perspective with this week’s Keep It Weird, where no creation could ever be too big or too small. No optical illusions here, just bona fide awesomeness….

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Get the Look: Janis Joplin

I’ve tried to come to terms with the fact that I have missed my true era. I tie dye my Etsy lab coat, explore Brooklyn pavement barefoot, and seek out folk concerts in the depths of industrial wastelands. From childhood road trips to late-night teen angst, no wailing has resonated quite as viscerally as Janis’s….

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Keep It Weird: What’s Your Fantasy?

The bookshelves in my parents’ house are organized to the point of intuition. Thin spines of back-pocket poetry crowd harmoniously, duplicate volumes of John Irving encourage rereads, and at the top, above the fat folios and yearbooks, a muddy blur of warriors, aliens, and beasts release their battle cry. I’ve never been a devoted reader…

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Keep It Weird: Root of the Matter

It has been nine months since I started the Keep It Weird series, and it has pulled me on tangled journeys through the human body, the outer stratosphere, and suppressed neuroses. Let’s take it back to basics: zombies, art dolls, and sexual organs. Did you know that there’s a Weird subcategory in Everything Else? Be…

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Art History: Mother’s Day Edition

Growing up wandering the halls of the Metropolitan Museum, the presence of mothers in art has always seemed natural and fundamental. From Hindu fertility sculptures in one wing, to the Virgin Mary in stained glass, the visual legacy of benevolent motherhood has endured for centuries. There’s something pure and comforting about these depictions. When I…

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Keep It Weird: Rupture

The eczema that makes the thin skin of my eyelids swollen and coarse comes from my fingertips. I touch kitchen counters and doorknobs and the desert flowers in the parking lot medians, and then I touch my eyes. The contact from object to self to self spreads contamination. I fumble my way through, fingering noun…

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Fresh Shop: greenandpretty

A hunter-gatherer finds her calling selling vintage wares.

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Keep It Weird: Chasing the Dragon

Happy St. George’s Day! Any princess-saving dragon-slaying patron saint deserves mad Keep it Weird props. Scales, fangs, claws, tails, wings — dragons really offer a whole mythical smorgasbord. Whether fire-breathing or ocean-thrashing, these figures of sin and destruction could easily seduce me into their lairs. Create your own legend with Cappuccino Dragon Print by SusanVanCamp…

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Recipe for Green: Quinoa Croquettes With Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

UPDATE: Congratulations to Maria, a.k.a. mpl15, who won the giveaway with this great eco-friendly cooking tip: “Avoid wasting greens such as cilantro or spinach, by cutting half or 1/3 when you bring it home, put a small amount in ice cube containers along with some water and freeze. Next time a recipe calls for it,…

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Keep It Weird: Age of Innocence

The past is ever-present and dear to us here in the Etsy office. Reminiscing Lite-Brite tableaux, TLC music videos, and flasks at the prom — nostalgia offers the snug embrace of familiarity. From imaginary friends to bathroom gossip, our eras of youth serve as an endless source of inspiration for creativity. Keep It Weird comes…

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DIY Decor: Planet Green Illuminates and Enlightens

There must be more to greening my abode than that crispy plant on the windowsill. Fortunately, the folks over at Planet Green offer tips and projects from the eco-blogosphere that will pack a worm-compost punch with the panache of modern design. I’ve changed all of the light bulbs in my apartment to energy efficient models,…

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Keep It Weird: Efflorescence

The honey-sweet smell of new blooms floods through the window, and we turn to each other, bleary-eyed from a season of dry skin and thick woolens. My senses hum in this warm bath of sunlight. From the dark recesses of concrete slabs, fresh saplings emerge and unfurl. What grows in your Keep It Weird garden?…

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Doll Couture

Even worse than finding that metallic body con mini at the sample sale and giving up mid-calf, is the experience of swooning over a ruffle collar necklace on Etsy only to realize it’s for Blythe dolls. At an early age, I was eager to stuff wads of allowance money into my pockets and scour the…

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Keep It Weird: Grab Bag

Any decent, self-respecting anarchist movement relies heavily on the value of chaos. Once we enter into a routine, we lose unpredictability, and thus create our own system of mundanity and convention. This week’s Keep It Weird releases itself from thematic order to instead revel in the beauty of randomness. Tear up the old manifesto and…

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Art History: Isamu Noguchi

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I wandered from Brooklyn to Long Island City, that place of industry: wheezing padlocked doors, corroded brick of a productiveness passed. Following a gaggle of chain-smoking art students, I slid inside The Noguchi Museum for the first time. These rooms smell of warm marble, absorbed skylight-sunshine, soft-to-the-touch iron that pools…

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Keep It Weird: European Invasion

In the spirit of Euro Week, Keep It Weird returns to the motherland. All of that royal inbreeding has produced eminent legacies of eccentricity for us Americans to ogle. Take a trip with me to the foreign land of yeast-based food spreads, clogs, and Internet cafés. Even artists stateside show their appreciation for the Etsy…