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Quit Your Day Job: ChaCha2

After being let go from a day job she already hated (on a day when she was locked out of her house in the rain), Lori of ChaCha2 decided she had no other choice than to make her goal of being an independent bag designer a viable reality. Plunging feet-first into self employment has taught…

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Quit Your Day Job: BloomStudios

Christine of BloomStudios knew from a young age her path in life should be in the arts, but opted for a job in the dentistry field where she eventually met her husband.  After taking a metalsmithing class while staying at home with their children, she began selling her work on Etsy. She hasn’t regretted leaving…

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Quit Your Day Job: kittygrrlz

Bobbi of kittygrrlz was able to quit her day job as a full time librarian in order to take on the growing success of her fiber line on Etsy.  Though she is putting in more time and work than she ever did at her regular job, Bobbi finds being her own boss much more rewarding. …

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Quit Your Day Job: nelladesigns

Elizabeth of nelladesigns opened up shop on Etsy after the persistent urging of one of her close friends. Her sales started picking up and she began to rethink her Etsy shop as more than just a favorite pastime.  After leaving her full time graphic design job, she’s been making a living through her shop sales…

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Quit Your Day Job: spacedogstudios

Sarah of spacedogstudios was able to quit her day job as a floral designer in order to make a go at selling her handmade journals full time on Etsy.  She’s learned the importance of treating working for herself like a serious business with boundaries. She swears by wearing comfortable pants to make it through the…

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Quit Your Day Job: gorjuss

This week I’m bringing you an incredible twist on our regular Quit Your Day Job feature. The story below not only outlines the success Etsy helped bring Suzanne, the Scottish artist behind gorjuss, but it also focuses on the story of her husband, Grant. He was recently able to leave his day job to help…

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Quit Your Day Job: SherryTruitt

Sherry, aka sherrytruitt, is successfully selling her jewelry on Etsy. She thinks of quitting her day job not so much as “taking the plunge,” but as an evolution of previous experiences. Equipped with lots of coffee to fuel her day, Sherry is proud to call herself a full time jewelry designer, making a living doing…

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Quit Your Day Job: SkyDreams

In order to stay at home and spend time with her new daughter, Hee Soon of SkyDreams quit her day job and soon thereafter opened her jewelry shop on Etsy in order to make some extra income.  It was soon thereafter she realized this rapidly growing business would be her family’s main income. Eventually her…

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Quit Your Day Job: Surly

Amy of surly has found great success selling through Etsy, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After facing bankruptcy and a stint in the service industry, Amy refused to let bad fortune get the best of her. She learned from her previous mistakes, and with that knowledge created a successful and sustainable…

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Quit Your Day Job: MiaBeads

Mia of MiaBeads always dreamed of owning her own shop and making a living from her jewelry, but she never imagined that dream would become a reality so soon. (…While earning her college Business Administration degree, for instance!) Mia has a life long history of jewelry making and swears by her top-notch customer service. It’s…

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Quit Your Day Job: FearlessFibers

Deb Kessler of FearlessFibers left her 60 hour a week day job to start her own business. She has been successfully selling on Etsy for the past year and half and hasn’t looked back since. Deb keeps a pretty flexible schedule and swears by “Word of Click,” a marketing term she has coined for online…

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Quit Your Day Job: realisationcreations

Natalia of realisationcreations has successfully been running her online jewelry business since quitting her previous full-time job of running and managing a car detailing business in Australia.  While she admits the money currently coming in doesn’t allow her to spend as frivolously as in the past, she couldn’t be happier.  Keep reading to find out…

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Quit Your Day Job: piddix

Corrina of Piddix has been selling on Etsy for just over two and half years. What started as a innocent creative outlet turned into a full time job through the many hours of trial and error required to find what system worked best for her Etsy success. With Piddix quickly growing into the work of…

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Gift Guides: Welcoming in The Season of Love

Tis the Season of Love, and how better to express your affections than with a lovingly handmade gift!  If you’re looking for a little inspiration, have a look through our new selection of love themed Gift Guides to get a head start finding that perfect something — whether you have romantic intentions or just want…

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Quit Your Day Job: Midnightcreations

Before finding Etsy, Sandy of MidnightCreations had a full time day job and was splitting up the household bills with her husband.  She’s since had a baby, is approaching her second year selling full time on Etsy, and is almost turning enough profit to contribute as much to the household as she was before leaving…

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Quit Your Day Job: valhallabrooklyn

Karin of ValhallaBrooklyn started her business with the goal of large wholesale orders to shops throughout the United States and Europe.  Once setting up shop on Etsy, she soon discovered she could make wholesale orders and retail orders together in order to support herself.  With a new baby on the way, she made the decision…

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Thank You, Thank You: Post-holiday Cards

Take a moment to sit down away from the holiday buzz and relax by writing out some thank yous. These beautiful handmade cards help express your thanks to your family and friends for all the wonderful memories you shared.  Make someone feel special while showing your gratitude! Paper Goods Category | More Posts about Holiday…

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Quit Your Day Job: danitashop

Danita of Danitashop was able to leave her full time day job after having her daughter.  Her Etsy sales gave her the much needed push to take the plunge into selling full time instead of going back to her day job.  Danita now enjoys spending her days with her daughter, having the freedom to work…

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Quit Your Day Job: 2ReVert

Jann and Jeff of 2ReVert never expected their side project of recycling skateboards into jewelry and accessories would turn into a full time business, allowing Jeff to quit his regular day job. They work together on the business; Jann organizes orders while Jeff works in the studio and makes trips to the post office. Keep…

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Quit Your Day Job: Replicca

Rebecca of Replicca worked an office job for years before she finally decided stop daydreaming about sewing and actually take the plunge into working for herself, thanks to Etsy. (She makes a point NOT to work in her pajamas.) Keep reading to find out her best marketing tips and what she would tell herself if…

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Quit Your Day Job: thedreamygiraffe

Kathy, the one woman powerhouse behind thedreamygiraffe, quit her day job without really having a plan B.  While living off of the savings she had in mind for a down payment on a house, she discovered that her paintings were a way to bring in additional income while doing what she loved.  Not too long…