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Quit Your Day Job: lulubugjewelry

Sue of lulubugjewelry began her Etsy shop as a way to help support her newfound passion for jewelry making using Precious Metal Clay (PMC) jewelry supplies; she never imagined it would be a means to quit her day job. Her previous jobs lent her skills not only in jewelry design and manufacturing, but also the…

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Paint it Black: Shop Etsy for Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sales

Etsy gives you the handmade and vintage choices that beat any big box store this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (And you don’t have to wait in line at the mall!) Consider this your virtual flyer, outlining where to go to find the artists and crafters who can help you get a head start with…

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Quit Your Day Job: Damselle

Melanie, the jewelry designer and business maven behind Damselle, was able to start her jewelry business and become her own boss after working as a store manager for The Discovery Channel. Melanie admits her sales took a little longer to take off than she originally imagined and walks us through the steps she took once…

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Quit Your Day Job: monkeysalwayslook

Allison of monkeysalwayslook and papervictory was able to leave her previous position in television production after devising a year-long plan to sell her products on Etsy. While her seemingly flawless scheme didn’t work out as well as she had hoped, she found ways to make it work and is now supporting her workload full time…

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Quit Your Day Job: littlealouette

Joe and Amy of littlealouette are successfully supporting their family selling their simple natural wooden toys on Etsy. With backgrounds in carpentry, furniture making, education, and politics, this duo melded their collective skills into a business they never dreamed would take them this far. They both admit being their own boss is the toughest work…

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Quit Your Day Job: leatherprince

Beon and Candy of leatherprince met online and dated long distance from Singapore and Taiwan before Candy moved to Singapore and the pair married. They have backgrounds in shoe repair and lab work and for a short while Candy helped out repairing shoes with Beon. It wasn’t long before they came up with the idea…

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Quit Your Day Job: littlesaplingtoys

Nick and Kimber, the mother and father team behind littlesaplingtoys, have managed to quit both their regular day jobs and support themselves, along with their two children, due to their business success on Etsy. They’ve been selling their wooden toys on Etsy for just under two years. With previous careers in historical preservation and insurance…

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Quit Your Day Job: Spiderbite

Sarah Jane, the creative mind and savvy businesswoman behind Spiderbite, was just 8 months out of earning her degree from art school and working at the Subway fast food chain when she decided to make selling on Etsy her full-time business venture. She’s truly been able to start from the ground up with a fresh…

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Quit Your Day Job: happyfamily

Lori and Starbuck, the mom and pop behind happyfamily, decided to take the plunge into selling on Etsy full time after a school of dolphins made quite a fuss one day on the beach while the couple was talking about Etsy. With much success, Lori and Starbuck have been able to successfully band together to…

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Quit Your Day Job: onegarnetgirl

Madelynn, a.k.a. onegarnetgirl, started out selling on Etsy with dreams of the possibility of making one sale per month in addition to her regular day job. Madelynn’s sales began to pick up soon after setting up her shop. The demand for her products came very quickly, and Madelynn began to realize her jewelry making business…

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Quit Your Day Job: crackeddesigns

After graduating with a degree from art school, Tara a.k.a. crackeddesigns worked several day jobs that she never found truly fulfilling. After designing her own save-the-date invitations for her wedding, Tara discovered her true passion for the world of paper goods and her dream for Cracked Designs was born.  She now successfully runs her paper…

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Quit Your Day Job: ProlifiqueJewelry

Rhonda runs two successful shops on Etsy: her jewelry shop, ProlifiqueJewelry, and her supply shop, Prolifique. Through ups and downs in both her home and work life, Rhonda has successfully created businesses on Etsy that allow her to support herself and two children entirely. This accounting major turned financial coordinator turned artist and business woman…

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Quit Your Day Job: KristinFriesen

Kristin, the jewelry designer and emerging business woman behind KristinFriesen, was able to quit her jobs working in cafes and nannying due to the growing success of her jewelry shop. She now juggles motherhood, jewelry making, and being her own boss — something Etsy has allowed her to do for almost two years. Keep reading…

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Quit Your Day Job: jstephens13

Jen, a.k.a. Jstephens13, quit her pharmacy day job in order to be able to stay at home with her new baby.  It wasn’t until her husband quit his day job in order to go to nursing school that she began supporting the family through her Etsy shop. She claims to be the toughest boss she’s…

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Quit Your Day Job: enhabiten

Since childhood Liane, a.k.a. enhabiten, has been peddling her wares and exploring her creative side.  Now that she’s graduated from selling “junque” on the street corner to beautifully handcrafted housewares online, she’s found her place in the world of Etsy. After working years in the service industry, Liane is happy to find her consistent income…

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Quit Your Day Job: NewDuds

Torrey and Tessa met in college, inspired each other’s creativity, and are now successfully running two Etsy shops, NewDuds and hannapt.  Both Torrey and Tessa had regular day jobs out of college and pursued their mutual creative outlets in order to cultivate their own businesses together.  They started out small, set consistent achievable goals along…

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Quit Your Day Job: elizandaxel

Eliza has been running her Etsy shop, elizandaxel, for just under a year and has already seen enough success to call it her full-time gig. She’s been designing, making, and embellishing clothing since she was a wee ice skater. Since then she earned her BFA in Fashion Design and worked in the New York City…

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Quit Your Day Job: diffractionfiber

Beth of DiffractionFiber has had the creative bug and an entrepreneurial spirit since day one.  After getting locked into an administrative assistant job that wasn’t serving her creative passion or degree in theater, Beth drew up a plan with clear steps laid out in order to quit her day job and become her own boss. …

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Quit Your Day Job: KahiliCreations

Marcia of KahiliCreations has been selling on Etsy for over a year and is already seeing enough success to contribute a significant portion to the household income. Marcia has not had to return to her day job of Power Point presentations and meetings; instead she’s in a position to stay home with her family and…

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Quit Your Day Job: lusterbunny

Rain of lusterbunny began making ceramic jewelry as way to keep her hands busy between larger sculptural projects. After watching her jewelry take off on Etsy, she knew she was onto something. Rain maintains that continually working on her photos and relisting popular items on slow days have played key roles in her selling success….

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Quit Your Day Job: rikrak

Kristal’s business rikrak was born when she found out she was pregnant with her son. As her passion for making quilted baby play mats grew, her quilts began catching the eye of local boutiques and Etsians. Since joining Etsy, Kristal has made well over 1,500 sales, has sold through 90 boutiques around the world (after…