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Quit Your Day Job: LoveStamped

“I get messages all the time saying ‘My mom cried when I gave her the necklace that you made!’. That’s what it’s all about,” says Amanda.

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Quit Your Day Job: gloilocksandbody

Britton and Matt have grown the success of their bath and beauty line, gloilocksandbody, as a team with a plan. With experience in both the back and front of the house in the restaurant scene, they had the business know-how and customer service savvy to make a success out of their venture. This creative couple…

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Quit Your Day Job: PeacockInvitations

Jo of PeacockInvitations and her family were recently able to move into the house of their dreams because of the success of Jo’s wedding invitation business. After an illness caused her to seek out new professional opportunities, Jo set up shop on Etsy. Now busy with her new passion and success, Jo advises the importance…

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Quit Your Day Job: renneslechateau

After earning a liberal arts degree and searching for a career in a less-than-stellar economy, Julia of renneslechateau decided to go full time in retail. After three years of working for someone else she was ready to pursue her dream of being self-employed. She set up shop on Etsy and, after seeing some quick success…

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Quit Your Day Job: LittleHouses

Shanah, the business brains and seamstress behind LittleHouses, spent 12 years working in restaurants and pubs before kissing her late hours goodbye to sell her clothing line full time on Etsy. When feeling discouraged, Shanah would peruse the Quit Your Day Job series for motivation to reach her own goal. She now spends her days…

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Quit Your Day Job: redrubyrose

Rowena, the bag designer behind Etsy shop redrubyrose, began her creative journey as an illustrator. She temped off and on in office jobs before finding an illustration agent who helped her secure clients in national publications and additional lucrative opportunities. After many long nights and odd hours the thrill of the industry began to fade…

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Creative Careers After the Diploma: WoodlandBelle

Mai, the jewelry designer behind WoodlandBelle (formerly known as 4thesparrowsnest), spends 10 to 14 hours each day working on Etsy orders and new ideas for her shop. This dedication and spirit have led to her full-time status and success as an Etsy shop owner. Mai previously worked in boat manufacturing to pay her way through…

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Quit Your Day Job: NanLawson

Nan of NanLawson set up shop on Etsy as a creative outlet while temping at a large television company. She never dreamed of the possibility of Etsy becoming a full-time venture, but it wasn’t even a year and a half after opening her shop that she was able to quit her 9-to-5 job due to…

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Quit Your Day Job: dlkdesigns

Dana, the jewelry designer behind dlkdesigns, had the creative bug since she was a wee one watching Bob Ross paint landscapes on PBS. Working a 9-5 desk job throughout her college career she didn’t feel her full potential and creative energy were being utilized. After taking maternity leave with her first child, Dana jumped into…

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Quit Your Day Job: ShopRedLeaf

Chris of ShopRedLeaf knew in order to dig himself out of “cubicle land” and into running the business of his dreams, he would need to plan ahead, save, research, and dedicate his energy full time into launching his shop. After rigorous time and research, Chris created a line of products that he himself would want…

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Quit Your Day Job: dedeetsyshop

Deanna of dedeetsyshop helped run her husband’s three businesses, went to school for ultrasound tech, and took on the role of stay-at-home mom before opening her Etsy business. Her shop began as a creative outlet while in the midst of her studies, but its immediate growth and success soon demanded more of her time. She’s…

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Quit Your Day Job: emilygrayjewels

Emily of emilygrayjewels has always been a visual person. With quite a colorful business background ranging in law, art history, engineering, investment banking, interior design, and self-employment via setting up a clinical aromatherapy business, Emily had the drive and business know-how to begin her own jewelry venture full time. After a lot of time, energy…

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Quit Your Day Job: dolangeiman

Dolan of dolangeiman claims to be a no B.S. kind of guy. Today he outlines his creative journey toward selling his artwork as a full-time job, through which he can support himself and his fiancé, save money for retirement, and have adequate business and health insurance. Dolan worked in various positions after college, including an…

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Quit Your Day Job: lepapierstudio

Vana of lepapierstudio worked at an architecture firm before becoming pregnant. After the birth of her son she found work as a consultant and consecutively opened her Etsy shop. Six months later Vana quit her consulting position to focus on the budding success of her new business. She never imagined she’d make a full-time income…

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Quit Your Day Job: kgarnerdesigns

Karen of kgarnerdesigns first began making jewelry as a creative outlet and project to adorn her bridesmaids. She enjoyed her work in a local egg packaging company and it wasn’t until after her first son was born that she and her husband began considering new options for Karen to be able stay at home full…

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Quit Your Day Job: slippedstitchstudios

Laura of slippedstitchstudios decided to take her career into her own hands after being laid off eight weeks into maternity leave. She soon turned her newfound passion for knitting and sewing into an Etsy business. Laura says she requires ninja skills to keep up with every aspect of her business and that she’s now working…

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Quit Your Day Job: poppychicdesigns

Taryn of poppychicdesigns is a one-woman powerhouse: she manages her own business, is a wife and mother, and still manages to indulge her creative side. This song and dance act may seem too hectic for some. However, Taryn is used to the hustle and bustle from her early days as a showgirl for Carnival Cruise…

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Quit Your Day Job: zhenunleathers

Jen of zhenunleathers worked for two and a half years answering phones for a major telecommunications company before leaving for greener pastures abroad and venturing into becoming her own boss as a result of her growing sales on Etsy. After stumbling across Etsy, Jen claims the site opened up a new world of possibility to…

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Quit Your Day Job: kukubee

Brandi and Brent of kukubee once only imagined the possibility of quitting their day jobs to pursue their artistic dreams. It took little more than six months of Etsy sales before they were able to say goodbye to the daily grind to keep up with their newfound Etsy success.  Brandi and Brent stress the importance…

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Quit Your Day Job: adVintagous

I’m excited to bring you the next Quit Your Day Jobber who just so happens to have taken the plunge to focus full time on her success in selling vintage on Etsy. Allison of adVintagous started out listing a couple items from her closet in order to clear out some room and make a few…

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Quit Your Day Job: jill2day

Jill of jill2day spent many years in corporate design departments until the economy’s downturn left her unemployed. She took her career change as a motivating opportunity to start her Etsy shop, learn more about the ins-and-outs of e-commerce and begin supporting herself through her artistic voice. She’s now successfully making her living through her Etsy…